Roland Frasier: EPIC Challenge Review

Hello, and welcome to my EPIC Challenge review. Here, we are going to take a look if Roland Frasier’s EPIC Challenge course is right for you.

As a business owner, starting a business and getting it to achieve a stable flow of revenue just isn’t enough. Sooner or later, you’ll want it to grow/scale enough to increase your revenue flow.

And that’s the thing. Starting a new business is easy enough in theory. All you need is a good education to acquire the skills you need to establish your business idea.

Scaling your business, however, is a vastly different story. In fact, some newer business owners can get lost at this point. Simply because many of them don’t really pay attention when they reach it.

And you didn’t manage it well, you may lose some of your capital.

The EPIC Challenge by Roland Frasier is a training course that claims to assist you with this. It aims to help you out in growing and scaling a business, by teaching you everything you need about business acquisitions (i.e. Buying another small business to expand yours).

But before you spend any money on this, it’s best if you read this EPIC Challenge review first. So that you can determine for yourself if this online course is worth investing your time and money, or not.

Note that this is a completely unbiased EPIC Challenge review. And I’m not affiliated with EPIC Challenge, EPIC Accelerator, or its creator, in any way.

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Growing Your Business Vs. Scaling Your Business

But before we go with the EPIC Challenge review proper, let us define first what scaling your business means. Since plenty of entrepreneurs, especially newer ones, tend to confuse it with growing their business.

Growing a business means that you’re attempting to increase your revenue, by injecting even more resources to enable that growth. The revenue that you’ll be getting on a growing business mindset is usually evened out by the losses you may have spent in attempting to grow it.

For example, if you hire more people and invest in more equipment, you’re essentially just growing your business. You may get increased revenue intake if you do this, but your expenses to maintain your business will also grow with it.

Scaling your business, on the other hand, basically aims the same thing of increased revenue, but without spending more resources on its growth. While it might seem impossible, it actually is.

An important quality that greatly differentiates growing your business from scaling, is that scaling your business puts more emphasis on flexibility, strategic planning using whatever resources they have, and most importantly, focusing on their own strengths.

Google is one of the best and frequently cited examples of a business that has perfected the art of scaling a business. Despite having seven online products with over a billion active users on each of them in 2017, their workforce consisted only of around 88,000 people globally.

Obviously, scaling a business is more preferred than growing a business for most entrepreneurs. And usually, as part of their scaling strategy, some businesses incorporate the acquisition of another business.

Therefore, the goal of EPIC Accelerator is to teach entrepreneurs the proper tools and techniques to help them develop a good acquisition strategy, while their capital usage down.

What Is The EPIC Challenge?

EPIC Challenge

The EPIC Challenge (E.P.I.C. stands for “Ethical Profits In Crisis”), as its name suggests, is a 5-day program that tells you all about business acquisitions. As such, this program is intended for established entrepreneurs and business owners who are fascinated with the idea of buying other people’s business, as part of their scaling strategy.

It’s actually a program to get leads for the actual online course that it offers. In this case, it’s the EPIC Accelerator, which teaches all about business acquisitions.

Basically, the EPIC Challenge/Accelerator teaches how you can contact business owners that are looking to sell their company as a whole, and buy them off using other people’s money (OPM). These usually can involve finding investors willing to help with your idea, loans, etc.

Those who are experienced in entrepreneurship can benefit greatly from this online course. While those who are no prior experience in running a business may find this course a bit too much.

Needless to say, this online course isn’t really for everyone. While this can help you earn a lot of money, you won’t be able to tap into the full potential of it if you’re not aware of how this business method really works.

Thus, before you enroll yourself into this, you must be sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Or else, you’ll just be wasting your money on something that will be of no benefit to you.

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Who Created The EPIC Challenge?

Roland Frasier is the creator of the EPIC Challenge and the EPIC Accelerator online course.

EPIC Challenge - Roland Frasier

According to his professional bio, he is currently holding high positions in several companies. He’s the CEO of All Channels Media, LLC., and has been a principal on several other companies, including:

  • Traffic & Conversion Summit
  • War Room Mastermind
  • Fully Accountable
  • Everbowl Restaurants
  • Big Block Realty
  • Scribe Publishing
  • Real Estate Worldwide

He’s also a well-known motivational speaker, and has hosted and guested in several entrepreneurship events. He has also been featured in several online publications, especially Forbes and

Roland himself claims that his secret to success is due to his mindset, which he always describes as 50% creative and 50% business-oriented.

Finally, he also has his own YouTube channel where he gives his own insights about several business topics and investments.

All of these credentials can speak for himself. Roland Frasier does know what he’s teaching on this course, and is thus legit.

But just because it is legit, doesn’t mean this course will work for you as well. Always remember that before you spend your money on an online course.

What Can You Get From The EPIC Challenge?

EPIC Challenge 2

As stated earlier, the EPIC Challenge basically just acts as a sales funnel for the real online course that this offers. And that’s the EPIC Accelerator.

It’s not really a true challenge per se. Rather, this program gives you several details about the benefits of business acquisition, the courses themselves, and how you can benefit from it.

Think of the EPIC Challenge as a 5-day sales pitch (because that’s how long this program lasts), rather than a true training program. At the end of this “challenge”, you’ll now be able to grasp an idea of what the EPIC Accelerator course contains.

Assuming you decided to avail of the course. But if not, then know this.

Now that you more than likely registered your personal information for this program, you’re now one of their leads. So expect several emails being sent to your end trying to pitch you about this product.

About The EPIC Accelerator

The EPIC Accelerator online course is the training program that’s being promoted by the EPIC Challenge. The aim of this course is to teach you a form of scaling your business to increase revenue.

Basically, the business model consists of you finding business owners that are looking to sell their own businesses and buying them off from them using other people’s money.

The course itself consists of the usual fare that you can expect. Several hours worth of training videos, live coaching from their team, templates, and even marketing scripts you can use.

The following is a quick breakdown of what can you expect from the training.

EPIC Accelerator Training Schedule

  • First Week & Second Week – As with any other training course, it starts with gearing you up with the proper mindset for this business model. You’ll be trained here to think like a proper salesman. Also, you’ll be getting a blueprint that consists of 50 business deals and 21 case studies as an example to inspire you more.
  • Third Week & Fourth Week – Here, you’ll learn how to scout for good business acquisition deals that suit your niche. You’ll also be given several tools to assist you in finding those deals, such as a so-called “toolkit” for analyzing deals, a sources list, a screening checklist, etc.
  • Fifth Week & Sixth Week – This part of the course basically will teach you how you can secure your funding for your business acquisition. You’ll learn several strategies on how to leverage the ”no money down” method, several funding sources, plus more.
  • Seventh Week & Eight Week – The last weeks of the training will focus more on securing everything that you’ll need to close the deal with the business owner. Here, you’ll also get several resources to accomplish it, including post-closing integrations, diligence flowcharts, agreement templates, and a checklist to follow.

The course itself has two versions you can avail of. The first one is the standard EPIC Accelerator, and the second one is the more advanced EPIC Elite Accelerator.

The only real difference between the two versions is that the “Elite” version gives you additional access to several more group coaching calls from the mentors of this course. And more importantly, a personal 1-on-1 coaching session with one of the mentors.

How Much Does The EPIC Challenge Cost?

Joining the EPIC Challenge program will cost you around $55. But if you decide to join the EPIC Accelerator course that it promotes, it’ll cost you far more.

The standard EPIC Accelerator course will cost you $2,995 one-time. On the other hand, the EPIC Elite Accelerator version will cost you $6,995.

You also have a choice of paying in monthly installments, but you’ll end up paying for more than you should if you get the total sum of your monthly payments.

I have to admit. Compared to other high-ticket online courses like Scaling With Systems who teach the same idea, yet different methods, this course is a bit on the lower end.

Regardless, this is still quite expensive for most people. As it’s intended for established entrepreneurs, such a price isn’t really surprising.

But as we all know, not all entrepreneurs still can afford that much of a price. And the fact that you still have to pay for the EPIC Challenge which is basically just a big sales pitch program is kind of repulsive.

And unlike other courses, this one has no refund policy. Therefore, once you paid for this course, even if you’re not satisfied with the results, you’ll never be able to get your money back.

Instead, EPIC Accelerator offers what they call the “300% Success Guarantee”.

What Is The “300% Success Guarantee”?

It’s quite a simple concept.

If you don’t have a 300% return on your investment by the time you’re done with the EPIC Accelerator course, the creators will extend your access to the program instead. You’ll still lose access to the live training and mentoring, however.

Normally, your access to the program is limited to 8 weeks after your purchase. With this guarantee, however, it could be extended for up to 24 weeks, allowing you more time to focus on the course curriculum.

It could be a good thing or a bad thing for some users. But this also means that even if you deem that this business method isn’t for you, you won’t be able to get your money back.

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Pros & Cons Of The EPIC Challenge


  • The creator of this course is as legitimate as he can get. He definitely knows what he’s teaching here, and his credentials speak for themselves. It also means that, for the right people, they can learn a lot from him.
  • It’s a legitimate and effective business model. If you’re someone who knows all about running a business, or you also want to scale your own business through a type of expansion, this online course is definitely for you.
  • Before you can apply for the proper EPIC Accelerator online course, the EPIC Challenge can give you a good idea of what you can expect from this course. Meaning, by taking the challenge, you’ll be able to determine in advance if this is the course for you.


The strangest con about this product is that the EPIC Challenge requires you to pay for taking it. When the entire content of this program is just a big sales pitch meant to sell you the EPIC Accelerator online course.

This means plenty of users will just be disappointed that there’s even no basic training to be received in the challenge. It would just be better if they did their own research and read something like this EPIC Challenge review, instead of wasting $55.

And speaking of the EPIC Accelerator online course…

Its cons can easily be summed up into one thought: It’s ultimately not beginner-friendly.

It’s quite understandable as this course is meant for existing entrepreneurs and business owners. But for most people, this course is definitely not worth it.

And business acquisition is a rather difficult business model to work in. You have to take note of several factors before you start your first deal.

First, you should know that acquiring the business for others is just the beginning of your hard work. As you’re basically becoming the CEO of that company, you’re going to now deal with plenty of work in order to keep its revenue flowing.

In fact, it all starts with how you can sell yourself to the business owner in question. For them to sell their business to you, you have to have the proper sales talk skills to convince them that you can take over their legacy. Since remember, they built their businesses after years of hard work.

While these skills can be learned, it’s going to take more than just this online course in order to effectively execute this business model.

EPIC Challenge Review: Final Verdict

To close off this EPIC Challenge review, I’m going to give my final verdict on whether this is something you should invest, or not.

To be fairly honest, the EPIC Accelerator course is quite good. Anyone who wishes to learn how to scale their business by acquisition of other businesses can greatly benefit from this course.

The only thing that I don’t like about this is that the course itself is quite expensive, and the EPIC Challenge is just a simple sales pitch that doesn’t offer any value. Which is a bit annoying, considering that you have to pay for it.

The ones that can greatly benefit from a course like this, are entrepreneurs and established businessmen who already know the ins and outs of running a business.

However, that is also the very reason why I can’t really recommend this course to everyone. For me, personally, instead of trying to acquire other businesses and struggling to know how to run them properly…

It’s more beneficial to just start your own business from scratch instead.

And for the price of this course, it’s much better if you invest it in a much better opportunity to make money. Something that can be learned by just about anyone if they try.

Fortunately, I’m here to offer you that opportunity you’ve been looking for. If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this EPIC Challenge review.

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