Never Rent Digital Assets – Lead Generation Biz Reviewed!

Wanting to get into the lead generation business model and came across this opportunity called Rent Digital Assets?In which you have to rent small and ugly websites to small business owners to make passive income..(According to them)

Title is RENT DIGITAL ASSETS,and I will go into detail of it..

But let me guess where you are coming from.There are several websites on Google who are recommending this business model to their audience,which includes,Ippei blog,zuubly blog,scam risk blog,social crawlytics blog,eco secretariat blog,mlm reviewed blog and many other blogs who are directing their audience to this opportunity called Rent Digital assets.

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What Is Rent Digital Assets?

Joshua t osborne

Rent digital assets means to rent a digital space on google to someone.I-e,rent websites to small business owners.In this business model,you have to rank a website with Seo,and then sell it to the related niche businesses.

On these all websites,this opportunity is presented like the best one in the world…and while looking/reading their presentation,I was like grab my moniiiiiiies.

Think this way,it is that easy to make money online? Let’s say,it Is.

Then why not everybody is driving lambos?

Maybe the ones driving lambos are also doing this business,Right?

No,you can’t expect to drive a lamborghini after entering into this business model called,rent digital assests.Rent digital Asses.

Oh Assets* .. I am not that good at english.

If you are a human and your mind is working properly,the first thing that should came into your mind is that,if it is that easy,rinse and repeat business model,then why people sharing this secret to everybody.Why they are not rinse and repeating the same rent digital assets system and making millions?

Comeone guryls,nobody is that generous in this world to give you thier secret.And nobody gives a f*** about what’s going on in your life!!!

Sad Reality!

Guryls is a mixture of girls and boys.I believe in gender equality.

Moving forward.

Is Rent Digital Assets Legit Or Scam?

Bam scam cost

Whether you are coming from badass Marketers(BAM),a course of Joshua Osborne, Ippei Kanehera’s Job killing course,answer is that,yes rent digital assets is legit and not a scam.

But it is not that easy as it is presented during the webinar or copywriting on thier sales funnels.

It is not that easy.First hand experience guys.

There are lots of flaws and defaults in this business model which is no one going to tell you except me.Yup,I am the Superhero for you.Luckily..sit back and enjoy this logical breakdown of lead generation business model through Seo.Been there done that!

Starting with the points which I want to clear with you about this biz.

First concern : Why they are teaching you this stuff?

First thing is that,when you land on these websites,they says that they are making $40k-$50k a month,nobody knows that they are making money by renting digital assests or by selling their own course to you guys.It can’t be included in red flag,but but but,no one knowns where they are at the moment in rent digital assets business model.But they do charge $5000-7000 for BAM(rent digital assets),badass Marketers,job killing(Ippei Kanehera),real estate reimagined (zuubly).

Job killing,promote by Ippei Kanehera is most famous among them!

Next point – Business Owners needs leads!!

Leads are the lifelines of any business.Rather it be dentist or pool cleaning biz.They all want leads,more and more.

But before this,the main point for you is choosing a niche to go into and help them.

What is a lead?

Leads are basically person who can possibly become your client.Or potential customer known as lead.

How you provide them leads?

By rent digital assets system.In this,you will rank a site and rent it to local business owner.People will come to that site and buy/book call, appointments or something else with your Local business owner/client,you will make money.Remembr,when business owner makes money,you makes money.

It’s called lead generation.

But,the question is that how you rank that website, that’s the basics.After this you can afford to rent it,right?

Seo…search engine optimization!

Basically search engine optimization are the rules that we have to follow in order of google to rank us.Let me put it in simple words.

Seo have 101 factors which Google checks before ranking any site.

So,is it really easy to rank a site and then rent it to Local business owners?

Answer : No.

Hard,fucki***** hard.

Local seo is very hard, straight facts.

Even I am writing this article,I have to fight seoly with other website owners on the specific keyword,rent digital assets.But it will be not that difficult, because rent digital assets is an international keyword.Not local keyword,like dentist in New York.

Got my point ..Next point.

According to these gurus,ranking websites are so easy,that you can rinse and repeat.Wait a second.

You know one thing?

There are approximately 500k people in this lead gen(rank and rent or rent digital assets) business.So, let’s say that you chose a keyword,dentist in las vegas…there will be hundreds of people trying to get that sweat spot,i-e #1 in google map ranking and keyword ranking…Hence,competition is tough.

And that seems to be increasing day by day.

Seo is a war.A never ending WAR.

Another point to be noted here,which you should know is that I am beating these websites owners on hundreds and thousands of keywords(gurus who will teach you how to get local business owners leads from google),that means I am more qualified as compared to them?

They are teaching you this because they are just one step ahead of you.

Catch me if you can.. Remember that movie?

Leonardo Dicaprio, played the main role in that movie,and it is a great example of fake it till you make it.

So,basically in that movie Leonardo Dicaprio faked being a pilot teacher and a billionaire.Upon getting caught,when investigated,judge asked him how you afford to fool all of us?

His answer was..

“All I have to do was read one chapter ahead of the students”.

Another quote which I liked was,

“Sometimes, it’s easier living the lie.”

That’s it.And I am not saying that you should take it as a negative…as there are people who are not just one,thousands steps ahead of us.So,we should really do our search to find them.I-e,Right mentor!

Next point!

Yes,there are positives to,if you somehow manage to get business owner after a hard wrestlemania fight of Seo,it will impact his business,and can make him money.And again,a rule of thumb is that when he makes shit,you makes shit!

Time Freedom?

Rent digital assets Review

I am not shitting here and wasting mine and yours time.These are straight facts and nothing will be hold back.

Time Freedom with rent digital assets or rank and rent model is totally impossible.Instead,bang your head everyday 24/7 on laptop to compete with other people who are doing the same stuff as you,to keep that #1 position.

As I said,Seo is a war,you just can’t set it and forget it.No,you continuously need to generate backlinks for that keywords.For that, you have to do outreach,computer outreach to different websites owners and have to beg for a backlinks.

Which I do most of the time😂😂

What is a backlink?

A backlinks is vote from other website to your website that google can trust you.Then it will increase your ranking and authority.Roughly getting a single backlinks took me one entire month.God swear,I am not lying.

And on this website,which you are reading review of,got any kind of decent traffic after 14 months.Pheeeew

Sorry,for renting a single website,you have to work your a** off and the headache is unstoppable!Because when you give someone promise(a business owner) you will be in stress after that same second.

Work on a website,for 5-8 months without knowing whether it will rank or not,Hugs,hugs hahaha..huge* risk of your valuable time!

You can’t achieve time freedom in rent digital assets lead gen business model.Sorry!

My Favorite Program

Financial Freedom?

Rent digital assets cost price

Yes,you can.Bang your head on laptop for 5-8 months and be ready for a War.Get up in the morning,ready to fight,and if you win….you are financially free.Congratulation.

Yes,people in these courses makes $7500 ona good month,but what kind of conversion is that.Having thousands of students and only one or two make big money.

I have reviewed rent digital ASSESTS courses called badass Marketers,douglas james marketing and astro flipping.

One thing I want to advice you here is that,people sell lifestyle.Don’t get fooled here.When someone talk about his lamborghini,his trips,blah blah blah…red flag.Man,come to the point…what you want to teach us.No fluff plzzzzz!!!

What’s Now?(Alternative)

BAM cost joshua t osborne

Now,let’s consider lmv criteria.Which I am personally a big fan of.

Lmv basically teaches you how to run fb ads and google ads for local business owners and make money online.

Let’s say you go with rent digital assets,and one of lmv student setup a $5 ad on that keyword.Your 5-8 months effort GONE ,WASTE!..Buddy.

That is why I love lmv.Fast to start and get up running.No war..just pay google to rank your client,and make him and yourself money.

That’s it!

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See you on the other side…

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