Ripehouse Advisory Review: Jacob Field Scam?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Ripehouse Advisory. Is Ripehouse Advisory legit? Find out in this Ripehouse Advisory review.

The epidemic shows no signs of abating. New variants continued to appear, which do not speak well for the upcoming year. A new lockdown appears to be on the way.

It’s not that I’m against to lockdowns; they’re an excellent approach to keep the virus from spreading. The impact of the lockdown on companies and people’s jobs are what I’m primarily concerned about.

Many jobs have been lost due to the epidemic. A significant number of small enterprises have also closed their doors. Many folks lost their only source of income as a result of this.

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People are struggling to make ends meet as a result. Those who have managed to maintain their employment are looking for methods to supplement their earnings. This is what prompted them to start doing side hustles.

Side hustles are really becoming increasingly popular. Some people build their own small businesses online, while others work as freelancers. In any case, the revenues from these help them supplement their income.

Before you decide to commit to this program, you should read this Ripehouse Advisory review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Ripehouse Advisory in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Ripehouse Advisory?

Ripehouse Advisory Review - Ripehouse Advisory intro

Ripehouse Advisory is a program which will teach you how to invest in properties. It is owned by Jacob Field.

Jacob says that he can show you how investing in properties is the surefire way to be wealthy. He says that his strategies helped him quit  his high-paying job, meaning that he now earns more money from his investments than having a job.

The focus of Ripehouse Advisory is utilizing simple and scalable strategies. He said that his program can help you with retiring early, even claiming that by eight years from now, you can do that even if you are still starting out on property investing.

After all, the key to succeeding with property investing is to avoid investments that will land you in debt traps. This includes properties which have a low growth and very narrow appeal.

Ripehouse Advisory Overview

Ripehouse Advisory Review - Ripehouse Advisory owner

In the included training, you will be taught how to structure high performance deals to make you money. Jacob will also teach you how to build your investment portfolio.

He also refers to the investment portfolio as a “forever portfolio”, as it should aim to give you your goal of an early retirement as well as the financial freedom you have been dreaming of.

Also, the program is based on Australia. This means that most of the strategies here can only apply to you if you are from that country.

You will be taught how to look for good properties around Australia, especially those which are primed for above average returns. Basically, you will be learning all about property investing.

Jacob also claims that he has the exact formula which will help you find the best investment opportunities. He will also teach you about the simple checklist which can help you decide whether you should buy the property or not.

  • Is this the right time to purchase the property?
  • Is the buying window still open?

Basically, you will be shown how the entire process works.

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How Does Ripehouse Advisory Work?

In this part of the Ripehouse Advisory review, you will learn how the program works.

Ripehouse Agency brands itself as Australia’s first “Legacy Agency”. This means that they are dedicated to supporting you long-term in your business. They also promise a done-for-you solution when it comes to property investments.

A “Legacy Agency” emphasizes that property investment can help you get wealthy, but also help you start generational wealth. This means that Ripehouse Agency is a program that can assist you with passing your wealth to your family, as they will be working side by side with you all the way.

The program is mapped out using a holistic approach, and that they promise that they will show you every step you need to know until you manage to achieve your goals.

The program also includes what they claim to be cutting edge data analysis. They claim that they are a topnotch property acquisition agency which buyers agents can turn to when it comes to property recommendations.

You are promised strategies as well as insider knowledge which are known and used by successful investors. Along with that, you are also given these knowledge which are organized to be a more learnable and repeatable process.

P.U.S.H. Properties

Ripehouse Advisory says that they only acquire P.U.S.H. approved properties. These properties can generate income from four streams, even from only a single property.

  • Purchase Under Market Value – Put the profits of a sale into your pockets.
  • Uplift from Renovation – No need to wait for the market, drive real value into your property from day one.
  • Surplus savings – Have the property pay you for the privilege of being in your portfolio.
  • High Performance growth locations – Through cutting edge data analysis software backed by highly skilled property research analysts, we find the suburbs irrespective of the market conditions, that are about to increase in value BEFORE they pop.

The Legacy Sequence

Jacob said that his twenty years as a property investor were not wasted, as he claimed that he has cracked the hidden wealth code. Well, I highly doubt that, as the so-called code should be applicable to everyone, not only real estate investors.

The Legacy Sequence is a learnable and repeatable process which can help investors build a profitable property portfolio. It ensures that each property purchase can help you make it to the next step of your end goal, which is either…

  • purchasing a new property
  • increasing your wealth
  • passive income for generations to come.

This so-called sequence will help you main control as you call the shots, as it will be doing everything else for you.


Ripehouse Advisory sounds like a typical real estate investment program. Well, I am not really sure how it stands out compared to others, as it seems mediocre to me. I think it will be good only if you are from Australia though.

Anyway, as I was browsing the site, I realized that it is not that different from other real estate programs I have reviewed before. It does not state its price outright.

Apparently, enrolling on the program is by application basis. This means that only those who are qualified can proceed with the enrollment. I guess they only accept a limited number of students.

Is Real Estate for Everyone?

Real Estate

The purpose of this section of the Ripehouse Advisory review is to illustrate why the real estate sector isn’t for everyone.

Those who do not have the financial means to begin investing in real estate are not immediately eligible. You can’t just go into real estate because you want to. Making the choice to start a real estate-related business is a big step because it requires a major financial and time investment.

Many reality programs romanticize the notion of generating quick money by buying and selling real estate assets as if it were that straightforward. Be cautious: this business technique isn’t as straightforward as it appears on TV.

Furthermore, real estate needs a significant amount of personnel. In the company, there are far too many variables to consider. You must not only understand how investment works, but also other procedures such as renovation, interior design, and many others.

The ability to read a real estate market is only the first step. You have a long road ahead of you, and it will only get more tough as time goes on.

You’ll need the necessary resources to be successful in real estate. I advocate beginning a different type of business if you don’t have enough money. Purchasing real estate is a costly endeavor.

More than a keen eye for possible investments and some bargaining skills will be required to succeed in this industry. If you don’t have both, I wouldn’t recommend entering the industry.

Is Ripehouse Advisory a Scam?

In this section of the Ripehouse Advisory review, you will learn whether the program is a scam or not.

Well, from my research, I don’t think the program is a scam. After all, it really gives you access to the program once you pay for it.

For me, what is classified as a scam is when something does not deliver the product or service that you paid for. I don’t think Ripehouse Advisory is going to run away with your money.

After all, they only offer a limited number of slots, so that means that if ever they are scamming, they are certainly not dumb enough to scam only a few people. This means that they are probably not just in it for the money.

Their goal is to deliver a good quality service to the people, as they bring forth a program that promises that it can be your stepping stone to generational wealth. A bold claim, but certainly possible if the program does work.

Also, in my opinion, if a program demands that you pay thousands for it, it should at least guarantee that you will succeed. You shouldn’t have to hold out hope that the strategies you will be taught will help you reach your goals.

For a program of this magnitude, you should expect to shell out more than $5k. Unfortunately, I can only recommend it for those who actually have capital to spend on real estate.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Ripehouse Advisory

The main reason why I don’t recommend Ripehouse Advisory is the cost. The program can cost you thousands of dollars. The pricing might not be publicly available, but expect to pay a lot of money for a program like this.

After all, the program guarantees you a good quality service, and good service does not come cheap. If you are a newbie to real estate investing, then I don’t suggest paying for an expensive program straight away.

Another reason is that the program is only well-suited for already existing real estate investors. I don’t think it is newbie-friendly at all, and is certainly not equipped to teach you the basics.

If you want a course that is suited for beginners, then Ripehouse Advisory is certainly not for you. You have to look elsewhere, and trust me, you need to pay thousands to learn the basics of real estate investing.

You need to learn to look for free resources, as there are millions of them available in the internet. They are fairly good, and you need not pay a dime to learn them.

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Final Verdict – Ripehouse Advisory

Before I end this Ripehouse Advisory review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Becoming a real estate investor is a whole career on its own. It also would not work for you if you do not have the capital to invest. As you can see, buying properties is definitely not a cheap hobby.

In order to become successful as a real estate investor, you need to invest in properties which you know would have good value. You have to hold on to them until you know when it is right to sell them.

Other than that, you also have to attend to a lot of tasks which require a lot of attention. If you are looking to flip houses, you need a team to work with you. You also need to take care of other tedious steps like working with an accountant and a lawyer for any concerns and problems with your property.

If you are thinking that anyone could be a real estate investor, then you need to have knowledge regarding how the business works. A lot of people tried to get into the business without sufficient knowledge, and they failed with that.

You also need to be committed with the business if you want to make a lot of money in the long run. You need to be prepared for anything, especially for financial losses.

I don’t think that being a real estate investor is a good side hustle. It just involves a lot of financial risks.

For me, the best side hustle is something that you can do whenever you’d like, as well as start without having to shell out too much money. I know of one which is the perfect fit for you. More details are in the next section.

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