Rei Reply Review – Lead Generation Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Rei Reply. Is it legit? Find out in this Rei Reply review.

If you ask the typical real estate agent how they find new clients, they will likely tell you that they use cold calling.

While the method does provide results, it is laborious to implement and, to top it all off, most potential customers find it annoying.

Truth be told, in today’s technologically advanced world, cold calling isn’t effective whether you’re a real estate wholesaler or investor.

The best and most efficient approach to generate prospects and maintain them throughout the client journey is to use cutting-edge solutions.

Rei Reply is a great illustration of this principle. Finding, following up on, and categorizing leads is made easier, allowing you to devote more time to other crucial duties.

Let’s examine how this property management program aids seasoned investors.

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Rei Reply review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Rei Reply in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Rei Reply Review: Quick Details

  • Name: REI Reply
  • Owner: David Espaillat
  • Website:
  • Socials: N/A
  • Type: DFY service
  • Niche: Real estate investing
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What is Rei Reply?

Rei Reply Review - Logo

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software for the real estate industry, REI Reply is among the most well-known.

It helps users locate potential customers, categorize them, and get in touch with them in an efficient manner, while also keeping account of all contacts between the two parties.

In addition to being a multi-touch, sequential marketing platform, it can be used to schedule everything from text messages and emails to voicemails and even live calls.

Features and Benefits

User-Friendly Interface

REI Reply is renowned for having a simple UI. A little dialogue box on the panel’s left side provides access to all of the available options.

After logging in, you’ll be taken straight to the main dashboard, where snapshots of your account’s status at various points in the sales process, including opportunities, pipeline value, conversion rates, funnels, and stage distributions, are presented.

Campaigns, call logs, calendar events, and contact information are just some of the links that may be found at the very top of the website.

The corresponding buttons reveal all the additional features, such as discussions, pipelines, and marketing.

The platform comes with a comprehensive training program that will show you how to utilize it step by step if you’re having trouble getting your mind around it.

Customizable Multi-touch Campaigns

The most effective real estate marketing initiatives share a similar trait: they use a variety of real estate marketing channels to reach their audience.

Additionally, you can make your campaigns as personalized as possible with REI Reply’s multi-touch campaign functionality.

The feature enables a user to create a single campaign that incorporates text, live calls, ringless voicemail, and even messenger notifications.

Then, they will be sent out automatically, according to a predetermined plan. If you locate a potential customer in the morning, you may set up a campaign where you send them an introduction text message, a voicemail at noon, an email in the afternoon, and a live call in the evening.

You may save time and increase your exposure by giving potential clients the option to communicate with your business via their preferred channel, which also benefits the client.

In addition, REI Reply’s sequential marketing platform allows customers to monitor the success of their campaigns by keeping tabs on things like open and click rates. Your message delivery, clickthrough, and failure rates are all reflected here.

Utilizing this information, users can zero in on the most productive marketing channels and eliminate the rest, therefore increasing their return on investment (ROI) and the number of quality leads they generate.

REI Reply campaigns provides consumers with pre-made email formats that can be readily customized before being sent. For real estate agents who have never created a marketing campaign before, this is a great resource.

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My Favorite Program

Website Builder

Whether you’re a real estate investor or wholesaler, the conversion rate of leads will rise dramatically if you have a dedicated landing page for each service you provide or geographic area you cover.

Using REI Reply, you can get the benefits of a plethora of landing sites without the hefty price tag that comes with their creation.

There is a built-in funnels builder on the platform where you can access pre-made forms, landing pages, and survey templates that you may customize for your practice.

CRM Features

Real estate investment is a people-based industry, therefore REI professionals need to network effectively and maintain existing relationships while still making time for administrative tasks. Users may save time and effort by automating these procedures with the help of REI Reply’s included capabilities.

One useful tool that helps real estate investors organize their leads is the pipelines function. In addition to facilitating easy follow-up and the development of tailored campaigns, this also facilitates rapid retrieval of a prospect’s data.

Users can organize their interactions with leads thanks to REI Reply’s contact and chat tools. Use contacts to keep tabs on every interaction you’ve had with a customer, whether it be a phone call, a voicemail, a text message, or an email. All of your recent conversations with leads are archived under the “conversation” tab.

Trigger Links

It would be disastrous if a potential patient called your office and got an answering machine. With REI Reply’s trigger link function, you can rest assured that this will never occur, and you can also streamline your workflow.

It allows for certain actions and reactions to be preprogrammed, guaranteeing that no leads will ever go to waste.

To ensure that leads who respond to campaigns by phoning back always reach a live person, you may set up a trigger link to forward calls to a virtual assistant if you’re frequently out cold calling. In the REI Reply pipelines tab, you can even make a list of responses, both favorable and negative.

When a lead successfully completes a form, they are added to the “positive” list. To sum it up, customers may make as many unique triggers as they like to save time and boost conversions.

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My Favorite Program


Rei Reply has only one monthly plan available, and it costs $49 per month. This is in contrast to the majority of platforms, which provide numerous subscription levels with varying functionality.

When the platform is fully operational, there will be a one-time setup price of $497, in addition to a monthly membership fee of $99.

In addition, a single Rei Reply membership may support an infinite number of users, which makes lead creation and administration quite simple.

There are no refunds available for the program; however, customers are welcome to discontinue their subscription at any time.

This program is pretty similar to Lead Generation Blueprint, Financial Leads Academy, and Digital Lead Investing.

Is Real Estate for Everyone?

Rei Reply Review - Real estate investing

Investing in real estate is not a cheap endeavor by any means. You can’t just decide to start a career in real estate on a whim and expect to be successful.

Beginning your own company in the real estate industry is a major life choice that requires great deliberation and consideration.

A great number of reality television programs portray the buying and selling of real estate assets as an easy and uncomplicated process, however this is often an oversimplification.

This sector is not nearly as straightforward as it is portrayed to be in the media. It involves a number of complicated procedures, each of which you are required to have an understanding of.

To begin, one must acquire a fundamental understanding of the real estate sector as well as the process of investing in real estate.

You have a very long journey in front of you, and it is not going to be an easy one. You should prepare ready to confront a variety of obstacles, such as exceeding your budget and being turned down.

To be successful in real estate, you will require a significant amount of capital. If you don’t have any cash on hand, you should hunt for another job or business that you may start on the side. There is a significant financial risk involved in investing in real estate.

Let’s face it: flipping houses is a high-risk investment that, in some regions, is not worth the time or effort. In point of fact, a significant proportion of houses that are subsequently resold are done so at a loss or with no margin of profit at all, even before accounting for expenses.

Keep in mind that you should exercise extreme caution before paying for anything that promises to quickly increase your income.

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