Profit Product Creator Review: Is This Another Scam?

Today, we’ll be talking about this app named Profit Product Creator. Is this another one of those scams? Let’s see in this Profit Product Creator review.

Content is King

The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, once wrote an essay named “Content is King” back in 1996. 25 years later, it still holds true, and is now even more important than before.

Quality content forms the backbone of EVERY affiliate marketing campaign there is. Because without it, no one would even take an interest in your affiliate website. Even if you’re confident that the product you’re trying to sell is of good quality, it’s won’t mean anything if there are no customers to see it.

But some business owners may not have enough time to create quality content, especially on a regular schedule. They also have to deal with other tasks like answering clients, bookkeeping, etc.

And that’s is where products like Profit Product Creator are trying to capitalize on. This app claims to solve your content-creation problems by helping you create e-books and PDF reports with little to no effort required.

But is Profit Product Creator a legitimate product? Will it easily solve your content problems just by using this app? Reading this Profit Product Creator review will help you decide if you need this, or not…

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Profit Product Creator review. I’m not affiliated with Profit Product Creator, or any other product, in any way.

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What is Profit Product Creator?

Profit Product Creator Review - Product View

At its core, Profit Product Creator is a system that lets you make various digital info products in the lowest amount of time. However, its primary use is for creating eBooks.

You can source your content from various PLR services, aside from your own, and compile them into one eBook made for you. Once you finished your eBook, you can then sell it to potential customers, thus earning your money with this system.

In addition, this product also contains several DFY (Done-For-You) affiliate marketing campaigns that claim to help you earn more. It also claims to have “free” built-in traffic for your websites, thus increasing your chances of converting your leads.

Profit Product Creator is also a cloud-based app, so you can access it anywhere there’s an internet connection, and use it from there.

Top Features of Profit Product Creator

  • Automated digital product creation from the included database of over 250,000 articles (and growing)
  • 100% beginner-friendly. No experience needed, no tech skills required
  • Create digital products in under 60 seconds with other peoples’ content & articles (ALL fully legal)
  • Automatically pull content from ANY site just by entering a URL
  • Start from scratch, add your own content, or mix & match for 100% unique products
  • Point & click professional e-cover creator
  • Premium, fully customizable landing page templates
  • DFY Thank You/Product Delivery pages
  • FREE hosting of ALL your landing and delivery
  • ZERO monthly fees

If you want to see how Profit Product Creator works, here’s a demo video:

Profit Product Creator: Red Flags

Profit Product Creator could, in theory, be an effective product for your affiliate marketing needs. Unfortunately, looking carefully at the product and its background reveals some striking red flags that should be paid attention to if one wishes to purchase this product. And here’s some of them.

Who Created Profit Product Creator?

For the most part, and from most of the sponsored reviews around, the creator of this product is none other than Glynn Kosky, the same man behind CryptoCommissions and Passive Profit Funnels.

Glynn Kosky

But as of today, if one looks at the official sales page of Profit Product Creator, one can’t find Glynn’s name at all. Instead, it says that it comes “from the desk” of a certain “Tony & The Team”.

Tony And The Team

There’s really no explanation right now as to why Glynn’s name was removed from this product. But for experienced digital marketers, one could deduce that Glynn may just be trying to distance himself from the product, after the overwhelming number of negative feedbacks about this product (more on that later). But keep this in mind, as this could be a big red flag when you’re thinking about purchasing this product.

Rebranding of an older product?

If you think that Profit Product Creator’s money-making system is quite familiar, that’s because it is.

Profit Product Creator could just be a relaunch, or a rebranding, of some of Glynn Kosky’s previous products.

For example, here’s a video demo of Profit Product Creator:

And here’s another video demo of Digi Funnel Lab, a previous product from the same creator:

From the video, notice how both of the products mentioned share the same purpose: To create eBooks? Also, take note of the Dashboard UI…

There are several reasons why a product gets rebranded, getting a different name. But the most common reasons are simply because the old name can have some negative connotations to the customer. If the previous has a history of getting several bad feedbacks from previous customers, people, in general, won’t patronize it anymore.  So the usual solution is to just relaunch the product under a different name.

If such is the case, this could be a big red flag for Profit Product Creator, so be forewarned.

False Claims

Looking at the sales page, you’ll also see that Profit Product Creator shows some figures of sales figures that claim to be the result of using this app.

Profit Product Creator Review - Money Figures Profit Product Creator Review - Money Figures

That’s pretty impressive, yes. And it’s possible to achieve those figures in affiliate marketing.

But not while using this software. Profit Product Creator’s claims say that you can reach that figures number in just a few days, maybe even instantly. But it’s not. Especially with how low-quality the affiliate websites and content that this app produces.

Furthermore, a very keen-eyed observer will immediately notice that those sales figures “screenshots” are also shown in other money-making apps of similar nature.

Low-Quality Content

Speaking of low-quality content…

Profit Product Creator also says that it can “create digital products in under 60 seconds with other peoples’ content & articles”. Depending on the terms of the PLR content, this could be legal or not. However, without knowing where are the sources of the PLR content in question, your newly-produced content from Profit Product Creator could be at risk for plagiarism. Therefore, it’s just better to edit the PLR content first before distributing it. It’s crucial especially since most free PLR sources are usually of low quality and full of grammatical errors.

And if you still need to edit the content in question, it totally defeats the claim of the product being able to start your affiliate marketing campaign “in 30 seconds or less”. Again, this counts as a red flag against the product.

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Reliance on One-Time Offers

As with other products of similar nature, Profit Product Creator has a number of upsells which offer “additional features” to the product. Here’s a list of those upsells.

  1. Unlimited Version
  2. 100% Done-For-You
  3. Unlimited Traffic
  4. $30K In 30 Days Version
  5. Super Affiliate Version
  6. License Rights
  7. AutoPilot List Builder

Notice that most of the offers stated are the VERY SAME features that the product claims to do on the sales page itself. This means, while the Profit Product Creator costs only $17.48 on the sales page, it’s only for the frontend with a (usually) limited set of features. Getting all of the upsells for this product will easily cost you around $700+ dollars, which, in my opinion, isn’t even worth it for this product.

Lack Of Customer Support And Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, while Profit Product Creator boasts of their money-back guarantee and good customer support, in reality, most of them are lies.

There are already reports of some customers purchasing this product and not being satisfied with the overall results. But once they tried to avail themselves of the money-back guarantee, many of them just go through a very long and tiring process which, in the end, they STILL won’t get their money back. Even WarriorPlus won’t be of any help to you at this point.

The only upside of this is that their contact details are stated on their sales page. Therefore, it’s easy to file a dispute for these cases. Also, the same reports say that when you used PayPal as your mode of payment, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your money back.

Furthermore, it’s quite usual for developers of these products to drop their support for these products once they introduced a “new” product into the market (which, as I said before, are usually relaunches of their earlier products). Thus, don’t expect the same level of customer support if you decide to purchase this on a much later date.

(Then again, why would you…?)

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Profit Product Creator: Final Verdict

After reading this Profit Product Creator review, you’ll surely ask: Can Profit Product Creator be passed off as scam software?

In my opinion, YES.

If the product makes some overhyped claims and fails to deliver it upon the usage of it, then yes. It’s already classified as a scam. The price point for this software honestly isn’t worth it. In fact, all the tools and tutorials provided by this product, are already available someplace else, and most of them are cheaper to avail of than this product (some of them are even free to use). If you think Profit Product Creator is going to help you in your affiliate marketing concerns and make you rich quickly, then stop right away. This app won’t do any of that. There are no shortcuts to success.

However, there’s still hope. There’s a legitimate method of earning passive income online, and it’s completely guaranteed to give you results. If you want to find out more, continue reading.

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