Real Social Dynamics Review: Tyler & Crew Scam?

Today, we’re going to take a look at Real Social Dynamics. Can you rely on this for your needs? Find out in this Real Social Dynamics review.

Let’s be real here. Some men can charm the girl that they like it’s just child’s play. But most of us can’t even muster that level of self-confidence to even approach them, let alone talk to them.

If one of you is experiencing it right now, I can’t blame you. There’s always that fear of rejection wherein the girl may not even like you at all. And this can make a man’s self-confidence really plummet.

Thankfully, such confidence issues can be solved. All you need is the determination to improve yourself, and, if possible, a good mentor or program to guide you.

Real Social Dynamics is a company that claims to provide a solution to these problems of men, through its various programs.

But before you go ahead and join any of their programs, it’s much better if you read this Real Social Dynamics review. And hopefully, this can help you decide if this course is something that you need, or not.

Note that this is a fully unbiased Real Social Dynamics review, based solely on my observation and honest opinion. As such, you won’t find any affiliated links here, as I’m not affiliated with Real Social Dynamics in any capacity.

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What Is Real Social Dynamics?

Real Social Dynamics Group Picture

Real Social Dynamics belong to a category of self-development programs that are specifically tailored for men. One of the programs that may belong in this category that I reviewed before includes the online course I Am A Comeback.

Before, they’re specialized in teaching men various tactics on how to “pick up” girls. With the aim of eventually being able to have sex with them.

This has proven to be very controversial to several feminists. And coupled with the rise of the “#MeToo” social movement, the company decided to abandon this approach.

Today, Real Social Dynamics has moved away from the PUA (Pick Up Artist) movement, and is now focused on teaching self-improvement to men in all aspects of their life. Not just in love and relationships, but especially in work.

By teaching men how to build their self-confidence level, they aim for the end result that some of their men students would eventually attract the girl that they like, without resorting to pickup lines.

The company is more known for regularly holding various seminars and bootcamps for this purpose. They also have a variety of online courses and coaching programs that focus on various subjects relating to how men can improve their chances of getting the girl they like.

Keep in mind, however, that it all boils down to our social status as men. This is what determines our attractiveness to girls.

It’s a hard truth, however. If you have money, and lots of it, girls will surely come to you automatically.

Thus, whatever coaching or strategy you use, it’s not going to work unless you have a strong financial foundation.

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The Founders Of Real Social Dynamics

The men behind the Real Social Dynamics company, are Owen Cook and Julien Blanc. Owen Cook himself is also more known for his other name, Tyler Durden (based on the character in “Fight Club”), and Papa.

Owen Cook (RSD Tyler Durden)

Real Social Dynamics - Owen Cook (RSD Tyler Durden)

Julien Blanc

Real Social Dynamics - Julien Blanc (RSD Papa)

As far as the PUA industry is concerned, they’ve already proven several times to be one of the most notable names out there. Their reputation increased even further when they’re featured in The Game: Penetrating The Secret Societ of Pickup Artists, a best-seller book that was written by Neil Strauss.

However, the negative connotations of some people, especially girls, and coupled with the rise of the “MeToo” movement, have led them into several hotwater situations. Julien Blanc, in particular, has taken in more heat than even the founders themselves.

So much, that he was labeled once as “The Most Hated Person In the World”, due to the amount of degrading pickup content that he posted on YouTube before. A petition was even held to keep himself, and the entire Real Social Dynamics tours, out of several countries, especially in the U.K.

It was at this point that the founders realized that they needed to change their content, moving away from the pickup artist industry and focusing instead on self-improvement for men. With the aim that girls will eventually be attracted to us men, with little effort.

Nevertheless, the damage certainly has been done. As of today , countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia have now banned them from holding RSD events and live bootcamps. Except in Canada, since Own here is a Canadion citizen, and thus can’t be banned from holding bootcamps

Have They Sold Out?


Ever since that scandal with Julien Blanc (known as the “Julien-gate”, following the trending of some big scandals being labeled with that suffix), there’s also been a drastic change in Real Social Dynamic’s content.

They’re slowly moving away from PUA training, and have focused on self-development in several aspects for me, both physically and psychologically. The core of Real Social Dynamics still remains, however, in that it still teaches how men can attract the girl that they like.

Some people, especially the followers of Real Social Dynamics, have pointed out that due to this change in tone, their content has been “greatly watered down”. This is quite apparent during their bootcamps, whether they’re free or not.

Some even claim that these bootcamps don’t focus on personal development for men anymore. But instead, a very small percentage of the bootcamp discusses the actual content in itself, and it’s more of a long sales pitch now.

But the main reason why most people accused them of selling out, is that because, in light of the issue, they simply apologized, and moved on with the change. They didn’t even bother to defend themselves and the company.

If this is the idea of “selling out” for most people, then I honestly can’t blame them. Because keep in mind that, in the end, RSD is still running a business. There’s a rather big chance that they may fall if it’s the target of too many protests.

But in exchange for giving content that is politically correct, it has lost much of its quality. And most likely, its charm.

Real Social Dynamics Topics Being Discussed

While the content of the online courses and live events that Real Social Dynamics can vary, there are some common topics frequently discussed during these programs.

Overall, most of them aren’t really new. In fact, some of these key points may be second nature to most of you. They certainly are for me.

Here’s what you can learn when you join into any of the programs on RSD.

Don’t Blame Others. Take Responsibility.

To simply this, stop being bitter about women. If you get rejected by the girl that you like, don’t make excuses and put the blame on her.

It’s not their fault most of the time. Rather, it’s your own.

However, don’t take rejection as it is and simply give up after it. Instead, use it as an inspiration and drive to better improve yourself.

Do your best to think of all the faults that you have on why you’re rejected, and work on your best to fix and improve on them.

Be Present To The Moment

This is another great topic that’s been tackled on RSD programs everytime.

Simply put, don’t ever make assumptions on your date, especially on the first one. Don’t ever fear that you might do or say something during the date. Thinking about it makes your mind all over the place and may actually increases the chances of doing that thing you’re trying to avoid. Which can result in instant rejection of the girl.

Instead, just go with the flow. Relax, act instinctively, and keep your head in the present. More often than not, this mentality will help you find the right words to say during your dates, with a higher frequency.

Only when the date is over should you analyze what you said, so that you can do much better the next time (yes, there will always be a next time for this.)

Be Nonreactive

More often than not, women just love to give you, as a guy, some discrete tests to make sure you’re worthy of her. Depending on the personalities of both of you, you could get just one test from her, you could be bombarded with multiple ones.

But don’t let it frustrate you and throw off on your game. Instead, remain as calm and non-reactive as possible. Don’t let it affect you, and keep your smoothness during the interaction.

It’s going to impress the girl that you like even more when you’re able to go through her discrete tests without you flinching in any way.

You Are Never A Finished Product

Basically, what this means is that you always should have the mindset of having an “empty cup“.

Real Social Dynamics - Empty Cup

There are always people who are much better than you, and you have to allow yourself to learn from them whenever you can. Don’t let your ego decide that you already know everything, even after you’ve taken one of the programs from Real Social Dynamics.

This knowledge can also be applied in other areas. But what’s impressive is that RSD was even able to integrate this lesson into pickup.


Real Social Dynamics - Meditation

Doing some meditation activities before starting your day is also another important lesson taught in RSD. This not only helps you in picking up the girl you like, but also in other aspects of your life as well.

A common suggestion is that one should meditate for around 10-20 minutes. Meditation helps in this process because it boosts your focus, allowing you to be mentally-prepared for the day ahead.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Real Social Dynamics - Healthy Lifestyle

This is actually a no-brainer, and doesn’t really need any detailed explanation.

But basically, if you look good, you’ll also feel good. And if you look good, girls will also find you more attractive.

And how can you look good? It all starts with a healthy lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced diet, get some exercise, and above all, keep your mind mentally healthy as well.


Real Social Dynamics - Reading

Having a habit of reading may not directly help you with picking up girls, but it can help you be more successful in life by gaining knowledge. This, in turn will cause a positive chain reaction, wherein if you’re a successful individual, more girls will be attracted to you, and you won’t even need to chase them.

And speaking of being successful…

Being Financially Successful

This may not be specifically discussed in any of RSD’s training materials. But for sure, it’s always mentioned in passing.

Real Social Dynamics - Millionaire

Because let’s face it. Aside from having good looks, one of the usual qualities that a girl looks for in any man, is if he’s rich. In fact, some girls value riches over looks!

But that’s only because having more money, means your social status also can be higher than others. And most women are instantly attracted to a guy whose social status are much higher than theirs. Because it gives them a sense of security.

You can rely on your existing 9-5 day job in order to earn more money and achieve a higher social status. But it’s always much better to build your own business so you can earn much more money from it. All while still giving you the freedom of doing what you want, whenever you want it.

Because, as the saying goes, “No Money, No Honey”.

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Is Real Social Dynamics A Scam?

Despite the negative backlash that they received before, I don’t think the creators of Real Social Dynamics are scammers. Though their marketing was admittedly too aggressive for some, they’re fully legitimate pickup instructors and offer a decent amount of knowledge in pickups and self-improvement for men.

The only big drawback about them is that, aside from their scandals, they also have plenty of work ethics that are pretty unacceptable, according to many sources.

For instance, the instructors are known to arrive a few hours late during their bootcamp. On one occasion, they were three hours late for their event.

Furthermore, there are several reports that the founders treat their employees unfairly. How unfair their work conditions are is still undetermined as of this writing, but several sources can confirm that employee treatment there is very bad.

Will You Recommend The Real Social Dynamics Programs?

Personally, I don’t think I can recommend that you even pay money for any of the programs that Real Social Dynamics offer to you. Even if for a fact that you can’t get a girl to date you at all, I would still say that you won’t need something like this.

Because all of the lessons that are taught here are, in fact, taught somewhere else as well. And some of them don’t even charge any kind of fee for those lessons.

Besides, if you think about this quite carefully, you may already know most of the lessons being taught here. In fact, you may even be subconsciously practicing them already.

So why do you think you’re still failing on getting girls even though you already know the lessons here? Simple.

It’s all about your social class. Women certainly will not fall for someone who has a lower social class than theirs. So it’s crucial that you raise it up to match, or even exceed, theirs.

So how do you do it? Simple. By earning more money.

It’s a cold, hard truth. But as the saying goes, “No Money, No Honey”.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. As I said before, if you stop chasing women and use that time to build yourself and set up a business of your own, girls will come over to you like a magnet.

Because women love men who know how to hustle for money. They’re immediately attracted to men who work hard to accomplish their goals, especially financially. It makes them think that they’ll feel more secure when they’re with a guy who has a higher social class than theirs.

Real Social Dynamics Review: Final Thoughts


Allow me to give you some of my own final thoughts before we end this Real Social Dynamics review.

Ultimately, in order to be successful at getting a date and get you the girl that you like, you basically have to work on your confidence.

You can start by improving your body. Working out is always a necessity for this. If you like to get ripped and jack up those muscles, then better. But do know that some women do prefer guys with so-called “dad bods” than ripped ones. So it may not be too big of an issue.

Just don’t be too fat that you’re going to be too unattractive with it.

But even more importantly (and I’m stressing this again), women prefer men who are financially abundant and have goals in life (and are striving real hard to achieve them). Because they see those men as someone who is in a totally high standing class than even themselves. And again, let’s be real here. Women love those men who are of a higher class standing than they are.

It may even be the biggest irony of all, but the best way to get a girl is to stop chasing them like they’re everything to you. Just focus on your dreams and goals of financial stability, work hard for it, and reach high. Eventually, you may not notice it, but women will start to feel more attracted to you, without you even trying to chase them.

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If you want to know more about it, keep on reading beyond this Real Social Dynamics review.

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