Remote Closing Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a course known as Remote Closing Academy. Is Remote Closing Academy legit? Find out in this Remote Closing Academy review.

You must be thinking that right now, you could be making more money. With the pandemic still ongoing, the only way to get more money is by doing more work. Stressful as it may be, but if you want to keep filling that savings account, this is the only option you have.

The one way that people turn to in order to earn money is through side hustles. Actually, they became a lot more popular when the pandemic started. People aren’t just working one job anymore; they either start a side business, work part-time, or take freelance gigs. Sometimes all of that.

This pandemic has taken a toll on the economy and on people’s mental health. After all, who wouldn’t feel cheated with the truth that billionaires got a lot more richer during this pandemic? On the other hand, those rich people have the audacity to cut the wages of ordinary people.

The truth is we have no one to turn to except for ourselves. By learning new skills, people take matters into their own hands by being their own boss. It does work for a lot of people, so maybe it can work for you too.

Before you decide to pay for this course, you should read this Remote Closing Academy review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated withRemote Closing Academy in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Remote Closing Academy?

Remote Closing Academy Review - Remote Closing Academy intro

Remote Closing Academy is a course designed by Cole Gordon. Basically, it is a course about telemarketing.

If you are not familiar with telemarketing, well, consider yourself lucky. It is those guys who get your number from God knows where, calls you incessantly about offers, and aggressive markets their products like it is the best thing ever made in the world.

At least in my experience, I haven’t really been a target of telemarketers. It is usually ads that cater to me, usually from social media. In a way, social media ads have replaced a lot of telemarketers, but that doesn’t mean that telemarketers are backing down. There are still a lot of them.

According to Cole, success wouldn’t really come to you by using methods that are not that profitable, such as Amazon FBA, dropshipping, or real estate investing. Of course, those things have worked for other people, but not to the majority of the ones who tried.

There is an easier and faster way to succeed, according to him. And he is offering a course teaching you a method that is recession-proof and profitable.

The question is, will the course work?

Remote Closing Academy Cost

The cost of the course is not really disclosed. However, when I decided to look for potential price quotes, I stumbled upon a forum post where a guy was given a quote of $8,400. That is way too much money.

If you want to pay that much for a course, then I wouldn’t stop you. However, it is not a smart choice to make. You are not even sure of what you will get from the course, as even the curriculum is not publicly disclosed.

I suggest that you do your own research regarding remote closing before you take this one. Don’t just throw $8,400 to a course when you are not even sure what you will be learning.

However, even if you complete the course, there is no guarantee for your success. After all, all this course can do for you is to guide you on how to be a remote closer. This is a performance-based career, so the success still depends on you.

Who is Cole Gordon?

Remote Closing Academy Review - Remote Closing Academy creator

Cole Gordon is the one who designed the course. He discovered remote closing a few years ago. Way back, he worked as a bartender who barely makes 18k a year, working stressful nights. His experience of working as bartender wasn’t fulfilling at all, so he looked for another way to make cash.

He was presented with choices which involved having to run complicated sales funnels, build a team of people which he cannot really afford to pay, or run ads that could potentially be risky. Neither of those appealed to him at all, which made him look a different way.

What Cole wanted is an opportunity to make a lot of money (we are talking six-figures a year), be his own boss, be in total control of his free time and schedule, and make time for his hobbies.

Fortunately, he managed to find the right career path. He was able to find a career which involved phone sales, which is something that seemed to have taken a step back as online stores became popular. As time went by, he was making more than $10k a month just doing this.

Is Cole Gordon Legit?

From my research, it seems like Cole is pretty legit. He also has years of experience that built his credibility, so I think he is perfectly capable of teaching a good quality course.

However, I have a few qualms about him. His course is way too expensive, and that is just not good, since he is advertising his course to people who want a way out of their lousy jobs. Not everyone can afford $8,400, especially if they are not even making good money in their jobs, right?

Also, according to some posts that I have seen in forums, most of what Cole discusses in his course are basic things that you can learn by yourself through a few searches on Google. I am not sure if that is true, but if it is, then that does not justify how much he charges for the course.

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What is Remote Closing?

Remote Closing

Remote closing is pretty much similar to telemarketing, albeit with a few differences. As a remote closer, your responsibilities lie with having to convince clients to commit to a sale.

The way they do this is by contacting clients who has already established a point of contact or even a relationship with another salesperson. Remote closers do not need to directly meet with the clients, and majority of their duties and responsibilities can be done anywhere with internet or WiFi connectivity.

The responsibilities of a remote closer include looking for solutions to possible issues that are postponing or preventing the sale, elaborating the advantages and the good qualities of the products or services that are being sold, using techniques that can help with influencing the customer to finalize the sale, and negotiating a final deal.

In order to succeed in this career, you need to be good at negotiation.

How to Become a Remote Closer

There are actually no education requirements that you need to present in order to start being a remote closer. Take note though that employers usually prefer people who have bachelor’s degrees in fields such as sales, marketing, and business.

However, you can always get around this by having prior experience in sales, and having good negotiation skills. You can also make use of courses being offered in schools and private entities in order to develop your skills in sales.

Success in this field can be achieved as long as you have good problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. You also need to know how to keep your cool in high-pressure situations, and be able to meet sales goals which are pretty demanding.

Should You Be a Remote Closer?

That depends, actually. Do you think you have good negotiation skills? Do you have any experience with sales? Are you confident with your abilities?

These are examples of questions that you should be asking yourself if you are planning to be a remote closer. This career requires you to be good at problem-solving and providing solutions. You need to be resourceful.

You also need to be confident in your abilities, as you have to convince customers that they need to buy a particular product or service. Charisma is what will make you successful here.

If you are more of an introverted or meek type of person, then I don’t think this can work for you.

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My Favorite Program 

What I Like in Remote Closing Academy

This course can really teach you what you need to know as a remote closer, especially if you are still a rookie. After all, if you have no prior experience in sales, you really need to take some courses in order to be familiar with how things go.

You do not need any experience to start as a remote closer, meaning that you can take this course in order to learn a new skill. You will be trained by Cole himself, and he would also share with you the techniques and strategies that brought him success.

However, you should not expect this course to help you with things that you should possess already, like confidence and charisma.

What I Dislike in Remote Closing Academy

Well, let’s face it. This course is way too expensive for what it is offering.

I may not have any sales skills or experience, but I know a bad deal when I see one. And a course for $8,400 which will only teach you the basics is definitely not a deal worth considering.

For that amount, you should at least be guaranteed some degree of success, right? Well, no. Even though you pay that amount, you will not be guaranteed anything here.

That means that there is a chance that you will not even perform the tasks of an inbound closer effectively, as it is a performance-based career. You need to be skilled and proficient in order to succeed, and your earnings are based on your performance.

A career like this simply isn’t for everyone.

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Final Verdict – Remote Closing Academy

Before I end this Remote Closing Academy review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

After reading this Remote Closing Academy review, I believe you already know that hard work, skill, and dedication are the keys to success. You can’t just conjure money out of thin air, and you can’t expect to be a genius and a master at something just by trying something out once.

Find your calling and customize your skill set to the goals you wish to achieve in life. You must put in time and effort before you can expect something to bear fruit.

Put up the effort if you want to be successful. You must conquer any obstacles that stand in your way. Demonstrate how valuable you are.

Keep in mind that certain things aren’t meant for you, therefore it’s up to you to figure out which professional route is right for you. There are many options accessible, and I am confident that you can achieve anything you want as long as you give it your best.

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