Real Wealth Network Review – Kathy Fettke Legit Or Scam?

Is Kathy Fettke legit or a scam?Hello guys,welcome to my real wealth network review.

Can you really make passive income after getting educated.Also do I recommend it you to join this company?

Real wealth network is another company that claims that they can help you make passive income.

You just have to enroll with them.But it is possible or not.

Well as they claim that they do not have any hidden agenda behind it,but is it true.Why they are so generous with you?

Ok,Before breaking down this company and doing its review I want to tell you one thing.

Did you even think is it possible to make passive income with real wealth network or not.Or even online?

For online,my answer will be that yes you can make money that can change your life.

Yes,internet made hundreds of people millions in just short period of time.But one thing is obvious that you have to work hard for your money.

There is nothing like get rich quick.Whether you join Kathy Fettke’s company or any other person company.


You maybe thinking that real wealth network is completely offline business company and why I am talking about online thing.

This is because this business has 70% things involved related to online industry.Let’s talk about real wealth network.

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Real Wealth Network

Real wealth network is a california based company.Kathy Fettke is the co-founder of this company.

Basically she and her husband mutually are the co-founder of this company but it looks like most of the time she is leading this brand.

The aim of real wealth network is to provide a financial freedom life to people who are looking to retire or even have a small capital to invest and turn it into passive income.

When I first read it on their website I straight away though that the concept is to invest in properties and rent them.

Yes,that is the only way that you are going to get passive income in real wealth network.

They claim that they do not have any hidden agenda behind it.

They just want to help people as many as possible.

That is the aim of this company.They have 70,000 members that are already benefited with this system.

First of all why in the world someone is going to help you for free?

Secondly I think that you will have to invest at least $10k in properties to see some sort of passive income.

Because real estate is not as simple.

And it is not as easy that you bought a property and it is going to generate you $10 or $20k/month from the first month.

As your income goes you have to pay them and invest more in your properties.

When you first enroll in the course you are supposed to get a business coach.

The coach who is going to help you in every step and tell you the whole criteria of this program.

It is a long term plan and in my opinion does not worth your investment.Because you have to spend a lot of money and time in it.

In my opinion it is not a good investment of your time and money.

But I can tell you one thing that is the alternative of those real wealth network.

There are lots of things that they are not clearing in this program.For example,what

You have to invest,exactly.Also how much the coaches charge you for their advice.

These are the few thing that they need to clarify.



I Recommend Real Estate Investment?

No,I do not recommend you to invest in this program.

There are lots of reason of this.But the main reason is that in my opinion it is not the best way to make passive income.

Also there are lot of hard work which most of you guys can?t bear at this age.

You do not want to run after clients and work as a teenager.

Also there is a huge risk that you will lose your money.

And the capital you are going to invest in it is also large.

So,for this I recommend you to go all into affiliate marketing.

This website is all about affiliate marketing.

Here I only talk about affiliate marketing and it is the best way to make money online.

Whether it is an online business or offline business.

It is the best business in the world.Because there is no business in the world that is going to generate money for you in your sleep.

It is the best way to make money online.

Another fact is that you do not need that much of capital to invest.Also you will have to wait for the buyer on your rental deals.

The thing that I am recommending you will straight away let you make money.And it do not requires big investments like real wealth network.

Also the risk of failure in it is zero.

Affiliate marketing is all about proven marketing strategies that worked for every body again and again.

So,it is quite obvious that it will work or you.But it requires consistency and hard work.

Lot of people are making $10k passive with affiliate marketing.

No problem if you do not know anything about affiliate marketing.

Because the thing that I am recommending you will take you from a complete beginner to an affiliate marketer expert.

Lots of people find it really hard to find a good place to start making passive income.

That is why they fell for these kind of money making investment.


I am not saying that it is a scam.But I am saying that it do not worth your investment and time.

Because it will take time and I do not think that you will be able to make $10k/month.

So,without wasting time join the challenge and change your fortune and get financial freedom.

You can also read these articles on affiliate marketing to get a clear understanding of this business.That?s it!

Bye from my side.


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