Money Press Method Review: Scam Or Legit?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Preston James’ Money Press Method. Can this work for you too? Find out in this Money Press Method review.

A number of people right now are getting interested in investing and trading in the stock market. While there’s some misconception that it’s only for the “rich”, in truth, the majority of stock traders compose of middle-class young adults.

The reason for its popularity as an investment is because investing can yield higher returns than keeping them in banks. And you can start in as little as a single dollar, meaning it’s also more accessible.

Of course, having money to spare in stock trading isn’t quite enough to get you started. It still requires the proper education, trading strategy, and especially, good mindset.

Because the hard truth is, you’re not always going to be a winner in stock trading. If you can’t handle yourself on that disappointment, you may lose more money than expected.

And this is where the Money Press Method comes in. It claims that if you ever need to get educated on things related to stock trading and investments, then you should enroll in this course.

But before you enroll in this online course, you should read this Money Press Method review first. So you can determine for yourself if this is the right course for you, or not.

Note that this is a fully independent Money Press Method review. I’m not affiliated with Money Press Method, or its creator, in any form whatsoever.

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What Is The Money Press Method?

The Money Press Method

The Money Press Method is a guide that deals with the stock market, and how you can generate consistent earnings from it. This guide specializes in options trading.

A stock option (or “option” for short) is a contract between two parties that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell underlying stocks at a predetermined price and within a specified time period. You can think of it as an “insurance” for your stock portfolio that protects you from losing your investment money, in case a certain stock’s price drops.

You can also trade options in the same way you can trade stocks.

Apparently, in this guide, the author will teach you how you can earn plenty of money from options trading using a specific strategy that he’ll reveal inside. As you can expect from the title, the author calls that method the “Money Press”.

If you want to get the most out of your options trading, or even from your stock trading, then the Money Press Method guide is for you.

Do take note, however, that this system isn’t actually intended for beginners. Unlike online courses like The 1k Club, HighStrike Trading, or even Prosper Trading Academy, this guide won’t teach you how to get started on the stock market or options trading.

This guide assumes that one is already familiar with the stock market and options. Therefore, it can become a bit confusing.

Besides, options trading itself can also carry the same risk as stock trading. Even with a guide like this, you won’t be able to get a consistent amount of earnings due to the market unpredictability.

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The Author Of The Money Press Method

Preston “The Pirate” James is the author of the Money Press Method.

Money Press Method - Preston James

His experience with options trading spans over 25+ years as of this time. He’s nicknamed “The Pirate” by his students because his trading method has allowed them to earn plenty of money similar to “finding a treasure“.

Before he was a well-known options trader and a mentor, he was active in their local collegiate football. He earned a scholarship for his local college by playing walk-on linebacker for their football team.

He got into options trading after he met up with a fellow former linebacker who eventually became his mentor.

His introduction video repeatedly showcases his personal trading account and his earnings. All to prove that his options trading method certainly works.

The Money Press Method: Inclusions

The Money Press Method guide consists of a booklet and two instructional DVDs. Each material explains the method itself, and how people can do it.

The first few pages of the book only just deal with Preston James’ personal life. Specifically, how he got into options trading.

It even mentions that one time, he was offered to open a franchise of a certain restaurant. He considered giving in…

But after realizing all the costs of buying the franchise, setting up the location, hiring and maintaining staff, etc., he realizes it’s not worth the trouble.

He claims that, the number of earnings that he can get from that restaurant franchise, he can achieve it as well with his Money Press Method. All without the hassles and worries or sleepless nights.

The next pages of the book deal with how the Money Press Method works, and why it does work. This part is not for beginners to option trading and the stock market overall. So the book suggests that they jump a couple of pages first (on why he loves trading options) to give readers an idea of what options trading is.

So, What Exactly IS The Money Press Method?

The Money Press Method itself can be a bit tricky especially for beginners in options trading. So I’ll try to simplify it for you readers to understand.

The Money Press Method actually involves buying around two options. The first option will be a “weekly option” and is the one that you’re going to continuously sell. The other option will be for your long-term investment, and will be used as a form of “protection” for any loss.

This method is known as “options spreading”, and is a common method for most options traders.

According to the guide, buying your weekly options in bulk is going to cost you far less than buying those options individually. And this is how you can make money with this method.

Weekly options are usually the ones that are looked upon favorably by most options traders. And since there’s also a premium that comes with selling these weekly options, you can earn a profit from it.

That forms the foundation of the Money Press Method. But some experienced options traders may find the method very familiar. And for the most part, it is.

The “Money Press Method” is just a fancy name coined by Preston James to refer to what is more commonly known as “Poor Man’s Covered Call”. Which works in exactly the same idea.

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Is There An Upsell?


The reason why the Money Press Method is rather cheap, is that it also serves as an upsell to a high-ticket training course.

In this case, it’s the Weekly Options Windfall (WOW) insiders program. It’s a program that offers a bunch of additional material that can help you with your options trading.

The pitch is that, once you learned about the Money Press Method, they’ll tell you that there are also other options trading strategies that you can learn. And by joining this program, you’ll be able to learn more about them.

How Much Does The Money Press Method Cost?

The entire Money Press Method guide, complete with the book and 2 DVDs, is absolutely free. You just have to pay the shipping costs for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

However, this is intended as the Money Press Method also acts as an upsell to Preston James’ actual online course, which is the Weekly Options Windfall. That one will cost you around $997.

Things I Like About The Money Press Method

If you want to get started into options trading, or even some stock trading, then the Money Press Method is for you.

It teaches you a new strategy of options trading. Which is quite useful if you want to make the most money out of it.

In addition, the author has some degree of credibility and legitimacy on the subject matter. As he has over 25+ years of experience in options trading, you can be certain that he knows what he’s talking about in this guide.

Things I Don’t Like About The Money Press Method.

The author certainly didn’t even take the effort of updating the guide itself every now and then, to reflect the situation of the stock market. Therefore, you may find that some things here are already outdated.

This doesn’t mean that the strategy itself won’t work on today’s stock market, though. But it may not be as effective as described anymore.

Besides. the training strategies that this guide teaches, it’s actually nothing new. At first glance, it may seem amazing and new to you. But observing it carefully, you can see that it’s almost the same as the others.

Therefore, while the method itself is useful in options trading, it’s not really a must-have. In fact, you can rely on other free resources about the subject matter, and you’ll still get the same amount of training provided here.

But all of these things are quite understandable as, in my own opinion, proper training isn’t really the aim of this guide. There’s a strong indication that the Money Press Method guide is also one big sales pitch that’s mean to get its readers to join its high ticket online course, which is the Weekly Options Windfall.

And My Verdict Is…

If you’re that person who really wants to learn options trading, and wants a good strategy to make the most out of it, then this guide may be worth it for you.

However, for me, I still think it’s not worth the trouble. Given that you can easily find the same kind of training in other free resources.

And yes. While stock and options trading, has the potential to be profitable, it’s highly unreliable as a side hustle.

With options trading, you’re going to need a lot of investment money before you can actually realize the profits, similar to stock trading. Furthermore, the volatility of the stock market itself, means that it’s highly risky, and you could lose a lot of your money in the worst-case scenario.

It may not be as highly volatile as cryptocurrency, but the risk is still high enough to take note of.

Money Press Method Review: Final Thoughts


Before I close off this Money Press Method review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Let me say this again. If you’re fascinated by the idea of stock options trading as a side hustle to make money online, then the Money Press Method could be worth reading for you.

But keep in mind the risks that are associated with day trading and the stock market itself.

Even if some guide or online course tells you that you can earn a lot of money from stock trading by following their advice, it’s still not a guarantee that you can get large and consistent profits with it. Even using other trading systems similar to the likes of VantagePoint won’t eliminate the risks completely.

My suggestion is to just learn a bit about the stock market and start out small, to build your experience. Don’t rely too much on stock trading, options trading, or even crypto trading too much to make money. Rather just invest in a few, and if possible, hold it for a long time (until the situation calls for it to be sold).

If you want my advice, there’s still a better way to make money online out there. And most of the time, it only involves little monetary capital, and some knowledge.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Money Press Method review.

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