Rob Dial Review – Coaching Worth it?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Rob Dial. Is he legit? Find out in this Rob Dial  review.

Business coaches are not required to have a certificate, but they are allowed to operate. Despite this, however, they make a lot of money by doing so.

It seems like being a coach these days can make you loads of money, as mindset and manifestation courses on the rise. With these programs being high in demand, it seems like the time is nigh to become a business coach in order to make money in the field.

However, not everyone is equipped to be a coach, as you need to have the pedagogical skills and the charisma so that people will actually listen and learn from you.

Being a successful business coach is more about knowing what to teach. Rob Dial says he can help you how to be an effective business coach.

The question is, does he really know how to do this, or is he a fraud?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Rob Dial review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Rob Dial in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Rob Dial Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Rob Dial
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  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Coaching
  • Recommendation: Being a business coach can make you money, but it is not that easy to do. I suggest you do the opportunity I can recommend instead.

Who is Rob Dial?

Rob Dial Review - Rob

Rob Dial is a popular business podcast host, author, and coach from the United States. He want to have an effect on a billion people throughout the world before calling it quits.

His life’s work is to help as many individuals as he can overcome limiting thoughts, clarify their life’s purpose, and develop effective plans for making their dreams a reality.

Rob Dial has been a coach and consultant for 13 years, during which time he has worked with more than 50,000 individuals.

Rob has recently reached some important professional benchmarks. He has been downloaded over 100,000,000 times, making him one of the top 100 podcasts in the world.

His podcasts have racked up billions of internet views without him having to resort to expensive marketing strategies. Using social media, he has mastered several tactics for organic development.

Rob Dial’s life goal is to encourage tens of thousands of people to leave their 9–5 occupations and pursue careers as coaches and consultants full time.

He notes that in most countries, qualification for business coaches is not required by law, and that many coaches make more money than professionals in the legal and medical professions.

Helping individuals become role models of change for the rest of the world in order to “leave humanity better than we found it” is what keeps him going every day, even more than assisting them in escaping the 9-to-5 “rat race.”

The life-changing lessons of Rob Dial, creator of The Mindset Mentor podcast and The School of Online Coaches, have influenced many people. Rob now has an enormous online following, with over 400,000 Instagram followers and 2.7 million Facebook likes.

Many of his pupils and followers have found success in the field of online coaching because to his comprehensive approaches to the industry.

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What is his goal?

In his quest to make a difference, Rob Dial notes that coaching can be done anywhere with access to a phone or laptop. Rob’s approach emphasizes on an online presence and social media following as a means to attract potential clients and turn them into paying customers.

The aim of The School for Online Coaches, one of the best coaching academies in the world, revolves around this central idea.

One of the benefits of working as a business coach is the high earning potential it may provide. Whether you’re on the road, at the beach, or at home, you can get in some coaching time by using your mobile device.

Rob Dial explains that one may make a solid living and see the globe all while making a difference in the lives of others by starting and running a coaching business.

Rob Dial’s long-term goal is for his coaching firm to pave the way for millions of individuals to gain financial independence and leave their mark on the world in their own special way.

Rob, a well-known content producer all over the world, says that providing your audience with valuable information is the best way to grow your fan base. To leave the world a better place than he found it is his ultimate goal as an online coach educator.

Rob Dial’s Programs

Rob Dial Review - Logo

Rob Dial’s coaching resembles 10k Coaching Academy, Craig Proctor coaching, and Alex Smale coaching.

Mindset Mentor University

The Mindset Mentor University is a journey that lasts for one year and is meant for anybody who is devoted to discovering and tapping more into their inner potential in order to live a life of plenty for themselves and those around them.

Weekly Live Training

Get motivated every week and discover the techniques of the successful on these shows.

Exclusive Book Club

Rob will pick a new book every month and meet to discuss it at the beginning and end of each month.

Monthly Challenges

Get out of your comfort zones and work together to conquer Rob’s monthly challenges.

Private Community

Find people who share your ideals and encourage you to pursue them.

New Topics Every Month

A different subject related to developing one’s self will be discussed each month.

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My Favorite Program

School for Online Coaches

The School for Online Coaches has quickly become one of the most in-demand business education providers in the whole world.

Rob Dial’s team promises to work with aspiring and seasoned company owners in the coaching industry, assisting them in growing and scaling their businesses to 6-7 figures while having a positive influence on the world.

Is Rob Dial Legit?

Yes, it seems like Rob Dial is pretty legit. I, however, have a few concerns about him.

First off, what Rob wants you to be is to become a business coach just like him. I believe in the power of experience, meaning that if you want to be a business coach, I think that the best approach is to be a successful business owner first.

Being successful in business cannot be accomplished by mindset training and manifestation alone. There are a lot of factors to be considered here, including being an actual owner of a successful business, knowledge in the field (having a degree and actually going to business school would be nice), and knowing how to command a room so that people will actually listen to you.

What Rob can teach you will definitely help you little by little if you do want to be a coach, but I suggest that you are still better off actually working on a successful business before you even think about being a coach.

Besides, isn’t it better to have credentials before you even think about making money as a coach? How would you even get people to listen to you if you don’t have credentials you can show them?

I guess you should consider that before you even think about starting as a business coach. Also, one course is not enough to teach you everything.

Final Verdict – Rob Dial Review

Rob Dial seems like a likable guy, but I believe that he has the false motive. Sure, he just wants everyone to be successful. However, success cannot be achieved that fast. You should want to be someone that actually has success before teaching others how to be successful.

Also, remember that there are already a lot of business coaches in the market. If you are just starting to be one, remember that you will be facing a lot of competition, so you should prepare yourself.

I suggest that maybe you should just look for another opportunity. An opportunity you can start right now, perhaps.

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