Rapid Commission Sites Review: Worth The Money?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Rapid Commission Sites. Is it another one of those false claims? Find out in this Rapid Commission Sites review.

Online affiliate marketing has been going on an upward trend recently. And who can blame them? The thought of making passive income while you just chill somewhere will sound appealing to just about anyone.

But as with any kind of money-making venture, getting to that point where the money does its work for you is no piece of cake. In affiliate marketing, you will need to learn a lot of things like lead generation, creating quality content, SEO, and several technical terms. And while some people are willing to spend lots of time (and even money) to learn all of these things, most people simply don’t want to.

Rapid Commission Sites strives to help affiliate marketers, both newcomers and veterans, with this problem. It lets affiliate marketers create their own “Done-For-You” websites which can generate up to thousands worth of commissions daily.

So, is Rapid Commission Sites what you need? Can you really make a lot of money on affiliate marketing by using this app? After reading this Rapid Commission Sites review, it’s up to you to decide if this is worth purchasing or not.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Rapid Commission Sites, or any other app, in any way.

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What Is Rapid Commission Sites?

Rapid Commission Sites Review - Product Image

Rapid Commission Sites is a software product to help affiliate marketers make high-profit commissions from their marketing efforts. To accomplish this, it includes several tools to help create a fully-loaded, fully-monetized, “Done-For-You” website, and to drive buyer traffic to it.

And all of this can be done with just a few clicks, thus potentially saving lots of time for the affiliate marketer.

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Who Created Rapid Commission Sites?

The creator of Rapid Commission Sites is Shawn Josiah. An experienced affiliate marketer, Shawn has been creating and selling several top-selling products such as the “Perpetual Income” software series.

Rapid Commission Sites Review - Shawn Josiah

In addition, he’s also the founder of Email Profit Academy (formerly Digital Dollar Academy), an elite e-mail marketing training academy that grooms normal individuals into top internet affiliates to create a full-time income working less than 4 hours a week using nothing but emails. He also claims to have earned a total of six-figures in the past year.

For more information on him, watch the video below:

Features of Rapid Commission Sites

According to the official sales page, Rapid Commission Sites offers the following features:

  • Done For You Offers: Your personal Rapid Commission site comes preloaded with a selection of different affiliate offers. Every time someone buys through your link, you get paid.
  • Built-In FREE Traffic: Instead of you paying or working hard for traffic, your Rapid Commission site’s artificial intelligence churns out content and published it to all major social platforms with over 350+ million hungry buyers. For an avalanche of free targeted traffic.
  • FREE Hosting Included: Payments for hosting can really add up, which is why they’re going to host your pages on their servers, so you won’t have to pay a dime.
  • Works In Multiple Niches: Their members are earning commissions in a wide variety of different niches. Everything from lucrative niches like health, wealth, love, and survival.
  • Complete Customizability: They went all out with Rapid Commission Sites, giving you full control over your pages. Inside, you’ll be able to change everything from colors, button size, logo, text, and much more.
  • Effortless Email Integration: This is completely optional, but if you want to build a list, you can with Rapid Commission Sites. You can integrate with all of the major autoresponders and start collecting emails.
  • Use Your Own Domain: If you don’t want to use one of their subdomains, you can connect your own domain if you’d like.
  • Subdomain Included: You won’t need to buy a domain because they’ll be giving you a free subdomain for your Rapid Commission sites.

How To Use Rapid Commission Sites?

Rapid Commission Sites is very easy to use. All you need are three steps to get started.

  1. Choose A Niche: Rapid Commission Sites works in any niche of your choice, simply enter any keyword and you’re ready to rock and roll.
  2. Enter Your Link: Once you have your affiliate link (ClickBank, WarriorPlus, etc.), paste it into the software. This ensures YOU are the one who’s getting paid.
  3. Activate The Software: All that’s left for you to do is turn on the software. It’s as easy as flipping on a light switch…

And you’re all set. Rapid Commission Sites almost works in auto-pilot, bringing in plenty of buyer traffic from large viral sources to your website, earning you a huge amount of commissions.

If you want to see a visual demo of Rapid Commission Sites, watch here:

Rapid Commission Sites One-Time Offers

Rapid Commission Sites is good enough to run as-is, but you want to maximize its potential, there are several add-ons that you can purchase. Keep in mind that these are fully optional, and only serve to complement the main app.

  • 1st Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – Unlimited Sites & Features – Remove all the limits of your current subscription, thereby unlocking the full features of the app.
  • 2nd Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – Done For You Sites
  • 3rd Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – High Ticket Maximizer
  • 4th Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – Automation Sleep Technology
  • 5th Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – Passive Income Masterclass
  • 6th Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass
  • 7th Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – DFY Traffic Booster
  • 8th Upsell: Rapid Commission Sites – Reseller License – This upgrade grants you the license to sell Rapid Commission Sites as your own and keep 100% of the profits for yourselves, without the need to create any landing pages, write any copies or create any contents.

Rapid Commission Sites Review: Pros & Cons


  • Fully-Customized sites with viral free traffic
  • Start making money right away
  • Transform your visitors into buyers fast
  • No extra fees, design skills, or coding required
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • The DFY websites offered usually look cheap and very quality.
  • The claims made by the sales page are rather unrealistic. You can’t really get several thousands of sure-buyer traffic in an instant using this app.
  • Most of the article content generated by this app (to help generate buyer traffic) isn’t really related to your chosen niche.
  • Furthermore, most of the article content generated is 100% plagiarized.
  • Some of the features in Rapid Commission Sites aren’t even from the app itself. Instead, they redirect you to a different website, which requires additional registration to enter.
  • The product is still quite new, and aside from some reviews that are sponsored in nature, there are no success stories of affiliate marketers earning huge commissions using this app.

Here’s another video that you’ll want to watch to see more on Rapid Commission Sites’ flaws:

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Is Rapid Commission Sites Recommended?

It’s understandably tempting for affiliate marketing newcomers to invest their money in this software, as this could easily save a good portion of their time in creating content. This allows them to allocate it to other matters like answering to clients, etc.

However, as with other software of the same nature, the DFY websites made by this app are usually of very low quality. If a visitor is presented with such a website, most of them will pass it off as “cheap-looking”, and it’s unlikely that they’ll be converted.

Even the articles produced for content could be low quality as well. Such low-quality content will be detected by search engines like Google, and depending on the circumstances, will only net you a rank down on their SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Furthermore, once the content in question is been suspected of plagiarism, there’s a high chance that legal threats will come forward to you and your website.

Overall, not recommended. You’re just going to be operating at a loss if you use tools like this for your affiliate marketing plan. And you’re not giving the needed value to your potential customers if you’re just going to present them with subpar content.

What Can You Recommend Instead?

While there are no shortcuts to a successful affiliate marketing campaign, untested software like this isn’t even needed.

The best solutions to create quality websites and content for your lead generation, comes in three options. Each option has their own pros and cons.

  • Self-Made Content: If you’re very familiar with your niche, you can make suitable content yourself. Therefore, this assures that what you’re doing is on par with your quality standards, and it’s also free.
    As most new business owners may not have the luxury of time, it may not be for everyone. Which brings us to…
  • Hire Specialized Freelancers: If you lack the time for content-making, and you need to set a regular content schedule, then hiring specialized freelancers can help. Their technical expertise in certain areas of content creation (writing, video/graphics editing, etc.) will certainly take care of your content needs, while you focus on other areas of your business. This is a good option for business owners when they already have enough budget. But if you’re still starting out your own online business and you have neither the money nor time, the next option is definitely for you.
  • Purchase High-Quality PLR Content: PLR stands for “Private Label Rights”. This is the cheapest and less time-consuming method if you’re looking for content on a regular basis. You only need to make a few edits to your PLR content purchased in order to make them unique. If you want to know more about how PLR content works, you can see it here.

Additionally, you can also take online courses in order to learn more about online marketing (including content creation) and generating passive income, which is a better value for your investment. One of my recommendation is right below:

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Rapid Commission Sites Review: Conclusion

I hope that after reading this Rapid Commission Sites review, you’ll be able to make an educated guess in buying these kinds of software, especially if you’re a starting affiliate marketer.

While I defintely don’t recommend buying this, the decision is still up to you. Your results may still vary upon using this software.

However, if you’re serious on improving your affiliate marketing strategy  and earning big commissions, there are better options that can give guaranteed results.

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