PMU Launch Review – Will It Help Scale Your Business?

Today, we are going to talk about PMU Launch. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

It’s amazing how many different training programs exist out there online. I feel like you’ll never really run out of things to learn. There are some online training programs that you can join for free. While there are also those that you have to pay for. Sometimes, the free training programs are just preludes to the paid ones. Especially if they’re coming from the same source. You’ve basically just had a free trial of sorts.

There are a ton of different training programs that are focused on helping established business manage in an increasingly online world. Even though certain businesses already have their customer base, there are those that want to reach a lot more people. But they don’t really know where to start. That’s why they often hire people to do that work for them.

Still, it doesn’t really hurt for people to learn new things. The skills they may learn now aren’t immediately usable. But it will be when the time comes. Though, if you’re somebody who owns a business, time is of the essence.

The benefit of online training programs is that you could do it at your own pace. Although most of them run for a few weeks at most, they also give you access to the course beyond the initial weeks. I mean, you did pay money for that course. It should at least be accessible all the time.

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PMU Launch: Quick Details

  • Name: PMU Launch
  • Founder: Renato Fabri and Kyle Koschel
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Digital marketing
  • Recommendation: There definitely doesn’t seem to be anything different to this course that you can find elsewhere. The main difference with this particular program that this is more focused on those that own a beauty-related business. Although, it doesn’t really seem that neither of the two founders have any experience in running a beauty-related business.

Who Are Renato Fabri and Kyle Koschel?

PMU Launch co-founder Renato Fabri

With any kind of training program such as PMU Launch, there are obviously people behind it. These types of programs didn’t just exist out of nowhere. Somebody had the idea to create it. That’s how most things are made.

In the case of PMU Launch, there are two people behind the idea: Renato Fabri and Kyle Koschel. The thing about these types of programs is that it’s often difficult to find a lot of information regarding the people who created it. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll have a website that you can browse through. Often, that’s where they tell you the story of how they started.

For example, most training programs about virtual assistance start off because the creators wanted to find a way to earn money without having to work a standard office job. Some of them did work an office job and started online work on the side. Once they were able to save enough money, they focused more on the side hustle.

Kyle Koschel got into this whole thing through e-commerce. He was only sixteen years old when he decided to run his own e-commerce store. Then, at some point, he had gained an interest in marketing. I guess it’s normal to learn about marketing when you start an e-commerce business.

Renato Fabri, on the other hand, didn’t have a conventional path to marketing. He actually wanted to pursue being a professional soccer player. Unfortunately, he injured his back during his stay in Italy. He moved back to America where did a bunch of random jobs. Then at some point, he had met his now-business partner who taught him about digital marketing.

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It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to learn that Kyle and Renato decided to go into business together and start an online training program. I feel like if you have a lot of experience in digital marketing, you’re bound to be on this path. There is an audience for this sort of thing. Even though there have been a lot of other programs that came before it. And it’s possible that either Kyle or Renato has used one of them at some point.

With their combined experience in digital marketing, they launched PMU Launch at the start of 2020. It definitely didn’t really seem like the right time to start a program, in hindsight. What with the world having to stay at home for almost a year. Especially for people who were running a business that needed them to be in front of people.

But we’ve managed to be on the opposite of it. It didn’t really seem that that entire period put a stop to what Kyle and Renato were doing. Considering that the training program is conducted online, they didn’t really have to worry about holding in-person sessions.

Neither Kyle or Renato has any kind of experience running their own beauty-related business. So it’s sort of interesting that they are the ones to create a training program that’s targeted towards people who run a permanent makeup business. And most of the people who run those types of businesses are women.

What Is PMU Launch?

PMU Launch co-founder Kyle Koschel

PMU Launch is a six-week training program that is focused on helping you launch your own beauty-related business. It’s definitely one of those training programs that is focused on a specific niche or industry. While it possible that you can use what you’ll learn here in other niches, the first two weeks are focused solely on terms that is specific to the beauty industry.

Speaking of which, the first two weeks in the course is focused on setting up your brand. Having a good name for your business helps people find you. It also helps you pinpoint exactly what kind of client base your business wants to serve. It also focuses on building a strategy that your business will use in the long run.

The third week is focused on client conversion. This particular week will teach you about lead generation and how you can effectively convert those leads into actual paying clients. You will learn how to actually follow up with those potential clients using scripts that the course provides.They also have a private facebook group which has 938 members currently.There are some beauty Mlms I have reviewed before which are below:

The Last Three Weeks

The fourth week is focused on set up. Now that you have a brand made up, it’s time to actually put the pieces in place for the launch. You will learn how to launch an LLC as well as websites, sales funnel pages and the like. They will also teach you what kind of programs you could use to automate certain process.

The fifth week is focused on marketing. You will learn how to copywrite as well as set up ads through platforms like Google and Facebook. Since you reach a larger of people if you put out ads online, this part plays such a big part in getting more customers.

The final week is focused on systems. Any good business put systems in place to make it run as efficiently as possible. You can’t just expect your employees to do what you want if they don’t know what to do. This part tackles everything related to the hiring process for full-time and contractual workers as well as marketing agents.

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Final Verdict – PMU Launch Review

I don’t highly recommend this particular training program for everybody. There’s nothing about PMU Launch that’s radically different from all of the other similar training programs out there. The main difference really is that this was geared towards those that were working as permanent makeup artists. But most of what’s inside the training program, aside from the technical jargon associated with PMUs and other beauty professionals, can be found in other digital marketing programs.

The other problem that I have with PMU Launch is that they don’t readily mention how much the program costs. You will need to schedule a call with them. While I understand that they use this tactic to filter out people who aren’t interest, sometimes it’s good to know how much something costs before you buy it. I’m sure that they might have an installment plan. But it’s better to know upfront how much something costs.

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