Realiztify Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Realiztify. Is Realiztify legit? Find out in this Realiztify review.

Real estate is a profitable niche that has been on the limelight for a while now. After all, the profit you can make in here is insane. No wonder why realtors are rich.

Well, the reason why you are here today is probably because you are wondering whether you can make money with this program or not. All I can say is that this program is made for professionals, not for newbies.

You cannot just decide that you want to be a realtor on a whim. You need to have skills, certifications, connections, and money. Not just a few hundred dollars, by the way.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a realtor? In my opinion, if you already have a full-time career, then I do not see the point.

This program claims that it is made for realtors and that it can guarantee their success.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Realiztify review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Realiztify in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Realiztify Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Realiztify
  • Founder: N/A
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: Referral program
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: Residential real estate investing is a pretty serious niche, and is better left to professionals. I suggest you take up my #1 top recommendation instead.

What is Realiztify?

Realiztify Review - Logo

Realiztify is a digital platform that focuses mostly on the residential real estate industry.

They made it their mission in 2022 to find solutions to the issues that buyers and sellers face so that, by working together in an effective manner, all of the parties engaged in real estate transactions can have faith in the integrity of their dealings.

Realiztify’s promises

Because of the work that they have put in together, individuals from all walks of life will be able to approach the processes of purchasing and selling homes with a sense of serenity and confidence as a consequence of our efforts.

They promise to make the process of starting over, moving, beginning a new job, or beginning a family as simple and stress-free as is humanly feasible.

Realiztify covers all of the states that aren’t Alaska or Hawaii, which brings its total number of served states to 48. Also, the company is steadily expanding its presence in the housing markets of Canada, Australia, and the Middle East, increasing the number of people who have access to their system, which they claim is transparent, user-friendly, and reliable.

The company has its headquarters in Delaware, and their mission is to make the process of taking part in real estate ventures as simple and streamlined as possible by utilizing novel approaches.

Realiztify is similar to WREIN, VREIC, and Evergreen Agent.

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Our vision is to, through our system, support you through each phase. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you need tools and expertise to help you prepare financially, we meet you where you are and guide you to your next step. No one understands better than us that every homebuying and home selling journey is different.*


Our mission is to create not only a transparent but the most straight forward process through which all involved can benefit. When the time’s right, based on your needs, and on your terms, we will carefully match you with a top-rated real estate agent, who understands your individual needs and can help you navigate the process.*

*The information is pulled straight from the company’s website.

Realiztify Overview

Realiztify Review - Real estate

Because they provide services that are centered on the accomplishment of certain goals, I guess you may have peace of mind knowing that the money you spend with the company will always be money well spent.

In addition to this, Realiztify does an analysis of the leads and place quotas on the number of agents working in each county to guarantee that we achieve our full potential in terms of productivity.

The only realistic alternative to the prevalent norm in the business can be found in their brand-new and much enhanced price plan for the lowest referral fees.

Realiztify says that it can provide you with the following:

  • Area Selection
  • Verified Leads
  • Exclusivity
  • No Competition
  • Support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why choose Realiztify?

Lowest Referral Fee

While trying to acquire new customers, real estate brokers typically invest a significant amount of their own time, energy, and, in some cases, financial resources.

The amount of time required to finalize a transaction extends from days to weeks to months as the complexity of the process increases.

Realiztify is cognizant of this fact, which is why the 20% referral fee that we charge is rather low in comparison to what other businesses provide.

Choice of Area

Using Realiztify, you have the ability to select which locations will receive your services based on your preferences. They claim to never employ more than five real estate agents in any one region, which means that your fears of a crowded market are baseless because they never employ more than that number.

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My Favorite Program

No Competition Involved

Due to the fact that we limit the amount of partner agents in each state, each and every one of their leads is reserved exclusively for you. They also say that they never share the leads to anybody else and only provide them to the real estate agent who has been designated to receive them.

365 days Support

At Realiztify, they rely on our partnered agents to provide us feedback in regards to our service, meaning that they can always better ourselves and serve in the best possible way. Without an open and two-way line of communication, this relationship will last only so long.

For this purpose, they provide support to our partnered agents 365 days a year. They encourage that you let them know how we can help make each other succeed.

Plans and Pricing

Veteran ($300 per year)

  • 25% Referral fee
  • Verified leads
  • Exclusive to You and You Only
  • 3-5 Leads per Month on Average
  • Choice of Areas
  • SMS & Email Notification
  • Customized Marketing Campaigns
  • Pause & Resume Anytime
  • 365 Days Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Professional ($499 one time fee)

  • 20% Referral fee
  • Verified leads
  • Exclusive to You and You Only
  • 3-5 Leads per Month on Average
  • Choice of Areas
  • SMS & Email Notification
  • Customized Marketing Campaigns
  • Pause & Resume Anytime
  • 365 Days Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Team Plan ($4,500 one time fee)

  • 20% Referral fee
  • Live Transfers
  • Minimum 5 Agents
  • Maximum 10 Agents
  • Profile Building
  • Upto 5 Counties
  • S.E.O and S.E.M
  • Pause and Resume Anytime
  • Publish Your Listings
  • 365 Days Support

Is Realiztify Legit?

So, there is no way that this program is a scam. After all, I wasn’t able to find any information that states that this program has scammed people out of their money.

However, as this program is made for professionals, I do not think you would have use for it, assuming that you are still on the process of trying to decide whether getting into the real estate market is worth it or not.

I do not think that it is worth spending money on if you are a newbie. Besides, you are better off investing on the certifications you would need as a future realtor.

I guess for the price, Realiztify seems reasonable. There are options where you only need to pay one-time fees, which is good if you have already established your business.

Final Verdict – Realiztify Review

Even though Realiztify is a legit program, I think you will not be able to properly utilize it. I mean, the main reason why you are here is that you are probably just looking for a way to make money on your free time.

Well, if you already are working a full-time career, I do not see why you would want to become a realtor on the side. I am warning you right now that it is just way too much work.

If you ask me, I know that are better off with choosing an opportunity which you can start anytime. Something that is easier, guaranteed to work, and can indeed make you some decent passive income.

Luckily for you, I have exactly what you are looking for. This opportunity has worked for thousands of people already, and I am confident that it can definitely work for you too.

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