Russo Brothers Net Worth

Today, we are going to talk about the Russo brothers and their respective net worth.

It is very interesting to see family members work together in the same industry. It’s not really uncommon for that to happen anywhere. Sometimes, the patriarch started up his own business and wants to pass it down to his children. There are probably a lot of those types of businesses around.

You are just kind of born into the business whether you like it or not. Depending on how many kids they have, each of them probably has some interest in running a business. While others want to do something else first before settling into the family business.

Sometimes there are just instances where siblings decide to work together on something. It doesn’t really matter what it is, exactly. It could be anything.

Take Greta Van Fleet for example. Three-fourths of the band are brothers. They grew up in a household that listened a lot of music. The dad of the Kiszka brothers was a musician. So he had a major influence in them pursuing a career in music.

Sometimes the people you are closest to are the ones you decide to work with. They know exactly what your ticks are. And they understand how you approach a situation.

But sometimes it could be messy. It’s hard to be mad at a person that you are likely to see in a family get together. You can’t really avoid them because they are your family.

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Russo Brothers: Quick Details

  • Full Names: Anthony Russo & Joseph Russo
  • Birthdates: February 03, 1970 (Anthony); July 18, 1971 (Joe)
  • Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Occupation: film director, film producer and screenwriter
  • Years active: 1997–present
  • Estimated net worth: $40 million

The Prequel

The Russo brothers pretty much spent their childhood in Cleveland, Ohio. Both of their parents’ families migrated from different provinces in Italy to Ohio in order to find a better life. It seems that their relatives on both sides worked in steel mills.

Sometimes, there are those moments that shape what paths people would take when they grow up. It happens a lot with musicians and athletes. Being introduced to music, films, or sports often lead to people choosing to pursue a career in those fields.

For the Russo brothers, they didn’t really have any interest in filmmaking growing up. But they did enjoy watching movies, whether on VHS or in the theater of their local cinema. It didn’t really matter whether a film was independent or a blockbuster. They had always loved watching movies.

It wasn’t really until they graduated from college that they started to produce and direct their own films. You wouldn’t have expect it from Anthony who was pursuing a degree in law in graduate school. But it did make sense for Joe who was pursuing a degree in acting.

The spark that ignited the Russo brothers’ interest in filmmaking was when they read a book that Robert Rodriguez wrote about making a film with a budget of $7,000. That was enough for them to start making their own films.

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The Main Feature

The Russo brothers spent some time juggling their graduate studies and the production for their first feature film “Pieces.” They took out as many loans as they could to finish making the movie.

Luckily, the film was featured in a film festival in Utah called the Slamdance Film Festival. Somehow, director Steven Soderbergh was at the festival and had watched the film that the Russo brothers made. That lead to Steven offering to produce whatever film that the brothers did.

That resulted in the 2002 film “Welcome to Collinwood,” which was a remake of a 1958 film called “Big Deal on Madonna Street.” The film didn’t really do that well with critics and the box office. But it didn’t really stop the Russo brothers from continuing their career in filmmaking.

The Russo Brothers Pivot to TV

In 2003, the Russo brothers were hired to direct a pilot for the FX series “Lucky.” They were able to direct another episode of the one-season show. Director Ron Howard apparently enjoyed the pilot for it that he and writer Mitch Hurwitz hired them to direct the pilot for the series “Arrested Development.”

Surprisingly enough, that episode won them an Emmy Award. They continued to direct episodes of the series during its time on Fox. They both directed some episodes of the series solo. By 2006, they directed the romantic comedy “You, Me and Dupree.” The film went on to gross $140 million in the box office worldwide.

After directed that film, they went back to directing for television. They directed for the NBC drama series “LAX” and the pilot for the ABC comedy series “What About Brian?” They didn’t really do another films at that time. Most of the series that they directed were comedies. I guess their style of filming just works really well for comedy.

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The Russo Brothers Return To Film

It was in 2012 that they were in talks to direct the sequel for the Marvel Studios film “Captain America: The First Avenger.” At that point, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was just in its first phase. The film that the Russo brothers directed was at the heels of the first Avengers movie.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to know that “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” did well in the box office. Even before “The Winter Soldier” premiered, the Russo Brothers were already signed on to direct the sequel. During that time, it was also announced that they were going to write and direct “The Gray Man.”

They didn’t really do a lot of other stuff outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films during that period. I mean, those films take a long time to shoot since it involves so much CGI. And it’s hard to do anything else outside of that because all of your attention is focused on that.

Basically, the next five or so years were solely with working with Marvel. It’s amazing to see how one film that worked well in the box office would lead to them spending half a decade in that universe. It must be hard for anybody who takes on such a task to do anything else.

Is This The Endgame?

The two-part Avengers films, namely “Infinity War” and “Endgame,” would be the last project that the Russo brothers would do for Marvel for a while. I mean, they helped Marvel earns billions of dollars with the four movies that they directed.

Those films were the ends for a lot of the actors who portrayed roles for almost a decade at that point. The Russo brothers decided to do their own stuff after that. Though some of the films that they wrote and/or directed after Endgame weirdly involved some of the same people they had just worked with on Endgame.

Joe wrote the screenplay for the Netflix film “Extinction” which stars Chris Hemsworth. They both directed and produced the Apple TV+ film “Cherry” which stars Tom Holland. Their most recent film “The Gray Man,” which was at the back burner since it was announced in 2014, stars Chris Evans.

I guess it makes sense to be able to work with familiar faces. Because you know exactly how to work with them. You already know how they are on set. Though sometimes productions on films like that overlap. And they had already filmed both Avengers films at once.

It took them a while before they got back to doing their own movies. But it’s definitely harder to divorce them from the four MCU films they directed, especially if they direct a lot of stunt-heavy films. But that’s just how it is.

What Is The Russo Brothers’s Net Worth?

Like a lot of other directors and actors, the Russo brothers started their own production company called AGBO. It’s just a logical step in the industry, to be honest. After you have established yourself in the industry, you can kind of have leverage to produce projects made by other people. They founded the company in 2016 but launched it in 2017.

Considering that AGBO is valued at $1.1 billion you would think that the Russo brothers would have a combined net worth near that kind of amount. But the way that an individual’s net worth is calculated, the Russo brothers have an combined net worth of about $50 million.

It takes a while before directors and actors start their own production companies. You have to put in the work in the industry before you reach that point. But even before the Russo brothers started their company, they were already producers due to the involvement in the projects that they directed.

Often people who direct pilots for a television series would sometimes become a producer on that series once it gets picked up. Titles like that are arbitrary sometimes and they just signify that this person was a big part in getting a production off the ground. The ones who financed the production have more incentive to be involved with the production.

Among the films that they have produced that they produced since launching the production company is Everything Everywhere All At Once, which became A24’s highest grossing film. It also has gotten some buzz among the awards circuit.

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