Private Label Masters Review: Tim Sanders Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about an online course named Private Label Masters. Is this a scam course or not? Find out in this Private Label Masters review.

Amazon is one of, if not the, largest and most popular online selling platform today. And with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many people to stay indoors whenever they can, Amazon’s selling services are more needed than ever.

After all, some people still have a desire to shop for something. Thus, they now turn to online selling sites like Amazon for their shopping needs.

Therefore, it’s easy to think that setting up your e-commerce store at Amazon means guaranteed financial success, right? Well, yes and no.

While building your online business at Amazon is viable, it’s hard to set one up if you don’t know what you’re doing. Especially with the intense competition from other sellers that you’re inevitably going to face.

Private Label Masters (PLM) claims to be able to help you with that. It’s an online course that aims to teach you how to become a successful seller at Amazon.

In this Private Label Masters review, we’re going to take a peek at the course itself, and how does it work.

But more importantly, we’re also going to give our honest opinion about this course. It’s to help you decide if this is the right idea for you to achieve financial freedom.

So before you invest your money and time in this, you should read our Private Label Masters review first.

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What Is Private Label Masters?

Private Label Masters

Private Label Masters (PLM) is an online course that teaches you how to build an online business through Amazon. Specifically, it teaches you how to make full use of Amazon FBA for your business.

Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) is a service wherein Amazon will handle storage, packing, and shipping of your items for sale. They would also provide any customer concerns for you, such as returns or exchanges (if any).

Consequently, PLM will teach how to set up your Amazon account for selling, where to source your products for the best profit possible, and then use Amazon’s marketing campaigns to promote what you’re selling.

The “Private Label” in the name comes from the fact that you will be branding the products that you’re going to sell as “YOUR” products.

Earlier, we discussed some tips that you need to know when you’re going to sell at Amazon. And we also previously mentioned why Amazon FBA really isn’t the best choice when you’re starting an online business, especially if you’re a beginner.

Therefore, while the online course itself could be great, the business idea is not. Especially if you’re a beginner who has little to no capital available yet to start an online business on Amazon.

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The Creator Of Private Label Masters

Tim Sanders is the primary author of Private Label Masters.

Tim Sanders

Not much is known about Tim Sanders outside of his authorship of the course. But he’s been an Amazon seller for over 3 years. He also has claims of being able to make six to eight figures of sales every year.

All About Private Label Masters In Detail

Once you browse the official sales page of Private Label Masters, you’ll be given a choice to sign up with your email.

Private Label Masters Homepage

The purpose of the email is so they can send you a video that gives you more information about the online course. After watching it, you’ll then be given the choice to sign up and buy the course.

The emails are most likely part of a series of email swipes that will continuously be sent to you. That is, until you sign up for the course itself.


The entire Private Label Masters review has a one-time payment of $5,000.

However, you can get a discount of $1,500 if you purchased via a telephone call (instead of through the web).

Note that this is just for the course itself. It still doesn’t take into account the other miscellaneous costs that you’ll incur if you’re going to start an Amazon business. (more on that later).

Course Overview

The Private Label Masters course comprises a total of 8 modules. I’ll give a general idea of each of the modules so you’ll know what to expect from it.

MODULE 1: Introduction

You’ll find the usual introduction to the course here. The author is going to explain what PLM is, and what can you learn from it.

From the start, the author is already telling the students that this isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme. And that’s honestly a good introduction.

These online courses are only designed as a guide to give you an idea of how to start. However, success is always dependent on your positive mindset, determination, work ethics, and plenty of others.

Of course, in this business, there’s also one crucial component: MONEY. The amount of capital you can invest in order to succeed (something that this course failed to inform of).

MODULE 2: Product Research

Here is where the author will teach you how to do your product research. Of course, in any kind of business, product research is important so you’ll know the best and most profitable product to sell to your customers.

Here, he also shares a few of his insights on what products you should avoid selling, trademarks and patents, finding low-competition niches, and his research tools.

In my honest opinion, finding a low-competition niche ensures that you can easily build authority over that product, which converts to more sales.

But it’s also important that your chosen niche will be something that you’re interested in picking up. This is so you’ll be able to keep your interest and knowledge on the products that you’re going to sell. Very important in case a customer decides to inquire you about the product in question.

Note that the module also suggests that you should focus on multiple products with the same niche instead of one product. This makes sense, as multiple products with low but continuous revenue are still better than a single high-revenue product.

MODULE 3: Product Sourcing

After doing your product research, the next step is where to buy your products. This is the focus of the third module of this course.

The author mostly talks about the Alibaba website as the recommended place to buy your products. However, you can always choose a better alternative if you wish to.

Aside from this, this module will talk about how to build a good relationship with your suppliers. Finally, this will also teach you how you can negotiate the prices well to give you the best wholesale value for your product.

MODULE 4: Shipping

This module will talk about how you can ship your products. From selecting the most reputable courier for the price, shipping quotes, shipping labels, just about anything you’ll need to get your products delivered to your location.

One important note that the author comments is that you should NEVER ship your products directly to Amazon.

MODULE 5: Branding And Listing Optimization

This module focuses on how you can brand your products. The author will teach you here about some things to consider when selecting your brand name.

It also teaches some things to consider when designing your brand label, as well as how to optimize your product listing.

MODULE 6: Product Launch Time

Now that you’ve set up your product and branding, it’s time to show it to the world. This module will teach you the two ways on how to do a product launch.

The module introduces two ways on how you can do it.

The first one is via the official Amazon Launch Service, named “ZonJump”. This one will be explained to students by the CEO of ZonJump himself, Leo Limin.

The second one is via traditional social methods such as Facebook. The author will also teach you how to get your own Amazon-domain storefront URL.

MODULE 7: Sponsored Products

In this module, students will be taught how you can advertise their products using PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising. This is notable for being the only module that is not taught by Tim Sanders himself.

Instead, this is being taught by a PPC specialist named Aaron Eaton.

It should be noted that PPC advertising is still a form of paid advertisement. This means that if you’re not careful with what you spend, you could end up losing your money for your marketing campaigns instead.

MODULE 8: Maintain And Scale Your Business

Finally, this module will teach students how to grow their Amazon FBA business. And to scale it well so you can make more profits out of it.

This module talks about how to get product reviews for your brand, get more revenue via promotions from Amazon, as well as how to handle your products’ stock supply, especially when it’s running out.

Is Private Label Masters A Scam?

Legit Or Scam

Personally, I think Private Label Masters isn’t a scam.

Unlike other online courses like Infusion and Maeve, PLM has a proven record of success for some individuals who have taken this course.

And unlike others like PWA, PLM doesn’t require you to sell the course itself for you to make money out of this.

But before you go ahead and join this course, there are some things that you need to consider.

How Much Can You Make With Private Label Rights?

The potential earnings that you can make with selling on Amazon are actually decent enough.

That is, if you can get past the competition.

Amazon FBA is a highly-saturated selling platform right now, with over a million sellers. And it’s most likely that a lot of them will have the same products that you’re selling as well.

Furthermore, they’ll also be using the same ideas in Amazon selling as you are, which only makes the competition even more intense. Especially for a newcomer, you may have a rather tough time positioning your business in Amazon so you can sell your products there.

Finally, there’s also the amount of capital that you should invest. After all, this is no different than setting up your own retail store or something similar. Only this time, it’s online.

The cost of the training is already high enough for most people. But the investment that you need to set up and do everything that the course teaches can be even more.

Not only that, it may even take some time before you can break even, and eventually, profit.

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Private Label Masters Review: Final Thoughts

So to wrap around this Private Label Masters review…

Overall, it’s really hard to recommend this course to anyone, given the cost.

Sure. The quality of the lessons you can learn here is high. And the author is quite reputable (although he may have some bad points because he seems to try to keep himself low).

But the course definitely hits two bad points for me.

It’s NOT beginner-friendly.
It’s NOT budget-friendly.

The main problem is that building a business on Amazon FBA is difficult at best. Mainly because of the intense competition involved. It’s not really easy to achieve passive income this way.

There are still plenty of other ideas to make money online around. The stress that may happen to you here isn’t worth the effort.

Fortunately, I’m also here to offer you a good and less stressful way on how you can build an online business and make money out of it.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Private Label Masters review.

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