Lead Generation Blueprint Review: Is Ryan Wegner’s Course Legit?

Today, we’re going to talk about Ryan Wegner’s Lead Generation Blueprint. Is this course worth it? Find out in this Lead Generation Blueprint review.

Many of you may think that the only method that one can earn money from a living, is by doing a 9-5 day job. And I’m here to say that there’s nothing wrong with it, especially with this current economic situation.

However, some people will definitely feel that this kind of job isn’t going to suit them forever. Maybe it’s because of work burnout.

But the most likely reason is that people today value their quality time over earning money. Thus, if an opportunity arises that not only lets them earn money, but also allows them to take control of their own time, many would surely grab it.

The problem is that there are also many moneymaking opportunities out there that are simply scams in disguise. They take advantage of these unaware people for their own monetary benefit.

And this is what this Lead Generation Blueprint review is for.

In this review, we’re going to see what Lead Generation Blueprint is, and what it can offer for you. But most importantly, we’re going to help you find out if this is legit or not.

I’m also here to let you know that I’m in no way affiliated with the Lead Generation Blueprint program, or its creators. So you won’t find any affiliate links here.

Most of my views shared here are based on my own opinion alone.

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What Is The Lead Generation Blueprint?

The Lead Generation Blueprint

The Lead Generation Blueprint is another one of those online courses that teach people how you can set up your own digital business.

As the name implies, its business model is lead generation. But this time, it focuses on getting your leads by running social media ads (usually Facebook ads).

This is quite different from other lead generation courses that I reviewed previously. Because while the other ones focus on building a “digital asset” (AKA a website) to generate leads, this one focuses on running ads. Specifically, social media.

The effectiveness of lead generation as a business model has been proven time and again. Simply because, business owners, whether big or small, will always look out for you and your marketing expertise.

You should also take note, however, that, as with any kind of business, this required a bit of hard work, and probably a little bit of capital. But the rewards gained are certainly worth it.

My recommendation for making money online is also based on the same business model of lead generation. It’s a great and trusted alternative if for some reason you don’t prefer this Lead Generation Blueprint. This one has also helped over 6,000+ people, and still counting.

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Who Is Behind The Lead Generation Blueprint?

Ryan Wegner is the main guy behind the Lead Generation Blueprint course.

Lead Generation Blueprint: Ryan Wegner

From what I observed on his YouTube channel and his business webpage, he seems to be a rather simple person.

Usually, financial gurus often flash their expensive assets and achievements. Such as high-end cars, houses, being able to travel to many places and events everytime, etc.

But Ryan Wegner is different. He doesn’t really flex his belongings much in order to prove that his online course works. He’s not even faking it as most gurus will.

But one thing’s for sure. He’s one of the persons who wants to get out of the usual 9-5 job routine, and has successfully done so.

He does claim that he chose the lead generation business model because through it, he’s able to do some traveling and still earn a six-figure income.

Whether that is true for him or not remains to be seen. But overall, despite all this, he still prefers to keep it simple. And is even reflected on this online course.

Lead Generation Blueprint: Course Breakdown

Lead Generation Blueprint 2

The Lead Generation Blueprint courses consists of a total of 9 modules. It’s 8 main modules, and a so-called “bonus module” that you can access anytime.

There are also 5 resources that you can download to help you out with your lead generation business.

Overall, compared to other lead generation courses, the Lead Generation Blueprint is rather short. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the modules included here.

MODULE 1: Introduction

As the title says, it’s simply a quick introduction to the entire system.

Here, it gives a quick rundown of the online course your going to take and an introduction to the lead generation business model.  But here, it also emphasizes that this business model is “not for f**king slackers”, meaning it does need some hard work to set this one up properly.

MODULE 2: Things You Need To Know

Here, the author will tell you some terms that you’ll need to know when you’re going to do lead generation. You’ll learn how to adequately price your services to your clients, as well as other things that you need to prepare like your websites, etc.

MODULE 3: Prospecting

This part is all about choosing your niche and clients. Here, you’ll learn what are the factors that you need to consider in finding a profitable niche, as well as where can you find clients for your chosen niche.

Also, this module claims to teach you the “ultimate” method to find potential clients at a faster rate.

MODULE 4: Contacting The Prospects

In here, you’ll learn about how you can contact your prospective clients. You’ll learn here the proper way of reaching out to your clients through various methods.

These include cold calling, cold emailing, and even contacting them on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

MODULE 5: Meeting

Once you found a prospective client, the next you should do is, of course, to set a meeting with them.

Here, the author will teach you the proper exchange of words you need to do in order to land your client. You’ll learn about asking things about the business at hand, emotional selling, impressing your clients, and others to help you close the deal.

MODULE 6: Building Your Funnel

The next step you should do is, of course, building the landing page for your client. And this part will teach you exactly that.

In this module, you’re going to learn how to create your funnel pages, and what are the things that you should include in the funnel. The most inportant of which is the contact information of the client.

You’ll also learn here why your landing page may not convert, and tips to avoid it, as well as how you can automate the delivery of leads to your client.

MODULE 7: Facebook Ads

This is the most comprehensive module of this course, and rightfully so.

To summarize, this part will show you everything that you need to know on how to run a Facebook ad marketing campaign.

Included here are tutorials on how to create your ads, set a budget for it, setting up your “Facebook Pixel”, how to scale your campaign, and lots more.

Note that this module only focuses on Facebook ads, and nothing more. If you want to avail of the same lead generation course but has a more broad coverage on other ad campaigns like Google, etc., you can head over here.

MODULE 8: Wrapping Things Up

The “final” module of the Lead Generation Blueprint course talks about how you can scale (and even outsource) your lead generation business to meet the growing demand.

Additionally, you’ll also be eligible to join their affiliate program that lets you earn 40% in commissions, as well as access to 5 “done-for-you” funnel websites that you can use for your campaign.

BONUS MODULE: The Ultimate Cold Email Strategy

This bonus module can be taken at anytime during the course, and only serves as an expansion of some of the things already taught on the previous modules.

This one focuses on everything about cold emailing your clients, so you can offer your services via email. Here, you’ll learn why you should know how to cold email properly, how to avoid your emails being sent to their spam folder, how to do an effective follow-up, etc.

You also have access to some cold email templates that you can download for your own use.


The last part of the course isn’t exactly a module. But it’s where you can download some resources that you might need for your own lead generation business.

Included in these resources are…

  • Essential Software (May or may not be proprietary)
  • Meeting Presentation Templates
  • An Independent Contractor Agreement Sheet Template
  • A “Cheat Sheet” on some words that you need to avoid in your emails so that it won’t be recognized as spam

Along with all these modules and resources, the Lead Generation Blueprint also lets you become eligible for a 1-on-1 mentorship program with Ryan Wegner himself.

Video Tour

For a more detailed look at the inside of the Lead Generation Blueprint course proper, here the official video by Ryan Wegner.

How Much Does The Lead Generation Blueprint Cost?

The Lead Generation Blueprint course costs around $497. If you’re not satisfied with the course, they also have a 30-day money back program, but you’re only eligible if you accessed only 20% of the course.

Most lead generation courses of this kind cost upwards of $1,000 or even more. So you can say that it’s one of the cheaper ones out there.

Of course, if you want to get into this business model, you also have to consider the costs of the tools that you’ll need for this. Such as hosting for your funnel page, call trackers, email autoresponders, but most importantly, budget for your Facebook ads.

It may not be the best one out there, but with that price, it may be worth trying out if you wish. But if you want an alternative that may give you a bit more coverage on lead generation, you may try out my #1 recommendation below.

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Pros & Cons Of Lead Generation Blueprint


  • The training is pretty solid and direct-to-the-point. You don’t have to worry about it being too technical, as it aims for the simplest but effective lead generation training out there.
  • It’s one of the cheaper lead generation online courses out there. In fact, it may even be cheaper than most online courses that offera new business model.
  • The owner and chief mentor of this course, Ryan Wegner, is quite responsive. Not only do you get some 1-on-1 mentorship with him, he also replies to your questions rather quickly.
  • The money-back guarantee is legitimate.


  • The online course itself may be cheap. But the lead generation business model itself AND the capital you’ll need may be hard enough to get started.
  • It’s not really that comprehensive when it comes to their traffic and lead generation methods.

Lead Generation Blueprint Review: Final Verdict

To finish off this Lead Generation Blueprint review, I would like to add some points regarding this.

The lead generation business model is only hard on the start, especially with regards to setting it up. But it’s one of those business methods wherein you can afford doing it anytime, anywhere.

Thus, if you want a business model that may give you a chance at financial freedom, then you may try your hand at this business model.

As for this course…

I don’t really see any reason for me to not to recommend this online course. It’s one of the cheapest courses out there for it’s business model, yet it gets the job done.

The only real con about this course is that it may not be comprehensive enough for some people. Still, it’s direct-to-the-point, thus it may be good for beginners.

But if you want a  lead generation course that offers a bit more training than what is shown here, especially with regards to running an ad campaign, then you might want to try my #1 recommendation for this.

If you want to find out more about it, keep on reading beyond this Lead Generation Blueprint review.

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