Ronnie2K (Ronnie Singh) Net Worth

Today, we are going to be talk about Ronnie Singh, or better known as Ronnie2K, and his net worth.

With social media being such a huge part in a lot of people’s lives, it’s easy to connect with other people from all over the world. You never would have been able to something like this unless you signed up for a pen pal program. But even then, it takes a bit of time for you letter to make it to somebody from another location.

One weird thing about social media is how certain personalities become known on the platform. Somehow, people just build an audience for posting stuff online. I mean, clicks and views are still a metric that platforms pay attention to. And that leads to a lot of people earning money from it.

Because of that, a lot of companies have taken notice of using social media to promote products. I mean, you have to sell to people where they are. Advertisements out on the street still work, but it’s easier to people to see your ad online. At the push of a button, you can send something out on the internet for everyone to see.

And sometimes people who work in the marketing department create accounts on those platforms. I guess it’s easier to see how people talk about a brand or product outside of the brand’s official account. It seems easier to talk to a human being than a brand acting as if it has a personality.

That kind of strategy works sometimes. You get to talk about the work that you are doing while showing yourself off to other people. But when things get heated, especially with a very dedicated fanbase, you are the easiest target for them.

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Ronnie2K: Quick Details

  • Full Name: Ronnie Singh
  • Occupation: Digital marketing director for the NBA 2K video game franchise
  • Social media: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram
  • Estimated net worth: $15 million

The Origin Story

Ronnie Singh’s love for sports started pretty much during childhood. He was raised in the Bay Area ever since he was seven years old. It could be possible that his family migrated from India when he was that age. California seems to have fairly huge population of people with East Asian descent.

Considering that he lived in the Bay Area, it makes so much sense that he would get really into the sports culture there. It doesn’t really seem like Ronnie disliked any kind of sports. If you name a sport, there is a good chance that either he is a fan of it or he has played it.

But Ronnie has such a bigger infinity towards basketball. So when it came to choosing a course and a college, he chose to go to UC San Diego to pursue a degree in management science with a minor in law. He also played collegiate basketball.

What’s interesting about his degree is that he actually wanted to become a sports agent instead of an athlete. For somebody who played a lot of sports growing up, you’d assume they’d be gunning to become an athlete. But somehow he wanted to be like Tom Cruise’s character Jerry Macguire. Go figure.

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Ronnie2K Takes A Detour

After graduating, Ronnie went on to work at a law firm. At the same time, he didn’t want to let go of the sports side of him. So he also got a job working for minor league women’s basketball team.

He was getting paid the big bucks at the law firm and not at the basketball team. But he was a lot more into his job with the basketball team. He decided to quit his job at the law firm to work full-time for the women’s basketball team.

Eventually, he went on to work for a minor league baseball team named the San Diego Surf Dawgs. There came a point during his time with the Surf Dawgs where they were trying add star players to the team. Ronnie suggests that he could Jose Canseco to join the team since he somehow knew him.

Soon after, they got Jose to sign with the team and play for them. Unfortunately, his daughter was living in Long Beach at the time. And he wanted to be closer to her. So they traded him for another player from the team in Long Beach.

So when it came to a point where Jose was playing a game against the Surf Dawgs, Ronnie had the idea of buying boxes of grape juice and sticking Jose’s face on them. At the time, Jose Canseco was wrapped in a scandal that involved using steroids. They gave out those juice boxes during game day. That stunt got picked up by SportsCenter.

That was basically the first ever thing he did when comes to doing a campaign.

In the Year 2K-something-something

Ronnie2K’s journey to become the digital marketing director for the NBA 2K franchise started from him playing the game. He had played a handful of the earlier versions of the game. It was during the free time he had when the Surf Dawgs were travelling that Ronnie started playing regularly.

Because he really enjoyed playing the game, he wanted to talk about it with people who also play it. Even before social media, there were places where you do that. And it’s called a messaging board. If you don’t what a message board is, just think of it as the precursor to Reddit.

So Ronnie was a regular poster on the NBA 2K message boards that 2K Games put up. And it seems he did so well that some people at 2K Games took notice of it. They asked him for an interview. Which lead to him running the forum.

At a certain, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter started to become popular. So, obviously, a lot of companies were slowly starting to build their brand presence on those platforms.

Then came the release of NBA 2K11. 2K Games managed to get Michael Jordan to grace the cover. Obviously, having a big name like Michael Jordan involved deserved a launch party. They invited a lot of celebrities to the party. And like a lot of brands, they needed content.

So they had Ronnie2K do interviews with the celebrities and athletes at the party. That pretty much became the template on how they would approach the marketing for the franchise. You do have to build rapport with athletes since they use their likeness in the games.

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Anyone Can Be Internet Famous

There have just been a lot of people on social media as years went on. And social media content has looked better thanks to technology. Somehow, Ronnie2K became well-known on the community, for better or worse.

People normally wouldn’t know who the marketing director for a brand is unless they mention it on a platform like LinkedIn. A lot of people who work for whatever department probably don’t have a public-facing social media account. They probably have accounts that they only allow their friends and family members to view.

Having been around a lot of celebrities and athletes throughout the years has helped Ronnie’s reputation among those people. He seems to be the face of the franchise outside of those on the cover. Like, you wouldn’t have figure a marketing director could be such a well-known figure in the community.

Because he is the face of the franchise, a lot of the ire against the game will sometimes be targeted towards him. It’s unavoidable when you have gotten some level of notoriety in any platform. There’s probably a lot of people who dislike him for how he is online. It’s very hard not be online.

It’s insane to see people who are mostly behind the scenes be front and center like this. You would never really expect somebody to make a brand out of themselves like Ronnie2K. But honestly? Anybody can be a brand at this point.

So What Is Ronnie2K’s net worth?

Considering that he has a relatively high-paying job, it’s safe to assume that Ronnie’s net worth could be at least $15 million. I mean, the franchise that he is involved with earns a lot of money. Somehow, everybody just wants to keep buying the same game every single year.

He has been part of the company for more than a decade at this point. There’s a good a chance that he has saved a lot of money and bought a lot of stuff. It’s hard to divorce the fact that he genuinely enjoys what he’s doing.

You never really see a lot of people who luck out on their dreams. Ronnie2K has always dreamed of being involved in sports in some form. And he is doing exactly that. He gets paid to promote a game that iterates itself over the years even though the basic gameplay doesn’t change that much. I mean, it’s basketball.

Still, a lot of people seem to enjoy buying the game every single year. I don’t know why but that’s the case. But I mean, every likes what they like. Who am I to argue about that? Ronnie2K is going to get paid regardless.

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