Scaling With Systems Review: Is Ravi Abuvala’s Course A Scam?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Ravi Abuvala’s Scaling With Systems. Is this course legit? Find out in this Scaling With Systems review.

Most people are simply content with having a 9-5 day job to earn money. And to complement their income, either one or two side hustles on the end.


Starting a new business idea is easy enough in theory. All you need is a good education to acquire the skills you need to establish your business idea.

Scaling your business, however, is a vastly different story. In fact, some newer business owners can get lost at this point. Simply because some newer business owners don’t really pay attention when they reach it.

Despite that, scaling your business is a very important factor one should keep in mind when starting and running a business. Especially when you want to earn even more money from it.

If done wrongly, however, you may be spending more than you earn.

Scaling With Systems is an online system that claims to help you out with this. Using this system, they also claim that you can scale your business to earn around seven to eight figures.

But before you spend any money on this, you should read this Scaling With Systems review first. So that you can determine for yourself if this system is worth investing for you, or not.

Note that this is a completely unbiased Scaling With Systems review. And I’m not affiliated with Scaling With Systems, or its creator, in any way.

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Growing Your Business Vs. Scaling Your Business

But before we go with the Scaling With Systems review proper, let us define first what scaling your business means. Since plenty of entrepreneurs, especially newer ones, tend to confuse it with growing their business.

Growing a business means that you’re attempting to increase your revenue, by injecting even more resources to enable that growth. The revenue that you’ll be getting on a growing business mindset is usually evened out by the losses you may have spent in attempting to grow it.

For example, if you hire more people and invest in more equipment, you’re essentially just growing your business. You may get increased revenue intake if you do this, but your expenses to maintain your business will also grow with it.

Scaling your business, on the other hand, basically aims the same thing of increased revenue, but without spending more resources on its growth. While it might seem impossible, it actually is.

An important quality that greatly differentiates growing your business from scaling, is that scaling your business puts more emphasis on flexibility, strategic planning using whatever resources they have, and most importantly, focusing on their own strengths.

Google is one of the best and frequently cited examples of a business that has perfected the art of scaling a business. Despite having seven online products with over a billion active users on each of them in 2017, their workforce consisted only of around 88,000 people globally.

Obviously, scaling a business is more preferred than growing a business for most entrepreneurs. Therefore, the goal of Scaling With Systems is to teach entrepreneurs the proper tools and techniques to help them scale their business and generate more revenue. While keeping their costs down.

What Is Scaling With Systems?

As its name says, Scaling With Systems is an online training course that teaches users how they can scale their own business, without spending as much on growth. Thus, this course is primarily aimed at existing entrepreneurs.

As the sales page says about this course, its goal is to “help entrepreneurs go from $0 to $1M+ in 12 Months or less with 50%+ profit margins. By leveraging the power of sales funnels, operational talent, and paid ads.”

Through this training course, this system will tell you how to outsource your business to a trained virtual assistant to do most of the marketing for your business, build your sales team, and do other things that will contribute towards the eventual aim of scaling your own business.

As you can probably already tell, this is a rather complicated training course. But it’s understandable since it’s primarily aimed at experienced business owners already.

If you’re someone who’s simply looking for a new way of making money online, then this isn’t the online course you should take. Even if you’re already an existing business owner, you may find some of the concepts taught here hard to grasp.

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The Creator Of Scaling With Systems

Ravi Abuvala is the creator of Scaling With Systems.

Scaling With Systems - Ravi Abuvala

As with other financial gurus of his kind, he also has a “rags to riches” kind of story.

He originally took a law admission test and passed it. But instead of continuing to pursue law school, he dropped out to focus on entrepreneurship.

During this time, he was also drowning in tons of debt that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, he accepted numerous internships and jobs to make his ends meet.

Now, he’s a successful entrepreneur, running two, 7-figure companies with over 30 employees and 500+ clients. And he’s done it in a span of just two years.

Before he started on Scaling With Systems, he previously launched Prospect Social, a lead generation training program for real estate professionals.

Aside from his training programs, he also has a YouTube channel where he occasionally publishes motivational videos and entrepreneurship tips. Also, he has appeared in several business-related podcasts as a guest expert.

Benefits Of Scaling With Systems

According to their official website, these are the benefits that you’ll get when you avail of this system.

Get A Packed Calendar In Days

Once you’ve worked with this course for 72 hours, you’ll be eligible to hire a virtual assistant hand-picked by them. They claim that these VAs have gone through 60 days worth of extensive training, to help you out in scheduling appointments with high-ticket clients.

You’ll also be able to use their templates and coaching to cut through the clutter in your market. According to them, this results in a 4% to 5% appointment rate from the 300-500 outbound communications your operational talent sends each day for you.

Become A Prospecting Master

Instead of dead silence, your prospects will compliment you on your style when you use this system’s proven copywriting foundations across their four select outreach channels.

Their methods rely solely on value-based messaging, ensuring that you make a strong first impression when establishing a relationship with prospects.

Based on their own scaling economics model, outsourcing your outreach to a virtual assistant will multiply your outreach and eventually make prospecting profitable.

Create Cash-Producing Sales Funnels

It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to convert a cold prospect into a patron. The most significant issue in the marketplace is that most businesses must manually invest that energy (or have someone on their team do it for them).

To assist with this, Scaling With Systems can provide you with sales funnels (that you can just copy-paste) that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for several companies and will assist you in easily integrating them into your sales process.

This reduces the length of your sales cycle, increases your value, and, in theory, allows you to collect cash on the first call.

If you do not have any assets or videos to include in these funnels, this system even has wireframes and templates of ones that have worked extremely well for us and our clients, ready for you to use. They also have technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help those who can’t even send an email online.

Make Your Offer Hyper-Scalable And Remove Yourself From Fulfillment

It’s always nice to have even more leads and clients for your business. However, the more clients you have, the more work you’re surely going to do.

You may opt to do the handling of clients yourself. But it’s going to take a big part of your time and energy, leaving you with nothing allocated for your other needs like hobbies, family, etc.

This system not only assists you in locating a VA service that is needed in your marketplace, but we will also show you how to leverage automation, systems, and your fully trained virtual assistant to complete the work for you so you don’t have to.

Leverage Paid Traffic

You’ll also be taught by this system how you can use and manage traffic using paid ads, to generate more leads.

Scaling With Systems also gives you access to their proprietary software called ScaleX, free of charge. Using this software, you can see every single lead’s journey through your business, where they started, what got them to book, and of course, what convinced them to pay.

This allows you to focus all of your efforts on the channels that are bringing you a good amount of ROI.

Remove Yourself Completely From Day-To-Day Operations

Finally, this system will help you find, train, and place a fully-trained integrator (based in the United States) to come into your business and be running everything for you in a matter of days.

These integrators they’ll provide are fully trained to handle everything that your business needs. Everything from technology management, data collection, back-end fulfillment, customer service, etc.

Note that hiring an integrator using this service will also cost you additional thousands of dollars per month.

How Much Does Scaling With Systems Cost?

The price for enrolling in the Scaling With Systems training program isn’t exactly revealed at first, even on their website. Which is quite a common occurrence for plenty of “high ticket” online courses.

You first have to register for the “free” training webinar that’s presented onsite. Only after completing that webinar will the price for the actual system will be revealed.

That is, after you book a call with them.

Various reports from other users state that the price of Scaling With Systems is a staggering $12,000. As it’s intended for established entrepreneurs, such a price isn’t really surprising.

But as we all know, not all entrepreneurs can afford that much of a price. And it’s made even worse when you learn that, despite the legitimacy of the creator, the value this training gives you may be a bit questionable.

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Will You Recommend Scaling With Systems?

For me, it’s easy to see that Scaling With Systems has plenty of red flags. These red flags are the reason why I can’t really recommend this online course for everyone.

But for the sake of fairness, let me state here that Scaling With Systems, as well as Ravi Abuvala himself, isn’t a scam. It’s far from it because Ravi himself has already proven, with plenty of credentials, that he’s the real deal.

And he definitely knows what he’s teaching through this course.

However, the first thing that makes me not recommend this course is, of course, the price.

It really is just too expensive. Some comments on other websites even state that Scaling With Systems is overpriced for what it does. And for the most part, I agree.

The next thing that you should know about this course is its content. Despite its name, this training course feels a bit weak in teaching actual business scaling systems.

Instead, it’s heavily reliant on how you can outsource virtual assistants for you to delegate your tasks to them. While outsourcing is indeed an integral part of scaling your business, having to rely on them too much can still be quite costly in the long run.

Also, this training course is a bit notorious for over-complicating an otherwise simple concept. Scaling your business by itself is already a complicated task as is, but this course kind of makes it even more complicated, instead of simplifying it.

Finally, most of the tools that this system recommends for scaling your business are also overpriced. Truth be told, there are even cheaper alternatives to them around the internet. You just have to look for them in the proper places.

Scaling With Systems Review: Final Thoughts

To close off this Scaling With Systems review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Overall, Scaling With Systems is an online training course that only seems to cater to large businesses. After all, the obvious goal of scaling is to generate more revenue.

However, for smaller businesses, a course like this may not be necessary. If you’re an entrepreneur, and you want to scale your business, there are already plenty of online courses that not only teach you a new business model to make money, but also how to scale it.

Besides, the educational materials and software included in this course are readily available elsewhere. And the best part of that is, some of them are either totally free of charge, or are much cheaper than even this course.

For the price of this course, it’s much better if you invest it in something that gives you an opportunity to make money. Something that teaches you an effective skill to achieve that.

Fortunately, I’m also here to offer you that opportunity. If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Scaling With Systems review.

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