Real Profits Online – Scam Or Legit Complete Review


Hello and welcome to my real profits online review.In this review we are going to cover..

  1. What is Real profits online?
  2. Is Real profits online Legit?
  3. Reason why You Should Avoid it..

So,first thing first. As you know there are a lot of ways to make money online.

The two reviews I did which are pretty similar to real profits online are,

  1. Second income center.
  2. Ecom cash code.

There is a lot of hype about these programs as well!

So,let?s dive into our today?s review..

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What is Real Profits Online?

Real profits online is an online education course which teaches people to make money online.There are a lot of ways to make money online but they choose to teach people amazon affiliate marketing.

If you do not know what is affiliate marketing.Basically,you have to promote products of companies.Like amazon Alibaba and others.

And on each sale you get a commision?

In amazon different items have different commission.If you are promoting high ticket products,like digital products you will get 6%  commission.

And if you choose low ticket products,you will get upto 10% profit.

It is all upon you if you go with low or high end products.

In this case,the main thing is to get these products to the ones who want it.

So,the main thing is traffic,to get people to click on your affiliate link to buy these products through amazon.

That is where real profits online come to play!

Real profits online claims to provide you with all the tools to make your first amazon sale online.

For my new readers,who are new to my site.I was also an amazon affiliate.And from my experience i can say that the first sale is probably the hardest in amazon affiliate marketing.

Sounds really good investment right?

But wait! Let me clarify you the process.

In amazon or any kind of affiliate marketing there are many ways to get sales,

  • Organic traffic(free traffic)


Facebook and other social media platforms

SEO means from website

  • Paid traffic

Facebook ads and others.

Google adwords.

Real profits as they claims done for your system,the owner of this business,Mark says that he will set up a site for you and that?s it.After this you have to sit back and watch the money roll in!!!

And he also describe story about how his friend,whose name is Tim do nothing still dollar coming in his bank account every month!!

He also says how his friend tim now work with glass of beer in his one hand and the other hand on mouse.

They made it look that easy!!

In sales video they claims that you can make up to $14,000 a month.

Ok Ok very very exciting for a beginner being new to this affiliate marketing industry.

From my experience I can tell you whether it?s possible or not.

Can you really make this kind of money or it?s just a scam!!!

Is Real Profits Online Legit?

Short answer,yes it?s a big scam,stay away from it.Because from my experience I can say you it?s not legit!

It took me 8 months of struggle and day and night hard work to make my first sale.

From free traffic it?s not easy.Because seo takes time!

Seo takes time and it took eight months in my case!!!

So, let me tell you why I stopped building amazon niche sites.

Being in the affiliate marketing space for more than 3 years I just know better.

First,amazon affiliate commissions are so low and there is a lot of competition when it comes to SEO?

You maybe saying what kind hard work is necessary for success.

Day in Day out!!!

Let?s talk about why you should avoid this.And here are some of the red flags of this scheme.

Why you should avoid Real profits online!


So,let?s talk about the red flags that I noticed on their site and you should avoid this scam!


Things that I noticed there and I think are scams are as follows!

  • Not Secure! 

     When you go on their site you will notice that there will be a not secure logo on the top left of the site!

What this means?This means that they have not installed ssl on their site and google do not encourage you to share your card details with them!!

So,when you if somehow convinced to enroll with their product.And agreed to put your card details,don?t do this..!It?s a big risk..

If google is saying that their site is not save for the users than you should listen to them!

  • Fake testimonials!

?????All the testimonials on their site are just fake.They are not legit,these are the paid actors which anybody can hire!

The owner of the site hire them from the freelancing site named as to do these fake testimonials.

  • $14,000?

What about the claim of $14000?Being an experienced affiliate marketer of amazon affiliate program I can tell you that these are very much impossible numbers.

Yeah you can earn a good amount of money and a respectable amount like $2000,$3000 but it will take you around about 2 to 3 years.Because I know that it is not that much fun when combined amazon with SEO.

So, their claim to earn $14000 is just a scam,.There is no done for you system like that!

  • Having more than one site address!

Most of the online scammers whose only moto is to grab your money and scam you are pretty clever.

They made their site on more than one address to scam people.They are pretty like amazon cash website which I reviewed earlier.

This is because an institute called FTC are responsible for these SCAMS!

So,for avoiding themselves being shut down by ftc,they made site address on more than one address.

And what about the fake trust building tricka.On the side is written the number of people are watching this right now.

No such thing guys it’s a scam!

  • Timer

When you visit them,you probably notice that there will be a timer on the right side.

A detailed real profits online review.

Another scam,when I refreshed the site the timer started again from the start.


So, they are basically playing with the fear to get more sales!!!!


No,it?s not recommended for you.Your future is my future and I will advise you to stay away from these kinds of scams!



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