Real Estate Gurus To Avoid – Be Aware!

Today, we are going to talk about real estate gurus and how to avoid them.

You’ve heard of gurus, right? They’re the type of people who often talk about how successful they are in a certain industry. A lot of different niches have these types of people. Beauty gurus are abundant on social media because they are often fairly good-looking people. And their good looks sort of bring in clicks to their respective accounts. They have the type of face that attracts a lot of brands that want to partner with them.

When you think about gurus, they are probably the first ones that pop up. Second would probably fitness gurus. The same thing applies to them as it did to the beauty gurus. Only this time, it’s often the muscles that they sculpted through work outs. And possibly a bit of steroids. Not all of them, though. But it’s fairly common that a lot use them.

These gurus often have something to sell. Beauty gurus promote products that they get paid to promote. Same with fitness gurus. But once they’ve built enough clout for themselves and their brand, they often branch out to create their products or training programs. A lot of people bite into that. Are those products and services good? Well, it all depends.

Gurus don’t just exist in the beauty and fitness landscape. They also exist in other industries. Real estate gurus have been popping up on places like YouTube. People are often interested in earning money through whatever means. And most of the time, real estate gurus pop up in between videos from investment and e-commerce gurus.

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How Do People Become Real Estate Gurus?

Real estate gurus don’t just pop up out of nowhere. But it often feels like they do. Like any guru that you see out there, they also had to learn how the industry works. You can’t really go into real estate without knowing anything about real estate. You’re bound to do badly without any proper knowledge and training.

Learning about real estate investing isn’t really that hard to do. There are books and other resources about the topic. I mean, you probably found this by searching “real estate” on a search engine. There’s already a vast library of content that you could read or watch to learn more about it.

Like any industry, there are niches that exist in it. It really depends on the type of thing that you want to focus on. A lot of the times, real estate gurus on the internet often go towards residential real estate more than commercial real estate. The barrier of entry to residential real estate is easier to get into for a lot of people. But it’s still a lot for anyone who is just starting in the industry.

Real estate gurus become gurus because there is an audience that wants to know how they did it. People are on the look out for the thing that would earn them money. You know how hard it is to make a living nowadays. So there’s always a search for that one to make you a lot of money in a short amount of time. And I feel like real estate investing isn’t that.

So Who Exactly Should I Avoid?

For the most part, everyone. Or basically those that do online courses that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Like I mentioned in the previous section, a lot of resources about real estate investing is available online… for free. If you have time, you just can just browse through a lot of websites and you can find a lot of decent information about the topic.

A lot of investment sites have readings that they provide to you for free, especially about real estate. There are books that cost around $20 that you can buy online. You will never run out of places to find information about that topic. Even YouTube has a good amount of videos from different people regarding that topic. You just have to know how to make use of that information.

One of the things that you could also avoid are these Done For You systems. What’s the point of getting into real estate if you’re not going to put in any of the work? If you’ve had decades worth of success in the field, sure. Let other people do it, I guess. But if you’re somebody who has no experience in the field, why would you even go into something that you’re not passionate about?

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But What If You’ve Already Paid Money For A Course?

Well, you should start going to work. Or at least try to find more sources of information. If you have written down key points from the talks during that week-long course from one of the many real estate gurus you’ve seen, try to see if there’s some resources that support that point. You need to fact check a lot of the stuff that these gurus say to you. There are those half-truths to what they say. But it’s often clouded by flowery words to make you believe that that is the only way to do it.

Experience is still the greatest teacher. You can’t really learn anything if you don’t apply it to your work. Real estate investing talks a long time to get better at. You are bound to make mistakes along the way. But if somebody has already experienced that same mistake, you can probably use their experiences to avoid those mistakes.

You should never really expect that everything is going to be smooth sailing when you make your first sale. The movements in the market change due to a lot of factors. You have to read the room sometimes. Maybe it’s not the best time to buy new properties. So there are those factors to consider.

Real Estate Investing Is Not For the Faint Of Heart

While I do mention that flipping houses has a relatively easier barrier of entry to get into, it’s not guaranteed that it will always be easy. You’re not going to be the only person trying to buy a property in that area. There are other real estate investors who see the potential for that property. And they will try to get without breaking the bank.

Real estate investing costs money. Sometimes that money isn’t even yours to begin with. You’re borrowing from a bank to purchase that property. And you have to pay the bank in order not to foreclose that property again. As an investor, you have to keep track of everything in your portfolio. Even if it’s just your first one, you regularly have to check if everything is in good standing. You have to be ready for anything bad that comes your way.

Becoming a real estate investor is stressful, based on what I have seen people say. Like I said in the previous paragraph, there will be fires you need to put out, both metaphorically and literally. You have to put as much focus into making sure that everyone manages to do their part in this operation. There needs to be accountability between you and your contracts. Especially with your bank.

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Final Verdict – Is Following What Real Estate Gurus Say Worth It?

It depends, really. You could definitely use whatever tips they provide to you as a basis. What they say shouldn’t be the end all, be all when it comes to real estate investing. The market changes a lot as time goes on. You have to be able to adapt to those changes.

Should you pay for the courses that these real estate gurus provide? Not really. As I have mentioned multiple times already, most of the technical aspects that they talk about are easy to learn about online. There’s no need to pay them hundreds of dollars when you can just search for it online. Some real estate gurus actually have these week-long online events that’s about $20. But it’s your discretion if you want to pay for that kind of amount.

But generally, I can’t really recommend real estate investing as something that you start doing right now. I feel like the market right isn’t as hot. That’s a normal thing that happens. It’s still not a great way for anyone just starting out. Maybe you can start reading more or finding some other thing that you can do. If that’s what you really want to pursue, go for it.

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