Royal Legal Solutions Review – Scott Royal Smith Scam?

Today, we are going to talk about Royal Legal Solutions. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

There are a lot of people who have been interested in getting into the world of real estate investing. Something about earning money just for renting out a property interests a lot of people. You’d be surprised by how many people are often on the search for “passive income” opportunities. That is to say, earning money without having to do a lot.

And that’s the dream for a lot of people, to be honest. They want to earn money. But they don’t want to put a lot of effort in order to do so. I honestly get why people have this mindset. It’s been pretty hard to find jobs that pay well enough to keep you housed and all that. Especially, when there is a big push towards the more widespread use of artificial intelligence tools.

I highly doubt that real estate investing will bear the brunt of AI in the near future. There doesn’t seem to be any major part of the process that AI can do better than actual people. Well, at least not yet. I’m definitely sure that it’s still a long ways to go before artificial intelligence that would be good at the legal procedures needed for any kind of real estate investing. That being said, there are a lot firms out there that offer legal services to real estate investors including Royal Legal Solutions.

I’ve never really written reviews about these types of groups that offer legal services to people that need it. I’m aware that you do need to be doing business within the confines of the law. But is the services that Scott Royal Smith up to snuff?

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Royal Legal Solutions Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Royal Legal Solutions
  • Founder: Scott Royal Smith
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: Legal services
  • Niche: Real estate investing
  • Recommendation: There’s definitely a need for any kind of real estate investor to be protected when it comes to getting sued. And it seems that the services that Scott Royal Smith and his team Royal Legal Solutions are relatively well-received from people who have patronized it. It takes a lot of time, effort and money in order to become a successful real estate investor. And that involves needing to operate legally. So it only makes sense that you have proper protections in place when it comes to buying and selling property.

Who Is Scott Royal Smith?

A screenshot featuring Royal Legal Solutions founder Scott Smith

There’s not a lot of information that you can find about Royal Legal Solutions founder Scott Royal Smith with regards to his early life. I honestly was not expecting to find any sort of details on how he grew up. It definitely seems kind of trivial especially when it comes to his life of work. There’s no real reason for you to know about what his childhood was like. It may give an insight to how he is today. But it seems unlikely.

Scott Royal Smith’s career in real estate started while he was studying in law school. I was genuinely surprised when I learned that Scott actually tried his hand in real estate investment. Anybody can do what they want with their careers. Maybe some people want to find some other income stream that doesn’t conflict with the job that they have. That’s why a lot of people are juggling between a normal desk job and a freelancing job. (And often, those freelancing jobs often pay a lot more money.)

Apparently, one of the first things that he bought was a commercial property. He also apparently bought an automotive repair shop. But since he was studying in law school, he needed the money in order to graduate. So he decided to sell that property of his in order to do so. He didn’t really stop from being a real estate investor despite already having a job working as an attorney.

And I guess his experience doing both of those things lead him to starting a firm that focuses heavily on the kind of legal services other real estate investors might need. Which pretty much brings us to Royal Legal Solutions.

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What Is Royal Legal Solutions?

Royal Legal Solutions is a law firm that’s focused on protecting the real estate assets of their clients. Their services are only available to those in the United States and Canada. As I have mentioned in the previous section, Scott Royal Smith didn’t really stop his career as a real estate investor on top of his actual day job. So it kind of made sense that he would then go on to start his firm that focuses heavily on legal services that you may need as a real estate investor.

It definitely seems unusual for somebody like me to write a review of the services of a law firm. But considering that it does focus heavily on real estate investing, maybe it would be a good idea to give you a look at what you might be getting from Royal Legal Solutions. Though there’s not really a lot to the services that they provide. At least, none that I could explain in detail.

What Services Does Royal Legal Solutions Provide?

A screenshot featuring Royal Legal Solutions founder Scott Smith

There are quite a number of different legal services that you could get from Royal Legal Solutions. But we are going to focus on some of the more popular ones that the firm features on the website. And we’re starting it off with asset protection.

As the name suggests, asset protection is basically just a set of legal methods that you could do in order to prevent your assets from being seized by debtors. Asset protection is the main service that Scott Smith provides through Royal Legal Solutions. The reason why a lot of real estate investors use asset protection is that you don’t really get taxed for any of those assets. If you’re assets are protected through those legal methods, you don’t have to worry about you getting sued for tax evasion. Real estate investors use asset protection primarily to separate their personal assets from their business assets, basically the properties that they purchase to sell to would-be homeowners or businesses.

Aside from asset protection, Royal Legal Solutions also offers estate planning. That’s basically a method wherein you determine how your assets become distributed long after you are dead. Basically, this is where a last will and testament gets into play. Considering that that this version of estate planning involves real estate properties, there’s a bit more nuance to it.

They also offer services that are related to starting an LLC or limited liability company. That’s basically a company where all of your business assets are held. It’s basically one of the methods that you, as a real estate invest can use with regards to asset protection.

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Final Verdict – Royal Legal Solutions

If you’re somebody who has already started their journey as a real estate investor, it would only make sense that you would have all of the legal aspects handled already. There’s nothing particularly bad about what I could find regarding Royal Legal Solutions. It’s pretty much your standard law firm, for the most part. A lot of the reviews that I have seen from places other than their official website have been fairly positive, from like an employee and a client standpoint. Most of the people who have consulted or used their services have nothing but good words to say about the firm.

Real estate investing is definitely one of those careers that takes a lot of time, effort and money. It’s not really something that I would highly recommend to anybody who is interested in earning money. There is a potential to earn income from selling real estate properties. But it’s not going to be instant. You have to pour a lot of effort into promoting yourself as a business to potential clients. You’re basically competing with a lot of people in that space. And most people would probably go to those with a lot more experience that you.

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That’s it for my review of Royal Legal Solutions. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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