Project Platinum Review – Robby Blanchard Scam?

Project Platinum Review - Robby Blanchard Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Project Platinum. Is it legit? Find out in this review of Project Platinum.

In this review, we are stepping into the Project Platinum realm to uncover its offerings. We aim to understand how it operates and explore the promise of passive income. We will explore its complexity, and dissect the pricing details. Along the way, we will highlight the positives and potential drawbacks, giving you a complete picture so you can make investment decisions regarding Project Platinum with confidence.

Come with me and let us figure out if Project Platinum is the real deal!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Project Platinum in anyway possible. This is solely an independent review.

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Project Platinum Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Project Platinum
  • Founder: Robby Blanchard
  • Website:
  • Socials: FacebookInstagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training Course
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Recommendation: Consider exploring alternative training programs with similar content at a more budget-friendly price before committing to Project Platinum. Keep in mind possible additional fees associated with ClickBank, impacting your overall investment.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Project Platinum Review - Robby Blanchard Scam?

Robby Blanchard’s journey is a testament to resilience and self-discovery. Starting as a personal trainer in his junior year, he encountered challenges when conflicts with his manager arose due to his decision to charge higher fees. Undeterred by setbacks, Robby transitioned into entrepreneurship, founding his own landscaping business. Juggling this endeavor with his studies in exercise and sports science, he ingeniously used landscaping earnings to pay off college loans, graduating without debt.

Along his landscaping ventures, Robby provided in-home personal training for noteworthy clients, such as a McDonald’s franchise owner and an early Facebook investor. These influential connections significantly influenced his perspectives on money and success.

Moving forward, Robby ventured into the fitness industry with a boot camp training business, organically evolving it into a successful CrossFit gym. Aside from fueling his passion, this venture also covered essential business expenses, including rent and utilities. In 2014, recognizing the potential of online marketing, Robby immersed himself in learning the intricacies of running Facebook ads, swiftly filling his gym with eager members.

Wanting further growth, he enrolled in a mastermind class, gaining invaluable insights into product selling and achieving noteworthy Clickbank sales success. Robby’s relentless effort and commitment to self-education transformed him from being overlooked in the online industry, initially overshadowed by email marketing, into a sought-after expert. Those who once dismissed him are now seeking his expertise to elevate their own businesses, showcasing the remarkable journey of a self-made entrepreneur.

What is Project Platinum?

Project Platinum Review - Robby Blanchard Scam?

Project Platinum is positioned as a resource to potentially increase your income effortlessly. The program spans six weeks and aims to guide you to Platinum affiliate status on ClickBank, suggesting a potential earnings boost of a quarter of a million dollars in commissions. Allegedly, they provide instruction through a Master Class and include software tools for promoting ClickBank products on Facebook and YouTube.

Upon enrollment, you supposedly receive a comprehensive package inclusive of tools, training, strategies, and ongoing support. Additionally, they boast about an AI software that swiftly sets up ads in 30 seconds using a drag-and-drop interface. Project Platinum appears to offer a complete solution, furnishing you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support for navigating the realm of ClickBank affiliate marketing.

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What is included in the Project Platinum?

  1. A six-week Platinum Masterclass that is all about giving you top-notch training and coaching to help you kick off your journey to Platinum. In the masterclass, you get to learn from the best in the game, setting the stage for you to possibly become our next success story.
  2. You also get a whole year of access to Project Platinum A.I. Software. This will help you save loads of time on manual tasks. This smart tool helps you write your ad copy and sets up your ads in a breeze. Plus, there are extra features to uncover hidden buyer audiences, possibly tripling your profits from ads.
  3. The Money Magnet Traffic workshop which will provide you with the tricks to finesse your ads on Facebook and YouTube. Robby’s all set to spill the secrets on boosting profitable traffic to your offers. Plus, there is a guide ready to help you snag hundreds of daily sales, loaded with insider tips and scaling techniques to make the whole experience even better.
  4. It also includes the $250k Elite Platinum Offers which are like VIP deals put together by a dedicated team, focusing on the most profitable and high-paying opportunities. When you grab these deals, you are not just making profits but also scoring high commissions. with no need to dig deep into product research. It’s a simple and direct path to tap into premium earnings without any hassle.
  5. Plus, you also get entry to the Project Platinum Coaching Group. Within this unique group, you can toss in your questions, link up with fellow students, and keep that motivational energy alive during your journey.
  6. Explore the 7 Figure Platinum Case Studies to gain insights from interviews and detailed cases of students who surpassed Platinum status, allowing you to learn from real examples and apply proven tactics to your goals.
  7. The Instant Scale Training will help turbocharge your online business from $500 to a jaw-dropping $5000 and beyond. Packed with smart strategies, tried-and-true techniques, and easy-to-follow instructions.

They also offer additional perks apart from the mentioned inclusion, including:

  • Access to the next Virtual Event:

Duration: 2 full days!

Content: Insider training, coaching, and strategies to fuel success.

  • YouTube 6 Week Masterclass:

Focus: Extra 6-week masterclass all about YouTube strategies.

  • Project Platinum Landing Page Builder:

Feature: Enjoy a free landing page builder to boost your online presence.

  • DFY 7 Figure Landing Pages:

Feature: Get a head start with preloaded templates that have raked in over 7 figures.

  • Full Access to Spy Hero:

Feature: Peek behind the curtain and discover what others are running for ads.

  • Full Access to Cometly:

Feature: Comprehensive access to the Cometly platform.

  • The Project Platinum App:

Inclusion: Enhanced convenience and functionality with access to the Project Platinum App.

Furthermore, they present exclusive bonuses that include the opportunity to upgrade to lifetime access to Project Platinum A.I Software. Additionally, participants can gain access to the Platinum Celebrity Offer (such as the Mike Tyson offer), enjoy full access to Commission Hero, and even receive a vacation as a special complimentary perk. 


The cost of Project Platinum is a one-time payment of $2497. Alternatively, they provide an option for three payments of $997 each which can be paid via credit card or PayPal.

Project Platinum Review - Robby Blanchard Scam?

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My Favorite Program

Pros and Cons


  • I like the special bonus that when you hit the milestone of generating thousands of dollars per day and attain the esteemed Platinum level, they want to celebrate your success by gifting you a complimentary vacation. It is their way of acknowledging your achievements and making your journey within the program even more rewarding.
  • They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the program is not your cup of tea, no worries, you can snag a refund within 60 days. Just take a peek at the terms and conditions to get all the details. 
  • The programs provide bonuses to assist beginners in affiliate marketing, offering resources, insights, and tools such as extra training and exclusive access to advanced software.


  • The program comes with a significant price tag of $2497, which might be a bit steep for those who are just starting their journey or have budget constraints.
  • Learning affiliate marketing can be overwhelming for newcomers. The complexity of its components may seem confusing, making it a challenge for beginners. Navigating through the fundamental concepts and strategies of affiliate marketing demands patience, dedication, and comprehensive guidance to understand the difficulties of this digital marketing avenue.
  • Using ClickBank comes with fees and penalties. If affiliates do not make sales for a while, they may face charges. It is crucial for affiliates to know and understand these potential fees and penalties on the ClickBank platform. This transparency helps affiliates make informed decisions about their involvement and performance in the ClickBank ecosystem.

Final Verdict – Project Platinum Review

Project Platinum appears to be a valuable resource for those keen on exploring the complexities of affiliate marketing. However, the notable expense associated with it, especially when compared to similar programs, might be a point of consideration. Furthermore, be aware that there are extra charges for advertising and other tools that may be necessary.

It is also noteworthy that the learning curve for mastering affiliate marketing, comprehending the processes of ClickBank, and navigating through potential challenges is substantial, requiring a considerable investment of time and effort. Before making a commitment, it is wise to explore alternative options in the market that may provide a more cost-effective approach and potentially yield better returns on your investment.

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