Project Mastermind Review – Louis Navellier Scam?

Today we will be reviewing Louis Navellier’s program known as Project Mastermind. Is Project Mastermind legit? Find out in this Project Mastermind review.

As with any stock trading service, or investment program, Project Mastermind likely caught your eye for the same reason: You desire to earn more money in a shorter period of time.

And it’s likely that you want to make the money you do have grow as rapidly as possible, without waiting months or even years to get a decent return for your investment (ROI).

There are billions of dollars in the financial publication and training sector because of this exciting promise of riches.

As a result, there are a lot of dishonest individuals in this market since the concept of doubling, tripling, or even 10X-ing your money in a few minutes to a few days is so attractive. After all, not anyone has knowledge as to how finances actually work.

That said, let’s pretend that every online investment guru and trader has the finest of intentions.

Many of these specialists would only be able to get it correctly 20% of the time even if they had proprietary algorithms, supercomputers, and a staff of rocket scientists at their disposal.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Project Mastermind review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Louis Navellier in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Project Mastermind Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Project Mastermind
  • Owner: Louis Navellier
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Investment program
  • Niche: Stock trading
  • Recommended?: Stock trading is not really a profitable prospect, especially because you need an extensive knowledge on it before you can even get started. You can find a better opportunity which you can start at any time without prior knowledge on complicated topics.

What is Project Mastermind?

Through breakthrough “predictive” innovative investment technology, Project Mastermind, is supposed to “offer $50,000 in reward potential over the next 12 months.” A “retirement game changer” was even coined regarding the program.

This is a bold claim to make. According to my research, Louis Navellier is a credible specialist in the field of investment. With all of these qualifications in place, you can be assured that his advice is well-founded. However, this does not indicate that he is always accurate, but he is clearly an expert in his field.

However, in a presentation, Louis claims that there’s a tremendous retirement crisis going on in America, and mentions that individuals who are nearing retirement are running out of time to save for their future.

He became preoccupied with improving the rate at which his members might receive profits without engaging in volatile penny stock trading, “risky options,” or futures trading, since he claims this caused him.

Safety and speed, as well as 100 percent-plus profits are the primary goals of the Project Mastermind strategy, according to him.

Project Mastermind resembles other trading programs such as Copy Pro Traders (without the MLM tactics) and VideForex.

Who is Louis Navellier?

Project Mastermind Review - Louis Navellier

Navellier & Associates, the firm he founded and chairs, oversees over $2.5 billion in assets.

Additionally, Louis produces five growth stock newsletters. On Bloomberg, Fox News, and CNBC he frequently provides market analysis and comments. In addition to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune, he has been profiled in several other publications.

Louis is one of the top money managers with over four decades of experience in constructing mathematically-based prediction models..

While attending college in the 1970s, he built his first model, which he allegedly used to beat the S&P 500 by three to one. As of today, the site boasts that Navellier’s method has “bested the stock market by an unheard-of 6-to-1 ratio,” decades later.

Louis’ money management firm “Navellier” is said to manage billions of dollars for wealthy individuals and organizations throughout the world, according to credible sources.

To say that Louis is genuine would be an understatement. Even if you follow all of his suggestions, your profits aren’t certain to improve, but he’s an expert in his field.

Aside from that, he’s well-known in the world of personal finance education. Louis’ most popular service is Growth Investor, an entry-level advise that focuses on growth equities.

Due to the necessity of enrolling in his stock Project Mastermind selections, his last service, Accelerated Profits, is the most relevant to this review.

What is Accelerated Profits?

It’s a stock advisory service run by Louis Navellier and published by called Accelerated Profits. The Project Mastermind stock options may only be accessed by subscribing to this program.

To put it another way, Project Mastermind does not exist in a vacuum. Louis’ “method” for identifying stocks is based on it. Accelerated Profits service is also tied to it. As a result, there can be no one without the other.

Louis’ first five stock suggestions are included in a report titled “Five “Ultimate Growth Trades” That Can Soar 500% or More!” if you join through the Project Mastermind presentation.

Then, through the Project Mastermind Weekly Issues, you’ll find out about fresh stocks Louis is optimistic on, as well as the research behind each choice.

There are four Project Mastermind stock choices delivered to InvestorPlace users each month, according to the website.

Aside from this, the site promises to notify you when it is time to depart and collect your gains. It is therefore intended to follow Louis Navellier and his associates’ stock picks when they are revealed. In your brokerage account, choose which ones you’d want to follow.

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How Does Project Mastermind Work?

“Predictive capacity” of artificial intelligence (AI) is used in Project Mastermind, according to the presentation, in order to identify the stocks that are “poised to skyrocket.” The “precursors” Louis uses to identify these equities are the “key to it all.”

It is these “precursors” that he compares to incidences that help medical practitioners predict potential health issues and weather changes. On the basis of these eight unique antecedents, he states that his method seeks to anticipate “the possibility of future stock price variations.”

Furthermore, Louis claims that his Project Mastermind algorithm won’t look at the stock until all eight antecedents are “linked up”.

When Louis and his colleagues “crunched billions of data points” on nearly every firm on the market, they found that 95% of stocks that went up 100% or more within six months shared the same eight characteristics.

In other words, what are the antecedents to the eight components?

The operational margins of a business are one of the topics Louis addresses in his talk. Over the following nine months, he wants this to expand by 20%.

Defining operational margin can be a challenge. It is the amount of profit a company makes after subtracting operating expenditures like labor and raw materials, according to Investopedia.

Louis believes his Project Mastermind technique takes this into account, therefore that’s one of the eight factors he lists. In an article titled “Project Mastermind: Eight Precursors That Signal a Massive Stock Jump,” Louis reveals the other seven.

And, as you might assume, this report is only available to those who pay for the program. Later, we’ll go into greater depth about this. For the time being, let’s focus on Louis Navellier, the man behind the system, to determine if he’s worth keeping an eye on.

Is Project Mastermind Legit?

I don’t think that Louis Navellier is a scammer. But he’s not guaranteeing that you’ll make $50K, as far as I can see. All he says is that you have the opportunity to make $50K and get another year of Accelerated Profits access for free if you aren’t successful with the goal he set.

Regardless, no one can guarantee that someone will make any money at all with any investment. Period. And there’s a solid explanation for this, too.

As a starting point, all investments are subject to risk, and no one can predict how well any stock choices will do in the future. When it comes to making money or losing it, there is no guarantee. Investing is by its very nature risky.

It’s totally up to you how carefully you follow the suggestions and the amount of money invested in each decision as a self-directed investor. The results of any service cannot be predicted, thus that’s why it’s impossible.

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Final Verdict – Project Mastermind Review

Before I end this Project Mastermind review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

This program is pretty legitimate.

A talented quant trader, Louis makes use of artificial intelligence to spot complex patterns in his trades. When it operates for a long period of time, he believes it grows more intelligent. This is correct since AI systems are always learning and evolving.

After a few years of beta testing, he has found some remarkable winners.

Project Mastermind is a pretty credible program if you combine Louis’ credentials plus the fact that he beta-tested the method.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to starting your own business.

Even if you’re determined to become a financial investor, there are many better solutions than Project Mastermind to consider.

Actually, I have an opportunity right here which you can start today. You don’t need a knowledge on complex subjects, as well as a huge capital.

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