RockzFX Academy Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk about RockzFX Academy. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There have a been a ton of different online platforms that offer some kind of training program when it comes to trading. It’s not surprising why that’s the case. A lot of people have become interested in whatever form of trading exists. It could be forex trading, stock trading or crypto trading. You know name it, there’s probably somebody out there who has seen somebody’s video on YouTube where they talk about how they were able to manage to earn thousands of dollars a month from trading.

Let’s be honest, most people get into trading because of the potential to earn income. People want money. And they will try their hardest to find a way to do so without having to do a lot. Trading kind of gives them that opportunity. You pretty much just stare at a screen and watch a line go up or down. There’s very little physical effort needed to do something like that. Timing is often a key part in being successful in trading.

So whenever there’s a training program that I haven’t reviewed yet, I’m always curious at how they make themselves stand out in such a crowded field. It’s great that some of the bigger platforms that offer similar programs have competition. But sometimes, the competition isn’t all that great. There are those that actually put a lot of thought and effort into what they’re going to teach you. Some mostly just do it as a cash grab. You’d be surprised by how many of the training programs that I have reviewed in some of the other niches are like. There are a lot. By this point, you’re probably curious where RockzFX Academy falls under. Or maybe I’m just assuming it. Either way, we’re about to go through this journey together.

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RockzFX Academy Review: Quick Details

  • Name: RockzFX Academy
  • Founder: Tony Rockall
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Stock trading, forex trading
  • Recommendation: It’s not really worth it to get access to this online training program. While there are a lot of lessons include in the course, the way that is it laid out isn’t worth the trouble. Getting into forex trading has its own risk. While there is a potential to earn money from trading, it’s not guaranteed that you will find consistent success in it.

Who Is Tony Rockall?

RockzFX Academy creator Tony Rockall

Tony Rockall is the founder of RockzFX and the creator of RockzFX Academy. There’s not really that much that you could know about Tony Rockall. But based on a video that he has up on his YouTube channel, Tony didn’t have a great childhood growing up.

Tony was the oldest of five siblings being raised by a single mom. His father committed suicide when Tony was just five years old. So basically, from then on, his mother was the one doing all of the work raising her children. Unfortunately, his mother was also suffering from mental illness and addiction. So you could kind of see how hard it must’ve been for Tony to see his mother struggling. By the time that Tony was 18 years old, he decided to move out of the house. It’s definitely not ideal, especially since he had four other siblings that he just left there. He doesn’t really mention their ages.

During that whole time, Tony had gotten into a relationship with somebody. It was a seemingly quick romance. By the time that he was 19 years old, he had gotten married to that woman. Nine months after that, they had a child together. Everything was really moving fast for Tony. And at such a relatively young age, he kind of did a speedrun through adulthood in a way.

Tony did his best to provide for his family. He managed to get a job in sales for some random company. During that time, some guy decided to chat with Tony. He mentioned trading to him. Tony had some level of knowledge when it came to it. So he kind of bluffed his way into it. He pursued trading for about six months. But that initial try didn’t really work out so well for him.

Somewhere along they, he started to work for a network marketing that primarily sold supplements. He was earning a decent money from it. But his marriage was kind of crumbling down. Eventually, the two of them got divorced. It was pretty messy to say the least. A lot of things weren’t really going his way.

But he eventually got back to trading, and everything was going well for him since. He had gotten married again. He made a name for himself as somebody who talked about trading. And that is how RockzFX Academy came to be.

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What Is RockzFX Academy?

RockzFX Academy is an online training program that teaches you how to start your journey into foreign exchange trading. There’s not really much else to the course, to be honest. That’s the extent of what you will be learning from the course.

The course is meant to be done in two weeks, based on how the curriculum is laid out. A lot of the other online training programs or courses that I have reviewed usually go through the material within four weeks or so. But since forex trading isn’t something that requires a lot of other skillsets to be proficient at, it kind of makes sense that you could easily begin to trade within that timeframe.

What Even Is This Structure?

I do have to say that the way that the course modules are laid out is kind of confusing. The course starts off with an introduction, which is pretty much standard with most online training programs. They usually give you an overview of what you will be learning throughout the course.

This is where things start to get messy. The next section of the course is titled “Day 1-5 – Getting Started – Building a Solid Foundation.” The name for this section of the course is too long. It should’ve just been either “Getting Started” or “Building a Solid Foundation.”

There are a total of 32 lessons for this particular part. All of these lessons are broken down by days. The first day gives you two lessons. Seems easy enough. The second day gives you eight lessons. It’s definitely a lot more than the previous day. So far, there’s a total of 10 lessons at this point. By the third day, you’re going to go through 18 lessons. Let me repeat that: 18.

At this point, we’re 28 lessons into it. By the fourth day, you get four lessons. That’s 32. By the fifth day, it’s graduation. Huh? But there’s also a section called Graduation at the end of the course. So you’re graduating twice? You get it when I say that the layout of the course is messy, right?

It doesn’t seem that Tony was consistent at how he structured the RockzFX Academy program. The sections that he titled “Day 6–11,” “Day 11–13” and “Day 14–15” don’t really have the same titling scheme as the previous section did. Somehow there are also sections in between those “timed” sections in the course. The good thing about the course is that there are a lot of lessons… I guess?

There are two different membership options for RockzFX Academy. There’s a monthly subscription that costs £99 a month. Then there’s a one-time membership option that costs £597. You’re getting the same thing if you choose either of these membership options. By the sixth month of the monthly membership, you’ve essentially paid close to what the one-time membership costs. There aren’t really any bonus stuff that you get that isn’t already in the course material.

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Final Verdict – RockzFX Academy

There’s nothing compelling about RockzFX Academy. While I appreciate that it has a lot of lessons included in the course, the structure of it doesn’t really make all that much sense. I was kind of naive to believe that it would only take you two weeks or so to finish the entire course. But seeing that there are a ton of different challenges and whatnot in between those “daily lessons,” it would actually take you about a month or so to fully understand the material included in the course.

That being said, it’s not really worth the trouble to try out. The structure for the course is really what’s throwing me off. It would’ve just made more sense if Tony had just laid out the lessons the way that most other training programs have done. I mean, he didn’t even continue using the “daily” naming scheme for the titles of the other sections. The membership is also kind of confusing. I sort of understand that there is a bit more income when you charge a monthly subscription rather than a one-time payment. But it’s just kind of cash grabby to put both membership purchase options side by side.

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