Residual Payments Review – Scam Or Legit?

Living in this world sucks.




But how often do you came across to people who wonder what the f*** you do for a living?


That exactly happened with David and Patricia..they were chilling.Enjoying thier life to the fullest.They were going to holidays to countries months after months,skiing and partying.


Their family and neighbours thought what the heck these guys do,because they are enjoying life without even working.


This is when these two tell them,not just them,the whole world how they make passive income.


Anddddd…Finally,they revealed that they work in the po** industry.


Not kidding this time,just joking..


Let’s get into the Residual Payments Review in detail.


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Residual Payments Review

Residual Payments Review

So,when you land on their landing page from youtube ads,which they are running nowadays,you will get to a 20 minutes long video.


Go here to watch this video.


One thing you must notice in this video here is that,they only talked about business model for only 5-10 seconds and other then this,they only talked about their lifestyle and how they are going to change your life,like they did with theirs.


Here are the main points which I noticed there…


In this business model,you have to play a broker role,between the clients/customers and the payment processor i-e credit cards processor.


You will help them to use your processor,because they are always finding new ways of payment processing methods.As,one thing is for sure that they will listen to you.Other than this,they call it residual payments means passive income.

As long as they keep on using your methods of payments (i-e) you,you will get a piece of the pie…Commission.


Is Residual Payments Legit or a Scam?


No,it is totally legit.I have reviewed digital payment revolution by David and Patricia which is a crash course too.It’s price is $17.


What is the price of residual payments?

Residual Payments cost

Residual Payments are going to cost you $37..but wait.


There are upsells too.Upsells of upto $10,000-15,000.


This is pricy.I am not saying that you can not make money with it…but the problem is Their price and to find a business owner who is ready to trust you and take this risk is hard for me to recommend this biz to you…at the end decision is yours.


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