Power Lead System Review – Neil Guess Scam?

Today, we will be talking about the Power Lead System created by Neil Guess. Is it legit? Learn more in my review down below.

Power Lead System claims that they are the most complete and powerful all-in one marketing platform that has ever existed. In this review, we will debunk every offer and service that they have to prove whether their claim holds true or just a word of mouth. 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Neil Guess nor his Power Lead System. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

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Power Lead System Review: Quick Details

Name: Power Lead System

Founder: Neil Hellbusch

Website: https://www.powerleadsystem.com/

Socials:  YouTube, Facebook

Type: Coaching and Affiliate Program

Niche: Lead Generation, Multi-level Marketing

Recommendation: Lead generation strategies plus a twist of multi-level marketing on the sides, both business models which I don’t really feel like recommending to anyone.  

Neil Guess Overview

Neil Guess

Before Power Lead System, Neil Guess was part of Solavei, an MLM company that sold contract-free mobile phone services. In this company, he provides unlimited voice, text and data plans while also incorporating a social network marketing model. 

They earn comissions and discounts on their mobile phone service by referring others to join the network. After it faced financial challenges and went to bankruptcy in 2014, 

Neil Guess has nowhere to go until he meets Michael Prince, a notable name in the world of MLM and a top sales representative for a Fortune 100 company.

Together, they established Power Lead System, integrating both lead generation techniques and strategies, and the MLM business model to give more options for people wanting to earn money.

About Power Lead System

Power Lead System

Power Lead System is an all-encompassing online marketing platform designed to empower individuals and businesses in their digital marketing endeavors. It offers a suite of tools and resources for efficient lead generation and sales funnel creation.

Users can craft personalized capture pages, sales funnels and marketing pages tailoring their online presence to effectively capture and convert leads. With a focus on user-friendly customization, the system also provides training and support to help users maximize the potential of its features.

Furthermore, Power Lead System includes an affiliate program that fosters a community-driven approach to online marketing.

For Whom is the Power Lead System?

The system is for you:

  • If you’re brand new to the industry and looking for a home-based business for the first time
  • If you already have a business and you’re looking for new tools to help you market it more effectively
  • If you’re looking for a great fit to add to your portfolio
  • If you’re just someone who wants to make a lot more money than what you’re currently making right now

The Power Lead System will transform your business by helping you get more leads, sales and a ton of exposure. 

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My Favorite Program

What’s Inside?

Inside Power Lead System

The Power Lead System covers a lot of components and it looks like they don’t hold back on teaching you different ways to help you get and manage a lot of leads to streamline your business. Included in the system are:

Training Resources

Lots of tutorials, webinars and educational materials, all at your disposal. Watch or read them whenever and wherever you want. These resources are made available to help you understand how to use the platform effectively, implement marketing strategies and to be able to stay updated on industry best practices.

Webinars are hosted weekly where you can prepare your questions beforehand, and their training area will show you how and where to market your business, including many places not widely known in the industry but still generate great results.

Lead Capture Pages

This serves as the entry point for potential leads into the marketing funnels. These are customizable pages designed to capture contact information from them. You can create visually appealing and targeted pages to entice visitors, making them voluntarily provide their contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are a strategic sequence of steps designed to guide potential leads through a journey, starting from initial contact to eventual conversion. PLS allows you to create and customize your own sales funnels based on your specific marketing objectives. 

You  can design a series of interconnected pages that align with the client’s journey, incorporating elements like landing pages, opt-in forms, sales pages, and “thank you” pages.

Marketing Pages

PLS’ marketing pages serve as the digital canvas for showcasing and promoting products or services. These pages are designed to engage visitors, convey key messages and encourage specific action, acts like lead capture pages to provide contact information, or at best, a customer to make a purchase.

They have tools for you to use to design and customize marketing pages according to your branding and marketing objectives. There are also a lot of templates and layouts to choose from, especially for those people who are not the savvy-type, to make it easier for them to customize their own.

Custom Branding

With custom branding, you’re allowed to infuse your marketing materials, including lead capture pages, sales funnels, and marketing pages with your unique brand identity. This ensures a consistent and recognizable brand image across all online interactions.

By presenting a polished and professionally branded image, you can enhance your credibility and make a positive impression on visitors, especially if you’re operating in a competitive landscape like online marketing. 

Templates, layouts and guidelines are made available for new and experienced business owners so that they don’t dwell much time into this and focus on other main components. 

That’s for the basic part of the system. Website creation, landing and marketing pages, and sales funnels can all be made easily because of their tool/software’s “drag-and-drop” feature. 

And instead of buying new domains, they encourage you to just make multiple subdomains.

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My Favorite Program

Affiliate Program

PLS Affiliate Program

Aside from all the lead generation techniques and strategies offered by Power Lead System, this affiliate program of theirs seems like their main program (just saying). They give a lot of emphasis on how you’ll earn with this affiliate program rather than giving more on the techniques and strategies in lead generation.

For every affiliate member you sign up with Power Lead System, you’re guaranteed $20 of commission each month. The membership price for PLS is $30/month, and if you’re joining their affiliate program (called Gold Membership), it costs $54/month. Meaning to say that having 3 affiliate members join with your affiliate link, your gold member is as good as free.

You and your affiliate members can both create what they call a “pay line”, and if your affiliate members also refer more customers, then you’re also guaranteed with 50% of their monthly commissions. And this is the MLM part of the Power Lead System. 

The only way to be part of the gold membership and earn affiliate commission is be part of one of their 3 main programs in Power Lead System:

  • Free Ad Secrets – costs $147. So much for being titled “free”,  was it? Here, you’ll learn how to run ads and leverage social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to have access to a wider audience. 

Ad tracking is also a feature on this program so that you’ll know which works most and which doesn’t so that you’re not wasting a lot of money.

If you’re part of this, the maximum amount of frontline commission that you’ll be able to get is up to $100/month with unlimited $25 overrides.

  • Social Profit Academy – costs $497, offering a maximum frontline commission of $400/month with unlimited $50 overrides. 
  • Master Traffic Institute – costs $1,497, where you’ll get a maximum frontline commission of $1,000 with unlimited $200 overrides.

Pros and Cons


  • They focus more on the affiliate program. Commissions are processed two weeks after sale which are quicker compared to other affiliate marketing programs that do this kind of thing monthly.
  • Power Lead System offers a 7-day trial for anyone who gets interested in what they offer.
  • They also offer a refund policy, but it’s just within 7 days.


  • Other than the positive feedback of their MLM side (have a Facebook community of over 48K followers), it’s hard to see the lead generation part of their works which for me is a little bit underwhelming, given the fact that their program is called “Power Lead” System.
  • Affiliate marketing/MLM, call it whatever you want, is not a viable business model nowadays. Many people have learned from mistakes, and opting someone in for something that doesn’t do what they practice is just a red flag.

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My Favorite Program


Instead of being a complete, powerful all-in-one marketing platform, Power Lead System disappoints for the most part. Focusing on the MLM business side of things, which can also be flagged as a pyramid scheme if not done properly can just make your money go to waste.

Their YouTube channel does not have any new uploads about lead generation, aside from the one 2 years ago. Why would you recommend a system that doesn’t make any new content on the volatile landscape of the digital marketing space? How will you earn commission if people won’t join because the system runs ancient manuscripts? Just stay away.

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