Rebecca Walser Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a financial planner named Rebecca Walser. Is she legit? Find out in this Rebecca Walser review.

Rebecca Walser says that she has the ability to assist you in growing your wealth tax-free, permanently, and ensuring that you will never have to pay taxes ever again. She claims that regular IRAs and 401(k)s are bad options for retirement savings.

According to her, the moment to position your portfolio to survive and prosper in this inflation season is now, and that you should get started right away.

She is an attorney specializing in tax law, a certified financial planner, and basically just an overall wealth strategist, and she is confident that she is more than prepared to advise you. The question is, how exactly can she teach you? And is there a catch?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Rebecca Walser review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Rebecca Walser in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Rebecca Walser Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Rebecca Walser
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Services
  • Niche: Financial services
  • Recommended?: Rebecca Walser is pretty legit. However, you wouldn’t even have a need for her services if you are not wealthy.

Who is Rebecca Walser?

Rebecca Walser Review - Rebecca Walser

Rebecca Walser is what you can call a financial advisor. If you have watched a lot of TV shows on TV with wealthy characters, you might be familiar with financial planners and advisors already. They take care of people with financial portfolios, meaning that they manage their investments, savings, and other aspects of their financial profile.

Rebecca has also dabbled in writing, and her first book, titled Wealth Unbroken – Growing Wealth Uninterrupted By Market Crashes, Taxes, And Even Death, was a bestseller.

Along with her knowledge and experience as a financial planner, she is also a tax attorney. This means that she knows how to build and sustain wealth for her clients in a non-conventional approach.

For example, most advisors lean toward tax diversification, which is quite common. Rebecca says that this tactic is already overused.

It also look like financial advisors are not really qualified to give their clients advice regarding taxes, and that what they do is direct you to a tax attorney instead. This means that Rebecca advertises herself as a one-stop shop for people’s financial advice needs.

In Rebecca’s book, she describes two flaws in the process of building and keeping one’s wealth in America. These are future tax law changes, as well as the extreme volatility being experience by the market. She has observed these since the 1980s, and because the demographics in the population are changing, she figured that there is a need for a whole new approach of building wealth.

Rebecca says that people have quite a lot of confidence just from getting the advice of both their accountant and financial advisor, but it seems like they are wrong. After all, both of these roles do not really practice tax minimization and tax mitigation strategies.

After all, like she said previously, these conventional advice are not really working anymore.

Rebecca’s professional background

Rebecca Walser Review - Rebecca Walser 2

Rebecca Walser earned her advanced law degree majoring in federal taxation from NYU, and is a licensed tax attorney. She is certified financial planner, and she has two decades worth of experience in the fields of finance and law.

Her undergraduate degree focused on Finance, and she graduated as summa cum laude. She also has a Juris Doctor degree which she finished as cum laude from the University of Florida.

She has worked in the field of international finance, and currently, she practices law in the areas of federal taxation, trusts, wealth preservation, business succession, legacy and estate planning, as well as asset management and protection.

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Walser Wealth Management Overview

Rebecca Walser Review - Walser Wealth Logo

Investment Management

As you already know, investing in anything can be risky.

Traditional investing techniques determine risk in terms of equity exposure, which is often maintained at a constant level regardless of the circumstances of the market. This is the institutional management that the majority of people in the United States use.

This means that investors are often left confused about their potential for loss, and it could give anxiety during periods of market volatility. This is because the growth of a financial account is handed over to chance during these periods.

Rebecca mentions that her and her team’s strategies in money management revolve around addressing this common incidents regarding money management. This means that with their advise, they claim that they can help improve the investor’s experience.

The goal of their rule-based investing strategy is to maximize market returns while minimizing exposure to market risk through dynamic allocation and reallocation of capital. Rebecca and her team said that they developed new approaches to money management to fix the problems that have long plagued investors using more conventional methods.

Walser Wealth Management’s mission is to grow clients’ portfolios through all market conditions, keep them stable during retirement distribution years, and ensure that their wealth serves its ultimate purpose, be it passing on a legacy to future generations or covering unexpected medical expenses in old age.

The program resembles Wealth Factory, Millionaire Consulting, and Income on Demand.

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

They said that what sets them apart is their use of the Global Investment Performance Standards.

When it comes to calculating and reporting investment outcomes to potential customers, investment companies should adhere to the GIPS, which are established, industry-wide ethical norms.

A GIPS validator is an external organization that examines the correctness of a firm’s measuring techniques and procedures in relation to an investment’s performance. Additionally, it ensures that the investment report follows the GIPS guidelines.

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Tax-free investments

Walser Wealth Management employs the most effective strategies for accumulating wealth while minimizing tax liability. Several of these techniques have always been part of the tax code.

When constructing our customers’ financial foundations, they always give priority to the asset types that offer the greatest tax advantages, as dictated by the tax legislation. They refer to one of these asset classes as the “Golden Child” of the US tax law because of its unique structure and favorable tax treatment.

They also support the idea that you should always be in charge of your own finances. In most cases, they have to help our clients reorganize their assets so that we may remove and safeguard their wealth from the reach of the authorities.

Also, you may legally find methods to make your money expand without paying taxes on that growth. This includes compounding interest that continues to grow tax-free and may be passed on to successors without triggering their own tax bill.

Comprehensive Planning

Rebecca says that she and her team will work with you as your trusted advisor to develop a financial strategy that takes into account your current situation, your long-term goals, and your willingness to take on risk.

Based on this information, they then craft a portfolio that serves your needs and those of your loved ones, whether that be for immediate cash flow, retirement, or leaving a lasting legacy.

She and her staff will collaborate with you and your loved ones to define your needs, assess your existing situation, and together decide upon and implement a strategy for closing any gaps that have been identified, all the while using their knowledge of law and money to your benefit.

Final Verdict – Rebecca Walser Review

In this Rebecca Walser review, I have discussed with you what Rebecca can do for you in order to grow your financial portfolio. She seems qualified enough to know how to do this for people, and it looks like she actively works with clients.

I guess Rebecca is pretty much legit, judging from her background, as well as her publications and media appearances. However, I, for one, know that you are in for quite an expensive bill once you start working with her.

She seems qualified enough to help you grow your investments, however, since she has the experience and the staff, they will probably use this as the reasoning behind the hefty price tag of their services.

The pricing for their services are not really stated in the website, and potential clients are encouraged to reach out to them by using the form in the site. This means that pricing will vary for everyone, depending on the scope of the services that would be provided.

I guess Rebecca Walser can help you grow your portfolio, but only if you already have some semblance of a wealth already saved up. She cannot really help those who are looking for a way to make money online.

And for that reason, I do not recommend her services. However, I have a great alternative right in the next section.

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