Profit League Review: Jeff And Jessica Samis’ Scam?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Profit League online course. Is this course worth your time? Find out in this Profit League review.

Recently, “making money online” and “online jobs” has become quite a trend. That’s because people are actively looking for alternative ways to earn an income.

And all of them are for different reasons.

Some of them do this because they wanted to quit their 9-to-5 day job and needed an alternative source of income.

Others wanted to get a side hustle to complement their main job’s source of income.

But most of them do this because they’re currently unemployed and they needed a new job (especially with the current pandemic situation).

Whatever their reasons will be, one thing is certain. Most of us may prefer to take up several online courses first to learn a new skillset.

And the Profit League online course claims to be one of them. In a nutshell, Profit League is an online course that aims to teach people who they can build an online business.

But, is Profit League legit? Or is it just another scam?

Before you decide on spending any money on this, you should read this Profit League review first. So that you can determine if this is worth your time, money, and effort. Or not at all.

Note that this is a fully independent Profit League review. I’m not affiliated with Profit League, or the creators of this, in any way or form whatsoever.

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What Is Profit League?

Profit League is another one of those online courses that aim to give a new digital business idea to users. These online businesses ideas are perfect for most people who prefer the flexibility of working almost anytime, anywhere.

Basically, it teaches you how you can become your own digital advertising agency. You’ll be learning to do effective lead generation, using Clickfunnels, social media ads (specifically, Facebook), and even a few Google ads.

The idea is that you’re going to have to generate leads for your clients. And for this online, you’ll be taught how you can run ads for business owners and lead them to your “sales funnel” (AKA your landing page).

This is a lucrative business opportunity because, with this skill, you’ll certainly be in demand by many business owners. Most especially, the smaller, more local ones.

Because most business owners don’t really know how to market themselves properly. And even if they do, they simply won’t have time to prepare the needed marketing campaign, but they’ll be focusing more on running their business instead.

But arguably the most important factor for this is that local businesses will need a wider marketing coverage in order to attract even more customers. Something that you, as a lead generation specialist, can provide.

It might take up a bit of work and some capital due to the cost of running ads. But the profit margins are most definitely worth it.

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The Creators Of Profit League

Profit League is created by the husband-and-wife team of Jeff and Jessica Samis.

Profit League - Jeff And Jessica Samis


The couple seems to have enjoyed great success in their social media lead generation business. And if their videos and webinar have something to say about it, then it could be true.

Aside from this, there’s really not much to say about this couple. Furthermore, their social media pages are, let’s say, decent enough. Not bad, but definitely not good, either.

While their Facebook page enjoys a good amount of followers, at 36k, Jeff Samis’ YouTube channel doesn’t, clocking in at only 800+ subscribers. Furthermore, the content on either of their pages isn’t updated for at least more than a year at this time of writing.

And for someone who claims to find success in social media marketing, that isn’t really a good impression.

What’s Inside Profit League?

Profit League contains basically almost everything that you can expect from an online course. Its main takeaway is the video training, which is split into five categories focusing on a certain aspect of online marketing.

It also contains several templates, like advertisement templates and the like, that you can freely download and use once you become a member. In addition, signing up for the course gives you access to an active Facebook community, and occasional group call coaching sessions with the course creators themselves.

Here’s a brief rundown of the menus in the Member’s Area, and what’s inside them.


Like the menu says, here is where you’ll be taught everything on how to start your digital marketing agency.

Presumably, here is where you’ll be taught how to set up the necessary accounts and tools you’ll need. Like your email autoresponder, your Clickfunnels, your Facebook ads account, and others.

Also, you’ll learn here how the business model actually works, and how you can earn money from it.


This section is where you’ll be taught how to find and engage with your clients.

You’ll also be able to learn here the proper negotiations for your pricing with clients, the psychology behind the sales talk, and how to set up your payment processor. Also included are some downloadable scripts that you can use for various purposes, like cold-calling with clients.


This section will deal with everything you need about creating your sales funnel.

As stated earlier, you’ll be primarily using Clickfunnels to build your sales funnel. Therefore, this training will be focused on how to use that particular service, and may or may not be applicable if you’re using an alternative (HubSpot Marketing Hub, Leadpages, Unbounce, etc.).

And if you don’t have the time to create your funnel, fret not. Profit League also contains several funnel templates that you can freely download and use for this purpose, depending on your niche.

Facebook Ads

This is what we can call, the “main event” of this course. Hence, this is also the most comprehensive section.

As the title says, this deals with everything you need to know on how to run your ads campaign on Facebook. From writing an engaging ad copy, the budget you should spend, and analytics.

It also has several modules on how you can set up your email autoresponder (MailChimp) and integrate it to your Facebook ads.


While there’s little information on what modules are contained in this section, it can be presumed that this deals with scaling your digital ads agency.

This basically means that you may have to outsource parts of your business, by hiring virtual assistants in order to fully automate your business.

Hall Of Fame Campaigns

This is where all the scripts and templates for various tasks are located in Profit League. Ready to download anytime you need them.

It includes 20 Facebook ad campaign templates, sales scripts, and emails to use for both landing new clients and writing ads. And each of them has a script or template for a suitable niche.

How Much Does Joining The Profit League Cost?

The advertisements for Profit League markets this course as a “high ticket” offer. This means, you can easily expect this course to be on the pricey end.

And it is. It costs a one-time fee of $3,999 to join the course.

As with the other lead generation online courses (Ippei Kanahara’s Job Killing, Douglas James Marketing, Cory Long’s Digital Storefronts, etc.) this one is also on the prohibitively expensive side. While the price can be justified, it’s still quite pricey especially for newcomers.

Furthermore, if you also add in the costs associated with the services you need for this business model, like Clickfunnels, Facebook Ads, and email autoresponder, then you’re going to spend more than that.

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Things I Like About Profit League

Profit League is one of the online lead generation courses out there that offer extensive Facebook ads training. This is a great addition for anyone who prefers using Facebook ads as one of their lead generation tools.

In addition, this course features extensive copywriting training, which is a must when you’re going to create your own ads campaign. There’s also an option to just download ad templates for your needed niche, if you prefer to make it easier for you, and you don’t need a more personalized approach.

Finally, the community itself is known for its good amount of activity. Thus, if wanted to ask something related to the course, or tips in lead generation, the community itself would be glad to help.

Things I Don’t Like About Profit League

Simply put, the course is more on the expensive side. Patrons of this course may say in defense, that you get what you pay for in quality of the course. But after some research, I noticed that it may not be the case.

Before, it has a good reputation for being one of the most frequently updated online courses around. However, there’s some speculation that the course itself isn’t getting updated at the time of this writing anymore.

Pieces of evidence point to the lack of activity on their Facebook page and their YouTube channel, with the last posts there being around 2018.

This may not be such a big deal as they may just focus on their own community and do all their course updates and training there. But again, as someone who teaches about Facebook ads, it’s not a good impression.

If this is true, this could really mean bad news as Facebook ad policies and algorithms are always changing. And if online courses like this don’t update their curriculum to keep up with those changes, then you may be left with an online course that is horribly outdated, none of the methods they teach will work.

And My Personal Verdict Is…

I think Profit League was once a very good course about lead generation. Its comprehensive training about Facebook ads is the highlight of this course.

But the reason that I can’t recommend this course is that, it may not be updated anymore to adapt to the current changes in Facebook. Thus, some of the lessons included here may not apply anymore today.

And to top it off, it’s more on the expensive side. For that price, you’re better off spending it on a lead generation course that’s more frequently updated and supported, just like Local Marketing Vault.

Profit League Review: Final Thoughts


To close off this Profit League review, I would like to give out some points regarding this course.

Whatever online business you want to set up, you would inevitably face some tough competition.

Therefore, what you need are some good educational materials first to give you the necessary knowledge, skills, and especially the proper mindset to hopefully succeed in any business venture.

Moreover, you need to get your money’s worth with that online course. Seeing as it’s also going to be part of your investment.

It’s for this very reason that I’m finding it hard to recommend Profit League, especially for those who want to learn how to do a lead generation business. It could very well be a good course if it’s constantly updated.

But the fact of the matter is, it’s not. Besides, the training they provide isn’t really anything new. If you look carefully around, there are those that offer the same, or even better, lead generation training, that’s cheaper than this (sometimes, even free).

Also, there are better money-making opportunities out there. In fact, I’m also here to offer you just that. And this one’s perfect for just about anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

If you want to know more about it, continue reading this Profit League review.

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