Retirement Millionaire Review – David Eifrig Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Retirement Millionaire. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

A lot of people often try their best to save up for their retirement. Not everybody has that kind of privilege in their lives. Let’s be honest. With how the world is right now, looking that far ahead seems like a struggle. Nobody really knows if any of us will make it to retirement age. Despite that, it’s still a goal that a lot of people will try to make happen. The question is, how exactly do you do that?

If you search around the internet, a lot of results would say that you should invest some of your money in stocks and bonds. The assumption for that is that, by the time that you would retire, you would have earned a decent amount of money from your portfolio. Sounds easy enough, right? These people make it seem that certain options that you could invest would be worth a ton of money when you need it most. Maybe some of it is true. But not every single industry would be worth the investment in the long run. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen by the time that you get to retirement age. Maybe the world has already blown up in flames by then. Who knows?

Still there are a lot of websites out there that offer the knowledge about investing to the masses. As somebody who has written a lot of reviews about these websites and services, I haven’t really understood what a lot of them mean. Not everybody can retain very specific knowledge, especially if they don’t have the need for it on a regular basis. But maybe something like Retirement Millionaire would be worth a try?

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Retirement Millionaire Review: Quick Details

Who Is Dr. David Eifrig?

Retirement Millionaire writer Dr. David Eifrig

Dr. David Eifrig had an interesting journey into investing. Apparently, it all started when he was in high school. He came across a copy of an issue for a magazine (then newspaper) created by Dow Jones called “Barron’s.” You’ve probably seen the name “Dow Jones” before, especially if you’re somebody who actively checks stock prices. So you know that a publication like “Barron’s” is a trusted publication within the stock market industrial complex. That was what made David interested in investing.

His father had other plans for him, though. David’s father was a physician and he was kind of pushing David to get into medicine. It sort of made sense, right? Why not continue the family legacy, as it were, just to make your parents proud? Unfortunately, David didn’t really have much of an interest getting into medicine. He really wanted to get into investing. Still, he managed to finish his collegiate studies. At least he had multiple paths open for him by then. He graduated from a liberal arts college but decided to stay there to work in the admissions department. So at least he had a job.

While he was working in admissions, David really went all out and took every single admissions test that he could get into. He tried out for law school, medical school and management school. He was able to get high test scores from those admission tests. But he didn’t have much of a concrete plan of where to go. It wasn’t really until some of the friends he went to high school and college with started to get into the Kellogg School of Management that David decided to jump into it. He passed most of the admissions test he took. So he was kind of set to go another path.

During his time at Kellogg, David had an internship at Merrill Lynch, a famed investment firm. Because of his time interning there, he fully became in love with what they were doing out in Wall Street. By his second year at Kellogg, he had gotten a chance for an interview with Goldman Sachs. Dr. David Eifrig had gotten other offers. But who would ever pass up that kind of opportunity? So he took a chance at it and got hired.

Somehow, The Story Doesn’t End There

Despite getting a job at Goldman Sachs, Dr. David Eifrig’s path took a different turn. It was because of a massage therapist that pushed David to enroll for a pre-med program. He juggled his schoolwork with his career as a trader. At some point, he decided to move to Wisconsin to continue his studies there. He also worked at a medical lab as he was preparing to applying for medical school. And as he was about to go off to medical school, person who was running the medical lab handed him a business plan.

So Dr. David Eifrig decided to help that guy run the business. It was a year later before David actually went off to medical school. Apparently, that medical lab was sold off to a company for more than $100 million. A lot of stuff happened while he was also at medical school. He did residency at the ophthalmology department at Duke University. That was sort of the period when the idea for Retirement Millionaire came to be.

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What Is Retirement Millionaire?

Retirement Millionaire writer Dr. David Eifrig

Retirement Millionaire is a monthly newsletter that Dr. David Eifrig writes that’s geared to making you aware of what you might do in order to live comfortably once you retire.

Like any kind of newsletter in the investing and trading space, Retirement Millionaire contains a lot of content with regards to the movement of the market at large at the time of writing. Think of it as an opinion piece that you get every month. For the most part, it gives you insight on what has been happening in certain areas of the market, in case you weren’t already keeping track of it.

You also get suggestions on what you could invest in that might help your stock portfolio in the long run. That’s pretty much the entire point of why Retirement Millionaire exists. It’s meant to give you suggestions on what to invest in so that, by the the time that you retire, you have enough money to not worry about anything.

Aside from that, Dr. David Eifrig will also give you tips on how you could live a millionaire’s lifestyle without having to spend a lot. It’s pretty much setting your mindset early on. So that you wouldn’t be overwhelmed if you have a boatload of money when you retire.

The cost of the subscription to access to new editions of Retirement Millionaire as well as every single edition that has came before is $59 a year. They offer a 30-day trial just so you could see what the newsletter has to offer. If you cancel the subscription within that 30-day period, they will refund the $59 back to you.

There are a ton of special reports that come with your subscription to Retirement Millionaire. Compared to some of the other paid newsletters that I have reviewed in the investing and trading space, this is definitely one of the more affordable ones.

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Final Verdict – Retirement Millionaire Review

Like I said in the previous section, the cost of an annual subscription to Retirement Millionaire is less than some of what I have seen from Rogue Economics or Brownstone Research. The cheapest that were available from either of those two companies was both $149. That’s $90 more than what it costs for a subscription to Retirement Millionaire.

That being said, getting into investing requires a decent amount of money. You’re not really going to get any returns if you skimp out on the money that you will invest. Always remember that you should spend money that you are willing to part ways with. If you don’t have the money to invest, then don’t do it. It’s not guaranteed that you will have a decent return on the money that you invest. For the most part, it seems that some of the stock options that Dr. David Eifrig suggest in the newsletter in previous years have done well. Though, some of them are well-known companies.

Apparently, there’s also been instances where the parent company that owns the company that publishes the Retirement Millionaire newsletter would bombard you with emails on certain products that they have, hoping that you will buy the bullet and pay for it. I mean, you consent to get emails from them. So they’re going to use the data that they have on you to push ads.

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