Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program named Pro Wholesale VIP Program. Is it legit? Find out in this Pro Wholesaler VIP Program review.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Pro Wholesale VIP Program review first.

Real estate is one of top businesses that make people rich. After all, property is expensive. You would have to deal with thousands of dollars each time to make a sale. There are also a lot of processes in which money goes around in a real estate transaction: the planning phase, the architectural phase, the building space, and the designing pace.

All of those processes are not cheap. This means that being able to make a successful real estate sale can make you big bucks in commissions, which is why a lot of people strive to become real estate agents. One sale can make you commissions that could get you all set for months, so I can see why this could be quite a tempting business to get into.

This program claims that it can teach you all about wholesaling and house flipping strategies. Basically, the most profitable ways you can make money with in real estate investing. It is being advertised to wholesalers, investors, and dealers who would like a guiding hand to success in their chosen fields.

The question is, can it really do a good job of teaching you what to do and getting you those oh-so-sweet commissions?

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Pro Wholesale VIP Program in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Pro Wholesaler Overview: Quick Details

What is Pro Wholesaler VIP?

Pro Wholesaler VIP Review - Logo

The Pro Wholesaler VIP program is all about getting into the serious world of real estate investing. They promise that they are 100% serious, and that investors who want to make it big can trust their program into taking them to great heights of their career.

The program will teach you about how you can get started with a real estate business, and how you can scale it into a way that can make you successful in no time. Pretty bold claims, if you ask me.

For a program that promises to teach you how to be successful in no time, this course raises a few questions, as they say that you do not need experience in order to start learning. Huh.

Pro Wholesaler VIP says that being able to make money in real estate means that unnecessary expenses should be eliminated, including marketing and advertising. Okay, now this is sounding more and more overly ambitious by the minute.

One of the selling factors of Pro Wholesaler VIP is that you may study the course at your own pace, no pressure. Well, at least that is a positive.

For a 6-week long, this sounds like a good deal. 6 weeks worth of studying bringing you knowledge enough to make 7 figures? That is definitely tempting.

Now, let us discuss who made the course.

Alex Martinez

Pro Wholesaler VIP Review - Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez is the brains behind the program. As usual, we are gonna talk about a rags-to-riches story which everyone loves to admire and draw inspiration from.

Alex has humble beginnings. Born from a fairly simple family, it is not a surprise that he’ll end up living on his own. That phase of his life was not easy for him, as he began working a job he did not like. To be fair though, making sandwiches does not sound that bad, but when you have bills to pay and debts that keep on mounting, maybe you should not be overconfident with your job description.

This job made him money to feed himself, but food is not the only thing that people pay for. There are utilities, rent, and debt to worry about to. Not to mention gas money.

Well, there are limited options for him, as he dropped out of college. A year later, he realized his calling and starting flipping houses. Pretty good transition from sandwich maker, yeah?

His beginnings in the real estate business was very tedious, as he had to study about how he can make himself successful through different techniques. He focused on knowledge acquisition and consulted a lot of books, and paid for mentors to guide him. The fact that he seems to be successful now means all of those worked, and that he made it his mission to teach people how to be successful themselves.

Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Overview

Signing up for Pro Wholesale VIP is quite a straightforward process. It starts with scheduling a 45-minute call with the program’s team either through Zoom or the phone. I think this is their “screening process” where they choose which users they can cater to, as it seems that the slots are limited for these types of programs.

After that, you will be directed to choosing which model can help your planned business the most, and then the price will be discussed from there on. As usual, it seems like this program wants to utilize that business call to squeeze as much money from you as possible by not-too-obvious manipulation, but that is a whole other story.

So, what exactly do you get by signing up?

You will be getting access to quite a lot of training videos, as well as resources such as templates which you can use for your business emails. Take note that you will be utilizing that business email a lot, so good templates will come a long way.

As promised, the course is accessible anytime, anywhere, as it is available through both a desktop computer and a mobile device you can bring with you. A flexible learning process will go a long way, as you waste no time by taking advantage of it.

The modules

Module 1 encourages you to set and fortify your focus on the real estate market. It emphasizes the importance of clearly outlining your objectives to enhance comprehension and boost confidence in your real estate endeavors.

Moving on to Module 2, the focus shifts to establishing connections with high-caliber cash buyers who are capable of offering substantial amounts, with each wholesale transaction potentially netting you $10,000 or more.

Module 3 guides you in attaining access to the MLS and essential tools, ensuring your readiness to engage in successful real estate activities. As you progress, Module 4 introduces the MLS Offer System, a strategic approach to streamline and organize your deal attraction process.

Module 5 emphasizes the importance of finalizing lucrative transactions swiftly and efficiently, with a specific focus on speed to ensure high-value deals. Finally, in Module 6, the journey concludes with insights on expanding your operations, growing with a collaborative team, and maximizing your potential by opening the floodgates for a steady flow of opportunities.

Is Pro Wholesale VIP Program Legit?

The program does not have major red flags, so judging from what I learned about them from my research, I am confident that this is pretty legit.

Alex Martinez doesn’t seem like a bad guy, too. However, I have some gripes regarding how the program is being handled.

First off, the modules seem really vague. It does not look like it can teach you as much as Alex tells you about. Those modules look like they are designed for beginners, and not for those who aim to make money with real estate investing immediately. They seem more like articles you can readily find online.

I guess the main difference between taking this course and reading online articles is this has a more personalized touch. You also get other resources and access to a private group where you can bond with people going through the same journey as you do.

Other than that though, this program seems like it’s made for newbies in mind, not people who aim to make the big commissions.

Final Verdict – Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Review

Now that you know what Alex Martinez is offering you, you are probably thankful for this Pro Wholesaler VIP program review. You’re welcome!

It falls on your hands whether or not you should sign up, but if you ask me, maybe this is not worth the hype. Sure, you’ll get access to a fairly comprehensive program and mentors, but this course, upon further examination, is just meh to me. It does not contain any groundbreaking knowledge.

Before you choose to commit your time and money to a course which could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars (they did not disclose the pricing), then maybe you should do some self-reflection – are you willing to go through these motions or not?

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