Pop Diamonds App Review: Can You Earn Money Using It?

Today we will be reviewing an app called Pop Diamonds. Is Pop Diamonds a scam? Find out in this Pop Diamonds app review.

This game is being promoted a lot lately, and you probably saw an ad on it somewhere. However, this one came with a pretty interesting claim.

Honestly, games like these are not really everyone’s cup of tea. People would rather play more complicated games like RPGs or MOBAs than some lame puzzle game.

To be fair though, the main reason why you are interested with this game is because the developers claim that you can make money just be playing.

I mean, I can understand why someone would want to download such an app. It seems that being paid to play a matching game is an easy way to make money. Or, is it?

You’ve come here today because you want to know whether you can truly be paid simply for playing.

The question is, how legit is that claim? You are about to find out.

Before you decide to download this app, you should read this Pop Diamonds app review first. You should check if it is worth all the effort before you dedicate your precious time to it.

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Pop Diamonds: Quick Overview

  • Name: Pop Diamonds
  • Developer: davidliuppp
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • App Icon:
Pop Diamonds App Review - Pop Diamonds icon

What is Pop Diamonds?

Pop Diamonds is a puzzle game which involves popping blocks (or diamonds, in this case) that are of the same colors. Once the blocks are eliminated, you will then get points.

Basically, in order for you to get past a level in the game, you need to destroy as many diamonds as possible. Pretty standard.

Playing the game rewards you with Amazon or PayPal cards which you can then cash out. From what I have seen, they are worth a fairly decent amount.

The app advertises that you can immediately withdraw your earnings after 1 day.

However, you should be aware that this is a typical strategy employed by applications like this to entice users to play for extended periods of time. This entails sitting through a colossal number of advertisements.

The applications make the majority of their money from ad income generated by its users. Furthermore, applications like these are very simple to create, making them easy cash cows.

How to Play Pop Diamonds

All you have to do is tap groups of blocks that are similar in color. Tapping blocks will earn you points.

Pop Diamonds App Review - Pop Diamonds gameplay

In order to finish a level, you have to reach the target score indicated at the top of the board.

Tapping the blocks can earn you virtual currency, which can also be seen above the game board. There are two currencies available; Amazon and PayPal.

Every now and then, the game will ask you to watch an ad in order to get more virtual currency. Upon watching said ad, you will then receive additional points for the currency indicated.

As you continue to progress in the game, the difficulty level gets higher too. You can use these tools if you are finding it difficult to finish a particularly challenging stage:

  • Hammer: Use this to destroy any block of your choosing.
  • Transposition: This tool will help you change the position of two blocks.
  • Brush: Using the brush will allow you to change the color of a single block.
  • Meteor: The meteor can destroy five random blocks in the board.

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Surprise Prizes?

Completing levels reward you not only with Amazon or Paypal points, but also with four mystery boxes. In these boxes could be more currency points or tools to use in your gameplay.

You can also find more video ads in these boxes, which you can watch in order to get more currency points.

Gameplay Video

This video will show you some gameplay footage of the app.

How Can You Earn Money in Pop Diamonds?

The game encourages you to keep playing by saying that you can cash out your points for real money. Of course, that will entice anyone.

This makes players continuously play the game as much as they could, because the app claims that you can immediately cash out your prize in 24 hours.

Other than that, they promise that you can get your pay out as soon as you reach the $1,000 mark.

However, I immediately spotted a red flag in their payout system. Instead of asking the players for their PayPal email, they ask for phone numbers instead. Isn’t that a little suspicious?

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Is Pop Diamonds Legit or Not?

No, Pop Diamonds is not legit. They will not pay you a dime from all the time and effort you wasted.

Once you request to cash out your earnings, your payment request will then be put on a “Pending” status for another 24 hours. In order to get your Amazon card, you will then be given a task to watch 30 video ads.

To get your PayPal cash out, you are given the option to watch a video ad to reduce your waiting time for 30 minutes.

After finishing these tasks, they will ask you to do more.

To complete the cash out process, you need to watch 59 more video ads. By this point, I am sure that you would’ve already noticed a pattern.

Pop Diamonds App Review - Pop Diamonds cash out

They will keep giving you tasks until you eventually give up.

Pop Diamonds is just one example of one of the numerous apps in the Play Store which uses virtual currency as a way to get people into playing.

There is another red flag just in plain view.

Pop Diamonds App Review - Pop Diamonds early access

The game seems to be in early access, which means it is still under development.

You should be aware, though, that the creators are deliberately doing this. Apps that are still in development do not allow users to leave reviews in the app’s Play Store page.

This implies that individuals who have been duped by this software will be unable to openly express their dissatisfaction. As a result, users will be unable to recognize that this software is a total rip-off until they already install it in their devices.


Alternatives to Pop Diamonds

At this point, you may be convinced already that this app is not worth your time.

But you may ask yourself. Is there still a way to make money online while you’re playing a game that you like?

Worry not. If you want to make money online by just playing.

Then you may want to try your hand at NFT games. They provide some level of gaming fun, all while you earn a decent income.

NFT games can also come in any gaming genre, so there’s always an NFT game that is suitable for your taste.

However, there are still some drawbacks when you’re going to want to play NFT games as a source of income online.

  • NFT games are still based on cryptocurrency, which is a rather volatile investment. This means that the payout from these games can rapidly go up, or even drop dramatically, all on short notice. Therefore, invest only what you can afford to lose.
  • If the NFT game that you want to join is already an established game, the barrier for joining these games can be very high, cost-wise. In cases like this, “scholarship programs” for these NFT games are available, where they’ll let you play the game without investing in anything. The condition, of course, is that you will split your earnings to the one that took you under their wing.
  • NFT games are mostly competitive in nature, so prepare for a bit of legwork if you want to really earn from these games.

Final Verdict – Pop Diamonds

Before I end this Pop Diamonds app review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

These applications are not a good method to earn money. What bothers me is that people only read reviews like these after they’ve already squandered a lot of time and effort on games that promise them huge payouts.

These kind of apps have swamped the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. All of them assure you that playing them would earn you money, and they will lure you to install them with cleverly designed advertisements.

While this game is very basic, it is a fun way to pass the time. Other than that though, this is just another software that isn’t worth keeping in your device.

That’s it for my Pop Diamonds app review. Hopefully this review helps with your future endeavors.

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