Product List Genie Review – Giancarlo Barraza Scam?

Hello and welcome to my product list genie review.

In this article we are going to discuss about is product list genie legit or scam.Also if it?s legit,it worth your money or not.

Dropshipping courses are everywhere.

In fact I have reviewed a lot of dropshipping courses.

In all of them one thing is common.hey promise big results.Their sales pitch are overhyped.

It is not wrong to buy a course for five grands or more.If it?s give you the real value.

The value is the exchange of your money.That is why you are investing your money right?

To have the mentorship and guidance of a person who is successful in that field.Dropshipping is one of the most common business online.

There are four most common and popular business online in my opinion.

Dropshipping is one of them.Affiliate marketing,SMMA and amazon fba are the other three.

Dropshipping is the favourite choice of the people to look for in 2020 and moving on.

Why not if you can make money with just small investment.It has the potential to make you rich.But understand this one thing.

That you will need to work hard for it.

There is nothing like get rich quick in this online industry.Lot of people fall for shiny object syndrome.

This is because they think that making money online is the easiest thing in the world.In fact it is not.

You have to be on your knees all the time for making enough money to enjoy your dream life.

Also there is no guarantee that your money will convert into profit.

Read this line again.

Let?s talk about product list genie.

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Product List Genie Review

I have spent a lot of time doing this review.I have done a lot of research about it to reach my final verdict.

This is because I have to get a significant of reviews and people?s prospect to reach a final verdict.

Now I am going in-depth of this software or course.

Yes it is both like zero up.It claims to provide you all the things that will help you to get your online dropshipping business up and running.

The owner of product list genie is Giancarlo  Barraza.He did a good job in marketing his product.

This product is getting a lot of attention online.This is why a lot of people asked me to do this review.So,yes you can say it a tool.

The price of this tool is $260/month.Which is not expensive in my opinion.If you see the level of value is given in it.

I have seen a lot of courses/tools/software which offers  very less value as compared to this tool.But they are very expensive.

Giancarlo did a good job in keeping the price of this tool very low.

Ok,now let?s talk about the cons and pros of this review.I am specially doing it to make it understand for you.

There are lots of people online who are saying that this course is worth the money.And you definitely buy it.But if you notice one thing is that they are affiliates of giancarlo.

This means that these reviews are biased.Because if you buy this tool through their link they will earn commission.

Now we are going to talk about the positives and negatives of this course.

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Pros And Cons of Product Lost Genie

Now let?s talk about the cons and pros of this course.

In these pros and cons I only highlighted main points that will make it easy for you to make a decision about product list genie.

First talk about the pros of this tool.


First let?s talk about the pros of this course.Well there are lot of positive points about this course.

1 – First and the most important thing about this course is that it is basically focused on the selection of a niche which is less competitive.

I have also gone through the dropshipping business.I know how important it is to select a less competitive niche.

The reason behind is that dropshipping is getting very saturated now a days.Selection of a niche in dropshipping business is one of the most important thing in my opinion.

So,this tool does it for you.

This product list genie helps you to set up a course that will make it a lot easier for you to choose a niche.

It has all the thing a newbie require to start an online business.

2 – This tool gives you complete and comprehensive way to get start with dropshipping.

It is very effective tool and complete as compared to other dropshipping tool in the market.

It almost covers all the topics that can take a completely newbie in this space to a whole new level.

3 – This tool gets update after every 24 hours.

There are also a lot of it?s positive reviews online.Lot of people praising it.

The help it is providing is very excellent too.


Now let?s talk about it?s cons in detail.

1 – The price of this tool is very high according to some people.

The buyers of this tool saying that this tool can be for $60 according to the value it brings to their audience.

This means that they this tool is not giving enough value as it costs.

2 – There are additional price of this tool too.You can say it upsells basically.This will cost you approx. 

$700 other than their monthly subscription.This is getting expensive now.

3 – This software is based on old dropshipping business model.i mean back in the early 2000.

After this a lot of things changed but this tool is still in that era. 

You will face a lot of difficulties in this software if you are newbie in this industry.

Other thing is that I doubt that beginner should buy this course.Because they will face a lot of problems.

Basics of them are that you will have to face the payment process too.This is because paypal is banned in a lot of countries.

4 – The training inside it incomplete.After buying this course you will be googling how to run facebook and google ads.

This tool does not teach you how to market your products.Which is a very important part in dropshipping.

80% o this business model is based on marketing.But it seems that the owner of product list genie ignored it completely.

So,yeah that is one of the biggest errors in it.

5 – There will be a risk that your store will be get banned.

There is a reason behind it.It is that the product that this tool is recommending is basically affiliate of big teams.

This means that team management can copywrite you.Beware of that too.

As I said yes the product gives value but it seems to be incomplete.

There are lot of people recommending it and giancarlo did a very good job marketing it.But in the end it is not worth this much price.

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In my opinion that product list genie is based on old fashioned dropshipping model.

The price is on the bit high side.

Dropshipping is not the business you should start in 2020 and moving on.There are lots of reason of it.

Dropshipping is a very saturated industry.

The competition there is very high.You have to be very good at what are you doing.

In dropshipping there are very high chance that you will end up losing your hard earned money.Because there is nothing like proven marketing strategies.

Like affiliate marketing there is nothing to believe in the process.Luck is also a factor in this business.

A lot of bad reviews on internet about this tool.I would recommend you to watch this.

There are lot of errors in this tool.You have to learn a lot of things by you own if you are new to this business model.

There are lot of negative feedback about this tool online.Lot of people recommending it.

While also lot of people saying it?s a scam.I think saying it s scam is not ethical.In fact you can say that this software is not giving enough value as they are charging people price.

Your opinion can be different..But in my opinion dropshipping do not worth your time and investment.

For this I wrote a review on dropshipping.

You can read it here.

Gurus like Giancarlo are making lots of money.But by selling their product to dropshippers.

I think you get my point here.I strongly recommend you to go with my number one recommendation.

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