Rogue Economics Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to be talking about Rogue Economics. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are still a lot of different companies that offer their own programs and services in the investment niche that I have yet to review. I am always in awe at the amount of these types of companies. Who would have thought that there would be so many of them? I feel like the reviews that I have already made about these companies are only just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no way that I would be able to review every single one of them. But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

For the most part, a lot of these services rarely differ that much from one another. When you’re operating within a certain niche, there’s often going to be a point where almost every single service is already accounted for. Take ecommerce, for example. I have seen so many different creators and companies offer their own services that’s focused on a specific platform. Though, I’m mostly talking about Amazon here. You would not believe how many times I have written a review of a particular done-for you service or training program that’s focused on Amazon’s fulfillment service. There’s an abundance of choices because there is a sense of competition. Even though most of them offer relatively the same service. At least you can choose who you want to work with or where you could learn. That’s the benefit of it.

Same can be said about the investment niche. You can choose from the plethora of different platforms that’s available out there. Reviews like this one can be helpful at giving you an idea of what you might be expecting from those services. (Though, are my reviews every really helpful?)

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Rogue Economics Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Rogue Economics
  • Founders: Bill Bonner and Will Bonner
  • Website:
  • Socials: X (or the platform formerly known as Twitter)
  • Type: Newsletters, training program
  • Niche: Investment strategies
  • Recommendation: Although they offer two free newsletters, it does seem that the paid ones are where you might get a lot more information about investing. Unfortunately, not all of the newsletters are affordable to a lot of people. Getting into investing and trading requires a bit of money. There is going to be some risks involved with trading and investing. So, proceed with caution.

Who Are Bill Bonner and Will Bonner?

Rogue Economics co-founder Bill Bonner

Bill Bronner and Will Bronner are the co-founders of Bonner and Partners, a financial publishing company. You might be wondering why both Bill and Will have similar sounding names. If the first thing that you thought of is that they’re related, you’re pretty much on the nose. Bill Bronner and Will Bronner are father and son. There’s not really a lot of information about either of them that you could easily find, unfortunately. That’s often the struggle when you do reviews like this one. Information about the people who created the service or founded the company are rarely available. It’s kind of a gamble most of the time.

Based on what I could find, Bill Bonner had an interesting journey into writing about finance. He had studied English Literature in college with intended of getting in journalism. By the time that he graduated from college, he went on to work as an foreign correspondent for a rock and roll magazine. Unfortunately, the company that he worked for went under. There’s not really anything else that I could find about his work history.

His decision to start his own publishing company and creating his first ever newsletter sort of stemmed from his experience living in France when he was still studying. He had an interest to write about how people could live abroad. It seems mostly targeted towards Americans who wanted sights that weren’t their own backyard. And that’s how his International Living newsletter started.

The major challenge that Bill faced when he was starting International Living is that he couldn’t really write about living abroad without talking about the financial aspects of it. You need money to move abroad and live a life in another country. There’s no way that you could avoid talking about money. So he kind of forced himself to get into finance.

Somehow, There’s More To This

Basically, the company grew. Bill managed to find some level of success through his newsletter. At some point, Bill had gotten married and raised six children. There’s not really much else between all of that. Agora expanded its operation. And somehow Bill was able to start his own family office with his son Will. A family office is private wealth management firm for people who are rich rich. By 2009, Bill and Will co-founded Bonner and Partners. The thing that the company offered were newsletters about finance. There were a handful of different newsletters from their contributors. But it was Bill Bonner’s Diary that was the main selling point for the company.

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What Is Rogue Economics?

At some point, Bonner and Partners rebranded into Rogue Economics. Or at least the old URL for the Bonner and Partners website redirected to the one for Rogue Economics. There’s no mention of either Bill Bronner or Will Bronner on the website. Though the Privacy Policy for the website still makes references to the Bonner and Partners company. Even the app for Rogue Economics credits Bonner and Partners as its developer and publisher.

Based on what I could find, Bill Bronner was still involved with Rogue Economics when it rebranded sometime in 2020. But by the start of 2022, Bill Bronner was no longer a contributor for Rogue Economics. It had a new set of contributors by then, including Nomi Prins, Eion Treacy and Laurynas Vegys. At the time of writing, the current contributors for Rogue Economics are Nomi Prins, Phil Anderson, Clint Brewer, Andrey Dashkov, John Pangere and Laurynas Vegys.

What Exactly Does Rogue Economics Offer?

Rogue Economics contributor Nomi Prins

Similar to when it was still called Bonner and Partners, Rogue Economics offers financial newsletters from its slate of contributors. That’s pretty much the extent of it. The company stayed at its core, even though there are a new set of people writing for the company.

There are two newsletters that Rogue Economics offers for free, namely “Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins” and  “Cycles Trading With Phil Anderson.” “Inside Wall Street” is Rogue Economics’ daily newsletter, written by Nomi Prins along with Laurynas Vegys. Basically, what you’re going to learn from the newsletter is how to use the “disconnect between the markets and the real economy” to your advantage. “Cycles Trading,” on the other hand, is more focused on using the trends of the market cycles to your advantage. Both of these newsletters can easily be viewed from the Rogue Economics website.

Aside from that, Rogue Economics offers five different paid newsletters. The price range for the newsletters vary. All of the prices are for a year-long subscription for each newsletter. The cheapest among all of them is “Distortion Report” from Nomi Prins which costs $199. Next is “The Gold Rush Portfoilio” from Nomi Prins and Andrey Dashkov which costs $3,000. In order to subscribe to that newsletter, you have to call them about it. It’s interesting to see a newsletter requiring you to call them just so you could buy access to it. The other three newsletters that Rogue Economics offers all cost $4,000. Somehow these three newsletters, namely “Energy Distortion Monitor” from Nomi Prins, “Rogue Strategic Trader” from John Pangere, and “The Signal” from Phil Anderson, don’t require you to call them just to subscribe. You could, but you can easily purchase it online.

All three of those newsletters include access to a members-only community. There are also other bonuses that come with those subscriptions. “The Signal” has a video training course included.

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Final Verdict – Rogue Economics Review

I can’t really recommend any of the newsletters that Rogue Economics offers. While there are two free newsletters available for you to view, it’s not really something that a lot of people can get into. Both of those free newsletters are going to point you to the paid ones. That’s how it usually goes. They lure you in with free stuff so that you would think of buying their paid stuff. It’s your standard sales funnel technique. Most businesses use it in some form. You may not realize it. But it has happened to you.

As for the paid newsletters, there’s not really much that you will get from it. Sure, you get access to the entire archive and the members-only community. But that’s pretty much it. I guess “The Signal” is a bit better since there’s also a video course included in the subscription. But the prices for most of the paid newsletters that are being offered by Rogue Economics isn’t really affordable. Never mind the fact that you will also like be spending a decent amount of money in some of the stock options that they will be recommending to you.

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That’s it for my review of Rogue Economics. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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