Robert Vitelli Review – E-commerce Drama?

Today we will be reviewing a guy named Robert Vitelli. Is he legit? Find out in this Robert Vitelli review.

Robert Vitelli is someone you can call a jack-of-all-trades. After all, he advertises himself as a best-selling author, a coach, a speaker, and an entrepreneur.

Take note that I said he was “advertising himself” as those things. Well, as you can tell, I have some doubts regarding Robert’s credibility and abilities.

Going to his site, I was welcomed by a very old-fashioned layout, as if the site has not been touched for a few years already. That raises a red flag already, in my opinion.

For this review, we will be looking at Robert, his supposed expertise in a lot of fields, and whether he is worth your trust or not.

Is Robert legit, or just a scammer masquerading as someone you can trust?

Before you decide to sign up for this program, you should read this Robert Vitelli review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Robert Vitelli in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Robert Vitelli Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Robert Vitelli
  • Website:
  • Socials: Instagram
  • Type: Coaching
  • Niche: eCommerce
  • Recommended?: I don’t think Robert can be trusted, as he tends to embellish his achievements. His courses do not seem like they are worth the money.

Who is Robert Vitelli?

Robert Vitelli Review - Robert

Like I already said before, Robert claims that he is a bestselling author. In order to prove whether this claim of his is true or not, I decided to do some snooping.

Amazon seems to be the best place to buy books, so I decided to go there in order to look at Robert’s books. As I already figured, he sure made up that “bestselling author” title. He clearly isn’t.

So, how was I able to tell that he wasn’t a bestselling author? Simple, really. I went to look at the reviews of Robert’s books. They are pretty easy to go through, honestly. That’s because there are less than 20 of them in total.

Yeah, so much for being a bestselling author. I know that all customers who purchase from Amazon do not really leave reviews for the products they buy, but the number of reviews for Robert’s works are just too laughable.

Robert’s focus

Robert’s focus on things is not that good, as he is advertising a lot of programs at the same time. He seems to see himself as a man who can do anything.

But the question is, can he do anything extraordinary enough that is worth spending your money on? Well, I am not so confident about that.

Robert seems really confident about his books and courses, meaning that I don’t think he listened to people’s opinions and criticism regarding them.

His niches are quite surprising, and you wouldn’t expect a typical guru to cover them all. But Robert seems to have something for everyone. He makes himself busy by peddling books and courses on things that he find interesting.

On the other hand though, I think all this is a smokescreen to what Robert really is – a guru pretending that he is successful, and trying to keep appearances by selling “success courses” that are mediocre at best.

Robert reminds me of other eCommerce gurus like Ezra Firestone, Justin Cener, and Lara Rahib.

Let us look at Robert’s programs.

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My Favorite Program

Fast Track Celebrity System

Robert Vitelli Review - FTCS

This is a free video seminar where Robert promises to teach you the 5 components you need in order to get your business thriving in competitive markets. Robert says that this program is design to help you with differentiating yourself from the competition, and thus, dominating the market.

What makes this program sound a little farfetched is that Robert says that he can teach you how to become a celebrity in the field of your choosing. Yeah, right.

I am not quite sure about that part because Robert Vitelli is not really a name that comes to my mind whenever I hear the word “celebrity”. Looking at his socials makes me a little sad for the man, as he barely has any following to back up his “celebrity” status.

Anyway, at least the seminar is free. You can sign up for it to see what the hype is all about, but I definitely doubt that you can get anything groundbreaking from a free seminar, which is hosted by a guy who thinks he is a celebrity.

However, I do not really think you should sign up even if it is free. Robert might use your information as a gateway to sending you emails about his high ticket programs.

Fitbiz Accelerator

Robert Vitelli Review - Fitbiz

This program is Robert’s approach to eCommerce automation. It isn’t really any different from those being offered by other eCom gurus. However, this one is a lot less detailed, to say the least.

Looking at Robert’s page about this is certainly confusing. As usual, the layout is pretty old-fashioned, and not in a good way. He has attached some reviews from people praising it, and of course, no bad reviews are present in his website.

Other than a long list of reviews for the program, the sales page doesn’t really tell you anything. It doesn’t provide a reason why you should choose Robert’s automation services compared to the other ones in the market.

It just says that Robert is this great guy who sold a lot of books and is a “success advisor” – yeah, whatever that means. Overall, I am not so convinced.

He doesn’t even mention how much his commission fees are, or how much you need in order to get started with your business. All he says is that you will get three stores immediately upon payment, and he guarantees that you can get results and return of your investment.

I don’t think that’s a good thing… That just means that you’ll barely be breaking even.

In the page is also a shoddy looking graphic of a so-called “client protection program” in a cringe-worthy Times New Roman font. It says that if you are not able to get your initial investment back within 18 months, you get compensation.

I am not so sure about that one, though. 18 months is too long to keep something that isn’t making money continue. If anything, what Robert is saying is “trust me bro” instead of actually providing you assurance that your stores will be making money in his hands.

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My Favorite Program

High Performance Coaching

Robert Vitelli Review - Coaching

For this one, we will be looking at Robert’s coaching program. As usual, the sales page is pretty convoluted with information that any living adult already knows.

This coaching program focuses on mindset training, and from what I read, you wouldn’t really get that much business advice. It is more of a therapy session with a life coach.

There is no price tag visible in the sales page, so I think this is going to be ridiculously expensive. An overpriced session with a person posing as a certified expert isn’t really my cup of tea.

Golf Business Accelerator

Robert Vitelli Review - Golf

Robert seems to be a golf player, which is why he decided to offer this course. This is a free workshop that can help you find more customers in your golf business.

Well, not everyone is rich enough to own a golf course, so I don’t really see the point of this program. If you are rich enough for that anyway, I doubt that you will need tips from Robert, as you can probably hire a more experienced business manager for it.

Final Verdict – Robert Vitelli

Robert Vitelli claims that he is a successful author and life coach, which is actually far from the truth. He also claims that he could guarantee that you would be making money in eCommerce through his automation services.

Well, I do not believe any of that. Robert wasn’t really able to convince me, despite of everything he says on his website. What I learned is that he is pretty narcissistic, and that he likes claiming things despite having no basis.

There are just too many red flags on Robert’s programs, and I cannot stress this enough. I would not advise or encourage you to pay money for any of the programs he is peddling, as I know that they would not be able to give you any help with your business.

Robert does not seem to be a scammer, but I still wouldn’t trust him. He is prone to exaggeration, and he advertises himself as an honest guru.

I advise that you do not make use of his automation services and coaching program. There are better things to spend your money on.

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