Print Profits Review – Worth It or Not?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Print Profits. Is it legit? Find out in this Print Profits review.

Both Fred Lam and Michel Shih, are multimillionaires thanks to their successful online store.

Fred Lam and Michel Shih are two of the most successful online retailers that have made millions of dollars using print on demand to do dropshipping.

And now they’re prepared to share what they’ve learned with others who are interested in entering the booming eCommerce market. With this review, I’d like to introduce you to their brand new training course on how to use print-on-demand to create a lucrative online store.

The training program was developed by Fred and Michael with their pupils in mind. The benefits of eCommerce to people’s daily lives are not lost on them.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Print Profits review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Fred Lam and Michael Shil in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Print Profits Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Print Profits
  • Owner(s): Fred Lam and Michael Shih
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Print-on-Demand
  • Recommended?: Print-on-demand is a business with quite a lot of competition nowadays. You are better off looking for other opportunities.

Print Profits Overview

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I’ll break down each of the 8 sections of the Print Profits curriculum and tell you what you can expect to learn and how it will help you succeed.

Module 1: Build

Opportunities in the print-on-demand industry are discussed in the first module, including the low risk, low barrier to entry, easy to get started, no warehouse required, huge product range, and extremely scalable nature of the firm.

In order to help you locate a niche market in which your shop may thrive, Fred and Michael have put together a detailed, step-by-step guide to conducting niche research. They went over what to look for in a specialty shop vs a general store, and why you should choose the latter.

You will learn what strategies are successful, conduct brand research in a methodical fashion, figure out how to organize your store, and draw inspiration from the organizational practices of successful competitors.

Michael and Fred walk you through everything from buying a domain name and designing a logo to setting up a toll-free number and configuring your online store.

Module 2: Design

This unit will teach you how to create a memorable shopping experience via the use of compelling visuals.

You will learn the fundamentals of design theory, such as how to identify your target market, its demographics, the kind of items you want to sell, and where to find design inspiration. The layout of your shop should take into account these factors.

You’ll find out how to do some quick research to improve your design concept with the techniques you’ll learn in this section. Walk you through the process of using online resources like Sunfog and Pinterest to generate original retail design concepts.

Once you’ve learned the ropes of design research, it’s time to start looking for designers to hire. You will get an appreciation for the design philosophy behind clothing, as well as knowledge on where to look for exceptional designers.

You will gain knowledge about copyright/infringement protection, working with designers, and designing your own stuff.

Module 3: Preparation

Learn more about the suppliers and the process for getting your design into stores in this chapter.

Your business ought to be up and running by now. What this means is that you should have settled on a name for your shop, registered a domain name, designed a logo, and hired at least one designer.

Fred and Michael will provide you with a list of the top Chinese suppliers they have worked with in the past.

When it comes to doing business online, understanding the psychology of pricing is crucial. Michael spent some time explaining pricing psychology and how you can utilize it to dominate the market. If it’s not handled appropriately, it might hurt your company’s reputation. Michael simplifies the process so that you can grasp it.

Know your unique selling proposition (USP), price based on value, sell at or below cost, use charm pricing, and avoid prices that end in “-9,99” or “95.”

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Module 4: Attract

The Facebook advertising strategy is the main focus of this course. In other words, they will show you how to attract your ideal clientele to your sales pages. They went over mental rehearsals and how to zero in on the prize.

This module will teach you how to implement a pixel for optimizing and measuring your conversion rates. This will ensure that your advertising dollar goes as far as possible.

There are also five distinct categories of advertising formats. Use this information to determine what kind of advertisements would be most effective for your shop.

You’ll learn how to utilize a straightforward yet potent tool to build ads with maximum appeal and clickthrough rates. In addition, they will demonstrate additional resources that may help you have your advertisements made in a matter of minutes.

Module 5: Optimization

Fred and Michael provided an in-depth breakdown of how to optimize advertising and scale up a campaign in this lesson. They educate students on all the KPIs (cost per thousand impressions, cost per click, and cost per link). Additionally, they instruct you on how to analyze your ad’s performance and decide whether to discontinue or expand it.

You’ll also learn the quickest and easiest ways to expand your advertising campaign once it’s up and going with this module. They discussed many methods to expand your advertising and boost your return on investment.

You will discover how to maintain your converting advertising, replicate your ad campaign, and double your ad spending by 3, 4, 5, or more.

Module 6: Delivery

The module’s purpose is to show you how to do the date-to-date operation. The course will teach you the ins and outs of running a fan page, company, advertisements, and customer support.

To successfully manage a shop, this module is crucial. Fred explains what he has learned about the eCommerce industry and how you can apply it to your own venture.

Module 7: Funnel Scaling

Upselling and boosting a product’s value are at the heart of funnel scaling. Michael shared his strategy for generating $1,000,000 in sales in just 6 months via funnel scaling.

When a buyer sees your ad and visits your website, a sales funnel directs them to take the next logical step in the buying process. You may increase your revenue from up-sell items with the assistance of the sales funnels.

Here, they walk you through the process of establishing a sales channel with Clickfunnel, the most potent tool available.

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Module 8: Expansion

This is the last module, and it provides a wealth of material for establishing a prosperous online store. The role that email marketing may play in the development of a company.

Email marketing helps you connect with clients more deeply, which in turn increases your sales. Also, Fred and Michael will walk you through the process of ad re-targeting step by step so that you can increase your conversion rate.

The inner workings of ad retargeting will finally be revealed to you. Mastering ad retargeting will help you increase sales, cut down on advertising expenses, and increase your return on investment.

Getting more of the right kind of customers to your online store is essential if you want to grow your business to seven figures.

This module will show you exactly what steps to take to sell your Shopify store or Amazon FBA business. If you want to know where to sell your shop to make the most money, they will tell you.

This program is the same as the other print-on-demand programs, like Printful, Printable Profits, and Business Lending Blueprint.

Print Profits Pros and Cons


  • Users can access the training materials (videos and PDFs) whenever they choose.
  • Taking you from square one to the top, Print Profits is a comprehensive training manual.
  • Those of you who are complete beginners will like the way it is broken down into manageable video chunks.
  • The course was comprehensive, covering practically every facet of running an online store.


  • If I had to mention anything negative about the print earnings, it would be that they are quite lengthy and are not recommended for anyone who are easily bored.
  • When compared to Fred Lam, Michael’s voice just sounds dull. Even though Michael has a far cooler voice than Fred does, you will still find yourself enjoying his videos.

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