Referral Pay Review – 100% Scam forget $500

So,you searched for referral pay review on google and find this review.I want to tell you one thing that I recently reviewed a scam called Viral Pay which was pretty similar to Referral pay.

Next question is that can you make big dollars in referral pay?$500 as they claim.My answer is no.

It?s a complete waste of money and time.The problem with newbies is that they think that making money online is easy.

Yes it is easy but it takes time.It takes hard work too.

I am going to talk about the red flags in referral pay so that will help you avoid this scam.

First of all I want to take the time and appreciate you for coming here.

I am more than 100% sure that you are newbie in online game because you thought referral pay as a legit way of making money online.

Let’s talk about refferal pay.

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Referral Pay Review

It seems that they copied other online scams.I first thought that it is affiliate marketing because of the name but not.

Referral pay is online money making opportunity by completing different is totally up to you  select to make money in it.They claim to be a social influencer network but it?s not true.

There are a lot of case studies in it.They all are fake.I feel sorry to tell you that there is nothing legit about referral pay.

Scammers just copied the way of scamming like viral pay and amazon cash websites.

They said that they have 252,000 members inside referral pay.This is totally impossible.How can it can be possible?From a scam like referral pay.

How it works

There are three ways that you can make money in referral pay.According to them of course.And these ways are very unethical and sadly wrong in this industry.

Before this,you will get an extra $25 for enrolling in them.Totally free you guys.Just enroll with them lol.

Let?s talk about these three ways..


First thing that you will notice after going to their website is that they have an offer for you.

You will get a lot of money by promoting different things inside it.What kind of things you have to promote inside it.

Let me tell you this.You just have to spam your links into social media and other platform.

Not a legit way of making money online,Whenever someone clicks your link you will get $5.Yes just five dollars.This is the way you earn money online and build a profitable business online.

Sorry but this is not the real world of online business.From earning ten bucks here and there is no going to make you a living and it?s not just legit.


If you  make a video on youtube you will get $50.ACCORDING TO THEM.

$30 Referral Pay

You will earn upto thirty bucks if you follow the instruction on the wall.On wall there will be a lot of tasks which you can follow and make huge money online.

On this wall there are a lot of tasks.It?s upon you to select and make money online.These figures are not realistic.

There is not a single website online from which you can earn upto $30 by doing tasks.100% FAKE.

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What you will get after doing this in Referral Pay

There are a lot of complaints about referral pay online.On different platforms like BBB and trustpilot.These kind of online scams are very common now a days.I did that too.

When I was newbie.Probably four years ago.This is not just legit and I lost a lot of time in it.It was second income center.

I lost a lot of time in this.What I got nothing.There are a lot of people online claiming that they do these tasks completely and got nothing.


I think it is more than clear now that referral pay is not legit.It is a total scam and there is now way you can expect $500 in a day with this.

But you can go with my number one recommendation to make money online.I will not say that it is easy to make money online.But it takes hard work and consistency.

Online business is as same as offline.But the difference is that it nis less time consuming and freedom.Yes it is freedom of time,money  and more importantly you are your own boss!

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Affiliate marketing si the best way to build an online business.I again tell you if you are lazy ass than please leave.

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It is up to you to go with me or start searching online for other scams like referral pay.

If it was that easy to make 30 bucks by completing simple tasks than everybody would be rich.They are not rich and you know the reason why.

Affiliate marketing is the way to go for you only if you are serious.If not than please leave.I did every business online from dropshipping,amazon fba and SMMA.

I found this opportunity only in this program to make $10k/month.

So unlock your financial freedom right now.See you inside.


After reviewing referral pay I noticed a lot of changes in it during these days.

There are a lot of new opportunities in it to make money online.

I want to clear one thing that they are not legit too.Unfortunately again there is no money for you.

This is not the right way to build an online business.If you really want to earn money online,I would suggest you to take it as a business.

Don?t just earn a few bucks here and there.

Remember your time is the most value thing in life.Use it wisely.

If you want to reach your income goal and hit that $10k/month goal than I would again recommend you to go with my recommendation.

It is totally up to you.Either carry on searching these scams or go with my recommendation.Best of luck for you future.


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