Real Ecom Automation Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing an Amazon automation service known as Real Ecom Automation. Is Real Ecom Automation legit? Find out in this Real Ecom Automation review.

I think most of us are quite tired of the pandemic already. It has impacted quite a lot of aspects of our lives, and to be honest, it has been going on longer than what we anticipated.

The main concern you have is the welfare of your family because of prices keep rising yet wages are not increasing. To be honest, we are all experiencing the same dilemma.

You are probably thinking how the world is quite unfair, because despite of your hard work, only the rich are benefitting from the current situation. Unsurprisingly, the rich got richer.

So here you are, trying to look for a way to make more money. Of course, you know that there is no such thing as free money, so you decided to do some research in order to look for a good way to make some extra cash.

That is when you stumbled upon Real Ecom Automation. It’s a program which claims that it can make some easy money for you. Skeptical, you decided to look for reviews about the program, which brought you here today.

Before you decide to pay for this service, you should read this Real Ecom Automation review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

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What is Real Ecom Automation?

Real Ecom Automation is an Amazon automation service. The service is beginner-friendly, too.

Well, what it does is help you sell products in Amazon. This may sound simple, but honestly, it is a lot more complicated than you think.

This is why this service exists. All you need to do is pay them and let them do all the work for you.

Let me explain how the service works, as I’m pretty sure that what I said just now sounds pretty vague. Real Ecom Automation claims that it can do all these for you:

Step 1: Product Research

In order to earn money by selling products through Amazon, you need to find profitable items. Included with the service are product selection tools, but honestly, there are way too many products to choose from.

It will take you a significant amount of time to learn about which products you should choose, but the service claims that it can help you do this easily.

Step 2: Listing Construction

After some time, you have probably already chosen which products you want to sell in Amazon. Now, all you have to do is to list it so that it becomes available in the website.

However, making a product listing is a lot more complicated than you think. It requires you to upload product photos and write a good product description in order to entice customers.

Of course, keywords will also help you get your listing to the top. You should learn to incorporate them in your product description.

Step 3: Supplier Selection and Inventory Management

Well, how can you sell products that you don’t have? Simple. You need to find a supplier.

Of course the most obvious choice is China, since importing from there is the cheapest. You are also presented with other options, but China is the most popular choice for resellers and dropshippers.

Step 4: Order Processing and Returns

Once you start receiving orders, you need to keep a record of them, and provide them with tracking numbers. This way, you can take note of each order, in case you encounter any issues.

This can also help your customers with locating their parcels, and it will also help you with resolving issues (e.g. customers claiming that they didn’t receive their order).

Step 5: Order Tracking

You cannot really stop customers from asking the most obvious of questions. Even though you already provide them with tracking information, some people would still bother you, asking where their order is.

It helps keeping a record of the items you shipped for easy reference.

Step 6: Customer Service and Customer Reviews

Once you enter this stage, it means that you are already done with the shipping process. You are just waiting for customers to receive their orders, and of course, you want to get a positive review.

You can save quite a lot of money from advertising if you get good reviews. Good reviews are basically free advertising for you, and would ramp up the ratings of your store.

Step 7: Upping the Ante

Once you are making money, you need to devise some strategies in order to expand your store and take it to the next level to make even more profit.

All these steps are taken care of by Real Ecom Automation. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as the profits roll in.

The question is, does it really work?


Unfortunately, the pricing for this service is not really shown on the website. Do not expect it to be cheap, though. You are basically paying for a done-for-you service, and with all the work that has to be done, you cannot expect them to charge a low price.

Aside from that, I also do not recommend getting a service like this, especially because it involves a very hands-on role in your business. I suggest that you do all these on your own, or better yet, hire a team that you can monitor properly. People you trust, basically.

My estimation for the pricing for this service would be around $20k or more.

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Who is Raphael Vargas?

Real Ecom Automation Review - Real Ecom Automation creator

This guy is the one who created the service. He does not have a college degree, yet it seems like he found success in being a salesperson.

He doesn’t have any experience in eCommerce, yet in 2018, he has started promoting the service. Maybe he managed to get experience, since it has been a few years since then?

If you ask me though, I would not recommend entrusting the management of your business to this guy.

Is Raphael Vargas Legit?

Real Ecom Automation Review - Real Ecom Automation legit

To be fair, I cannot really say that this guy is a scammer, as I have insufficient evidence. Of course, for legal reasons, I cannot just accuse someone.

However, I do not really recommend availing his services. Like I mentioned before, he isn’t really an expert in the field of eCommerce.

I also found quite a few red flags related to him, which I will be elaborating on.

First off, it seems like Raphael Vargas presents himself as an expert when it comes to eCommerce, but in reality, he is more experienced in real estate. Well, that is a completely different field of business.

You cannot really expect someone to be an expert in another field just because they are already an expert in one, right?

Along with that, I would like to reiterate that hiring a third party to manage your business completely is not good at all. You need to be knowledgeable in the business as well, as you cannot really give your full trust to random people.

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Should You Try FBA?

According to my research, the profit margin of most Amazon sellers is only at the 10% mark. It isn’t much, especially if you are just starting out.

There is already a lot of competition that you will be facing, and honestly, if you want to stand out, you need a lot of patience and persistence.

Large Upfront Cost

Before you can even start selling on Amazon, you need capital. Around $25k sounds reasonable.

You need to spend money in order to purchase your product samples and buy some inventory. Of course, there are also additional costs such as shipping costs, advertising costs, and other miscellaneous costs.

You can expect to spend more than $15k just on getting your products listed alone. That’s way too much money.

Complex Business Model

Even though Amazon is fairly user-friendly, there is still a lot of work to be done, especially if you are a new seller.

There are a lot of daily tasks which need your attention. These include having to deal with suppliers and logistics and complying with Amazon’s regulations.

For a side hustle, I would not recommend this one. To be honest, it will take a lot more of your time and effort than a full-time job.

Competitive Business

You are facing a lot of competition as an Amazon seller even before you even decide to list your products on the website.

When a seller that you are competing with decides to have a sale, it is only fitting that you have a sale as well if you want to keep up. The problem with that is it will definitely take a toll on your profits.

If you want to continue earning money, you need to cut costs. Cutting costs often results in lower product quality, meaning that you will get more negative feedback from unsatisfied customers.

Things I Like in Real Ecom Automation

Done-For-You Service

This service will do all the hard work for you, meaning that you can relax and just watch the profits roll in. They will handle all the complicated tasks for you, no questions asked.

Things I Dislike in Real Ecom Automation

Hefty Price Tag

The service does not come cheap, as it will do everything for you. Expect to shell out more than $25k for the service. Take note that it will be an additional operational cost for you, so do not expect to make as much money.

You Have No Control

You are hiring a service, so that means that you have no control over how things are going on their end. You pay them, and they do what they think is right.

It is much better to hire a team of people you can trust than some third-party.

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Final Verdict – Real Ecom Automation

Before I end this Real Ecom Automation review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Selling on Amazon is much more complex than you think. I guess that is what you learned after reading the review.

However, that means that you have to invest quite a lot of time and money to make the business model work. I’m sure that what you are looking for is a side hustle, so I wouldn’t recommend this.

It would take you quite a lot of money and manpower to run an Amazon store. There are a lot of tasks that need overseeing everyday, and you cannot really do it as a single person.

Also, do not expect to be making money everyday, especially if the products you are selling are not really necessities. There are days where you will not be making sales at all.

I suggest that you look for another way to make money that is a lot simpler and easier to learn. Fortunately, I know of one, and I can teach you about it. More details about it are available in the next section.

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