Project Life Mastery Review – Stefan James Scam?

Hello and welcome to my project life mastery review.

So,you are following Stefan James on Youtube and impressed by his lifestyle.Or you are impresses by the knowledge he shares about affiliate marketing.

Do this course have potential to change your fortune,Or it is just another scam or waste of money?

Before diving into this review, I want to take a second and appreciate you.

Also I want to clear one thing,by any means I am not associated with Stefan james and will not provide my link to you for joining this course.

It means that this review in totally unbiased and from a third party.

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Project Life Mastery Review

Before going into this ,I recommend you to must watch this video on internet about stefan james.

Project life mastery covers a wide range of education.From affiliate marketing to selling books on kindle.

There are more videos inside like organising your day and mindset.

They claim that by taking this course you will be getting everything you want for becoming a successful internet marketer.

Do these claims are right?Is the course worth it?

Is Stefan James Course Worth It?

If you want straight forward answer than my answer is NO.Project life mastery did not worth the price and I will not recommend it to you.

I am not saying that this is very expensive or Blah Blah.But the reason is there lacks value.Although the pricing ranges from $27 to $2700.

Stefan James is well known in online industry.He spotted in a lot of scams too.

There seems to be no clear agenda behind project life mastery.There are many courses inside project life mastery.Their price range varies accordingly.

The course called affiliate marketing mastery will cost you $1997.This is insane.

I know a lot of course out there that provides ten times much value than this course with ten times less price.

Affiliate marketing is not some kind of bullshit.It’s all about marketing.

Charging this much money for this is out of my mind.I remembered that I reviewed course recently called affiliate marketing champ by ODI productions.

He is a big youtuber and has a massive following on youtube and in affiliate marketing industry for more then 1 years.

His course was like two grands.When I reviewed it,I came to know it was totally crap.He even used fake testimonials to get sales.

This blows my mind that these gurus try to make quick bucks by selling you their shitty lifestyle.They always fake their lifestyle.

If you are selling some kind of shit than bring some value to the people.

Sorry for being harsh but they are playing with people’s money.

Inside project life mastery

Inside project life mastery you are going to get a wide range of courses.The price of these courses also varies.Let’s talk about them..

  • K Money master costs $97.
  • Affiliate marketing mastery costs $1997.
  • Life mastery accelerator costs $297.
  • Online business mastery accelerator costs $97.
  • Morning Ritual mastery $37.
  • How to write ebook less than 24 hours costs $27.
  • K masery 477.

Stay with me at the end of this article.I am going to show real world affiliate marketing business.

By the way If you are new to beastpreneur…You will probably don’t know that I am 6 figures affiliate marketer.

That’s why I know the potential of this business.The reason why I am not recommending this is because the course lacks guidance.Clear guidance that will help you to make money online.

After taking the course you will be searching on google for other things.

Things I liked In project Life Mastery

There is not a lot of things to like about stefan james course.

This is because it lack the vision.

I will make it clear to you at the end of this review.

Money Back Guarantee

This is the one and only thing to be liked about this course.Unfortunately, I tried hard to find something to tell you guys in this review,but all in vain.They offers money back guarantee under 30 days.

And I don’t even know that it is applicable or marketing trick.

Things I Disliked In Project life mastery

A lot of errors in the course.First of all no agenda what so ever.

I think probably even stefan james do not know that what to teach people in it.

Let’s discuss other things in the course which are senseless.


Course is very over priced.For affiliate marketing it gets up to $1997.

Which I think does not make sense.

There are a lot of courses in the industry which provides more value such as savage affiliates.

Free on internet

A lot of videos on this course is already on the internet for free.You do not have to pay for them.

These are available on youtube for free and do not cost a dime.

So,if you want to learn about influencers,I would recommend go and watch on youtube.

Hard Work

One thing about project life mastery is that stefan james do not talk anything about hard work.

Most of the times watching his videos,I feel that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme.But it is not!

As I say that hard work is the key to success.There is nothing like get rich quick scheme on the internet.

You have just to work hard to achieve your goals.

Final Verdict Of Project Life Mastery

I will never encourage you to buy this course.There are all things and videos available on the internet.

Why not watch it for free on youtube rather than paying money for this course.I have seen hundreds of bad reviews about project life mastery on different platforms.

People pay them money but all in vain.When starting out it is very hard to pick and learn from the best.

This is because online scams are increasing day by day.This seems to be a black mark on this community.

Second thing I want to talk about the gurus.These gurus talks bullshit all the day on their channels and talk nonsense.

They made it look so sexy and easy for you.That’s why people fall for their scams.Everyone wants to get rich quick.They sell lifestyle!

Why not,everybody wants shortcut.But after taking these expensive courses they end up nowhere.

The only goal of these gurus online is to sell their courses.In fact if you do not know selling your digital products are by far the best and easiest way to make money online.

Another thing is that most of them are teaching people without knowing that what are they teaching.

Let’s take the example of this course.If you are charging people money than you have to guide them too.

Which product to choose.How to market these products.What are the easiest ways that are proven day after day in affiliate marketing.

This is because affiliate marketing is all about proven marketing strategies.

Here is a better business model for you.Lead generation for small business owners.Not saturated and very scalable business model.

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That’s it for today’s review.

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