Private Wealth Academy Review – Carlton Weiss Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a training course known as Private Wealth Academy. Is Private Wealth Academy legit? Find out in this Private Wealth Academy review.

In 2015, Carlton Weiss established Private Wealth Academy. You may learn top strategies, including establishing a private trust fund and seeking for corporate financing, to develop riches that will last for future generations at this online university.

Zachary Miller, the corporate owner, teaches all nine modules, while Carlton Weiss was responsible for their creation; the website and other marketing materials feature the likeness of Jon Miller, the chief trustee.

There are 9 distinct courses available through the Private Wealth Management Academy, and each one has a corresponding workshop where you can learn more about the material covered. You are taught in every seminar that you are gaining access to the “secrets of the elite” and that these methods are exactly what the presenters do to increase their own wealth and security.

Are these classes actually beneficial to take? After scanning through every class, I came away with the impression that the secrets were grossly simplified, leading participants to assume that they could achieve their goals without assistance.

What you won’t learn from Miller (or Weiss) is outlined in detail in our Private Wealth Academy review, along with everything else you need to know about the courses.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Private Wealth Academy review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Private Wealth Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Private Wealth Academy: Quick Details

  • Name: Private Wealth Academy
  • Founder: Carlton Weiss, Zachary Miller
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Making money online
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What is Private Wealth Academy?

Private Wealth Academy Review - Logo

Private Wealth Academy caters to a specific audience – those seeking not only to save money but also to safeguard and optimize their wealth through strategic tax planning.

Within the realm of Private Wealth Academy, the emphasis lies on empowering individuals with the knowledge of:

  • Establishing Trusts
  • Leveraging Corporate Credit
  • Unveiling Tax Secrets
  • Navigating Real Estate Taxation
  • Effectively Contesting Law Enforcement Issued Tickets

These subjects, undoubtedly essential for individuals with substantial financial resources, offer valuable insights and strategies.

Interestingly, each of these topics is extensively covered in various comprehensive books available in the market. For instance, a prime example is the well-acclaimed $16.99 book on trusts found on Amazon.

Contrastingly, the specialized trust course offered by Private Wealth Academy is priced at $997. While there could be merits to opting for a course over a book, the disparity in cost may raise questions.

It’s important to consider that seeking legal counsel for these matters is also an option. Engaging a qualified attorney can alleviate the need for self-education, offering an alternative path to implement these strategies.

In essence, Private Wealth Academy offers a platform to delve into critical wealth safeguarding techniques, while acknowledging that alternative avenues, such as legal expertise, exist for those seeking to navigate this terrain.

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Private Wealth Academy Overview

The Bulletproof Trust

Private Wealth Academy Review - The Bulletproof Trust

The inaugural course at Private Wealth Academy delves into the intricate art of crafting trusts with a remarkable focus on minimizing your tax burden.

The creators of this program boast a coveted secret trust methodology that promises to revolutionize your tax savings.

This module-rich section grants you access to the following enlightening components:

  1. The Comprehensive Bulletproof Trust Package: Unveiling a groundbreaking approach to trusts that purportedly outstrips conventional legal setup, you’ll receive an arsenal of documents required for trust creation.
  2. Trustee Training Secrets: Elevate your ability to safeguard a spectrum of assets, including your residence, estates, and businesses, through expert guidance.
  3. Trust Laws And Statutes Handbook: Delve into an anthology of timeless texts encompassing trust laws and landmark supreme court cases, enriching your understanding of the legal landscape.
  4. 500+ Operational Trust Documents: Explore the myriad scenarios necessitating trust action – from retaining legal counsel to crafting sub trusts and managing intellectual property – enhancing your trust management skills.
  5. Constructing a Web of Trusts: Grasp the intricacies of interlinking diverse trusts, facilitating comprehensive asset management across multiple domains.
  6. Unlocking Social Security Secrets: Acquire insights into leveraging private credit and ingenious strategies to liberate yourself from the shackles of social security taxes.
  7. Mastery of Court Safeguards: Gain a profound comprehension of the legal safeguards shielding both you and your trust, ensuring an impregnable defense.

Corporate Credit Secrets

In the realm of Private Wealth Academy’s curriculum, a paramount module stands devoted to the art of securing corporate credit cards bearing substantial credit limits. With a curriculum comprising 6 modules, this training is poised to revolutionize your understanding of corporate credit:

  1. Core Concepts in Corporate Credit Secrets: Delve into the heart of the training, learning to foster your credit line to an impressive $250,000.
  2. Liberating Personal Liability: This section offers strategic insights into obtaining credit sans reliance on your personal social security number, rendering your credit pursuits more secure.
  3. Architecting Credit-Optimized Corporations: Gain expertise in configuring your business framework to optimize credit approval, ensuring a smoother journey to securing corporate credit.
  4. Catalog of Elite Corporate Credit Cards: Access a curated compilation of the finest corporate credit cards, allowing you to make informed choices for your credit endeavors.
  5. Navigating Corporate Credit Loans: Elevate your knowledge in obtaining credit-based loans up to $250,000, while safeguarding your personal assets from potential setbacks.
  6. Ready-Made Assets for Professionalism: Acquire an array of tools, including pre-built websites, logos, and letterheads, designed to enhance your business’s professional image, thereby increasing the likelihood of credit approval.

Real Estate Secrets

Learn the steps to acquiring an allodial title in this comprehensive real estate course. You will learn numerous strategies to qualify for a mortgage and keep your monthly payments to a minimum as part of your course.

Beat The Ticket

The last class focuses on a different issue altogether: tickets for nonviolent offenses. This seminar will teach you how to contest tickets and have your cases dropped.

Is Private Wealth Academy Legit?

Private Wealth Academy stands as a legitimate institution, its courses meticulously grounded in factual information and legally substantiated documentation. However, the implementation of this knowledge can prove to be precarious.

In truth, the enigmatic allure of these strategies is somewhat diminished upon realization that many finance enthusiasts have encountered these techniques through various avenues.

The perceived secrecy of these methodologies often stems from the prerequisite of substantial financial resources. Indeed, embarking on these endeavors frequently demands a substantial financial commitment, potentially excluding those constrained by paycheck-to-paycheck circumstances.

While the authenticity of Private Wealth Academy remains intact, a cautious approach is advised. Rather than impulsively applying the teachings, it is prudent to exercise discernment. Engaging with multiple professionals to assess and validate the learned principles before action is a judicious approach.

In summation, the legitimacy of Private Wealth Academy is unquestionable, yet a tempered and well-considered stance in adopting their recommendations is strongly advocated. The wisdom lies in prudent evaluation and consultation before embracing any newfound strategies.

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Final Verdict – Private Wealth Academy Review

Although the program has some credibility and the courses it offers are grounded in reality and official documents, there is still some doubt about how useful the information will be in real life.

However solid the underlying structure, the road from theory to practice is not always a smooth one. The Academy’s claim that its methods are “secrets” is rather misleading, given that many of these strategies are already widely taught in finance classrooms.

The high cost associated with these techniques helps to maintain their aura of mystery. The pursuit of asset preservation or estate planning becomes a luxury for people caught in the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

I advise caution while determining Private Wealth Academy’s credibility. There is wisdom in the institution’s teachings, but one should proceed with caution.

Instead of jumping into action without first consulting experts, think about getting their input. Before stepping into unfamiliar financial territory, this methodical technique may provide clarity and confidence.

In conclusion, Private Wealth Academy offers promise, but the path to actualizing that promise is fraught with complexities and subtleties. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to enroll, this analysis should help you make a well-informed decision based on how well it fits in with your long-term goals and current financial situation.

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