SaaS Academy Reviews – Dan Martell Scam?

Today, we will be talking about the company, SaaS Academy made by Dan Martell. Is it legit? Find out in this SaaS Academy Review.

The pursuit of knowledge and expertise becomes a critical catalyst for success in the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology. SaaS Academy led by Dan Martell, emerges as a beacon of learning, illuminating the path for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders in the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS).

This comprehensive review aims to delve into the core attributes that make the SaaS Academy a standout educational powerhouse, exploring its methodologies, impact and the invaluable insights it offers to those navigating the intricate terrain of SaaS entrepreneurship. 

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with the company SaaS Academy nor with Dan Martell himself. This is solely an unbiased review of him and his work/s.

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SaaS Academy Reviews: Quick Details

Name: SaaS Academy

Founder: Dan Martell


Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn

Type: Training Program

Niche: B2B SaaS (Business-to-Business Software as a Service)

Recommendation: The cloud-centric model of SaaS not only minimizes the upfront cost traditionally associated with business startups but also provides an accessible entry point for non tech-savvy people.

The SaaS Academy

SaaS Academy

The SaaS Academy aims to provide guidance, mentorship and educational resources to entrepreneurs looking to build and scale their B2B SaaS businesses.

The academy is designed to offer insights on the unique challenges and opportunities within the B2B SaaS space. It covers various aspects including product development, sales strategies, marketing, customer retention and scaling operations. Working with them guarantees you Clarity, Certainty and Courage.

As of writing this review, the company has presented an average statistics of:

  • 32% Drop in Churn Rate meaning they have decreased the possible customer turnover for 800+ of their SaaS clients. Higher percentage of customers are continuing to use the service with the SaaS Academy’s guidance.
  • 57% Increase in Customer Acquisition – well, this is self-explanatory. Not only did they decrease the Churn Rate, they have also increased the number of customers for their clients.
  • 9x Increase in Conversion Rate – with the help of their marketing strategies, they have also increased the overall conversion rate of their SaaS founder clients, giving them more revenue. 

What is SaaS?

SaaS as a business lies in its transformative approach to software delivery and consumption. SaaS shifts the paradigm from traditional, on-premises software installation to a cloud-based subscription model.

By providing software applications over the internet, SaaS businesses enable users to access powerful tools without the burden of complex installations or ongoing maintenance. Convenience, scalability and cost-effectiveness at its core, users benefit from seamless updates, automatic maintenance and user-friendly accessibility.

SaaS business owners can efficiently scale their services, optimize their resources and deliver continuous value to a broad user base. 

The business model aligns with the evolving needs of modern enterprises, offering not just “a” software, but an entire service ecosystem that adapts to the dynamic requirements of businesses in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world. 

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My Favorite Program

Founder of SaaS Academy

Dan Martell

Dan Martell’s entrepreneurial journey is just like the others, failure to success. He had his first experience building a tech company, but it immediately failed. Second comes a hosting company that also didn’t last long too. But he knows now that all of those failures are just a culmination of countless awkward mistakes that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. 

He has built his portfolio, found strategies and methods to fix those awkward mistakes and now, Dan Martell has become a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and advisor renowned for his influential role in the startup and SaaS sectors. 

With his wealth of experience, he has become a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial community, offering valuable insights and guidance to aspiring business leaders. He has contributed significantly to the growth and success of numerous startups. 

Not only that, but he also actively shares his knowledge through various channels, one of which is the SaaS Academy, where he empowers others to navigate the complexities of building and expanding their own SaaS businesses.

And in terms of his popularity on social media, Dan’s Instagram account has more than 200K followers and his YouTube channel has nearly 120K subscribers as of writing this review. 

Programs Offered

Growth Accelerator Program

Growth Accelerator Program

The Growth Accelerator program by SaaS Academy will teach you the 3Ps of Growth, product, positioning, and promotion.


The foundation of growth in any SaaS business is a high-quality product. Continuously innovating and improving the functionality, usability and features of the software is crucial for meeting customer needs and staying ahead of the competition.

It is also important to have software that is user-friendly, since not all are tech-savvy. A positive user experience is essential for user satisfaction and retention. A well-designed, intuitive interface, along with responsive customer support can significantly impact the perceived value of the product.


They will help you clearly define and understand your target audience, which is essential for effective positioning. Knowing the specific needs, pain points and preferences of your target market allows you to tailor your product and messaging accordingly.

They will also teach you how to establish a unique proposition on how you will differentiate your product from your competitors. This involves highlighting what sets your SaaS offering apart, whether it’s advanced features, specific industry focus or exceptional customer support.


Promotion involves effectively communicating the value of your SaaS product to your target audience. This includes employing various marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns, and other channels to generate awareness and interest.

Once you’ve made a focus on these 3 pillars of growth, you’ll be able to:

  • Grow your business at speed
  • Minimize the risks involve
  • Lower your churn rate
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Ensure product-market fit
  • Get on a healthy trajectory

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My Favorite Program

SaaS Academy Program

If they have the 3 Pillars of Growth in Growth Accelerator, in SaaS Academy, they have the 3 secrets to scaling a SaaS business:

Secret #1: Get a Custom Growth Plan Designed for Your Business

People at SaaS Academy recognize that every SaaS venture is unique, that’s why they offer a personalized approach in ensuring that you receive a roadmap that is aligned precisely with your specific goals, challenges and market dynamics.

Through this strategic guidance, they empower founders like you to navigate the complexity of scaling with a clear and actionable plan crafted to propel your particle SaaS enterprise to new heights. Included are:

  • Yearly Strategic Game Plan Sessions to establish your KPIs
  • Bi-weekly meetings to help you execute your plan and measure progress via the their very own Growth KPI System
  • Clarity coaching calls to get feedback and coaching on your execution

Secret #2: Everything You Need to Implement Your Growth Plan

The academy provides practical tools and resources to aid you in implementing your growth plan. This toolkit encompasses a diverse array of resources, ranging from actionable templates and industry best practices to hands-on guidance and support.

You’ll gain access to the essential building blocks required for the effective execution of your growth strategies. Whether it’s refining product development, optimizing marketing efforts, or enhancing customer engagement, this now known secret underscores the significance of a holistic approach in SaaS businesses.

Secret #3: The Accountability to Make Sure You Get Things Done

This is centered around providing you with the structured accountability needed to ensure the effective implementation of your growth plan. Recognizing that commitment to action is vital, they offer a framework that goes beyond guidance and resources. 

They will help you establish clear milestones, regular check-ins, and a support system that holds you accountable for your own progress. This secret does not only encourage consistent action but also instills the discipline necessary for sustained growth.


The Boardroom is for already-successful SaaS business owners that want to build a legacy for their own. It is structured into mastermind groups, capped at eight founders each. You’ll only be invited if you qualify into these 3 criteria:

  • Your business is projected to hit $250K ARR of the current year
  • You have an executive leadership team in place
  • You’re ready to build a legacy business 



They also hosts online and in-person live events every now and then and the schedules available as of writing this review are:

  • Online Live Growth Accelerator Intensive, happening on the 21st of February,
  • In-Person Live SaaS Academy Intensive, happening on the 4th-6th of February in Austin, Texas,
  • In-Person Live Boardroom Intensive, happening on the 7th-9th of February, also in Austin Texas.

These events give an opportunity for collaborations with other like-minded individuals in the SaaS business industry. 

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My Favorite Program

Is SaaS Academy a Scam?

SaaS Academy by Dan Martell is definitely not a scam, but one thing is for sure, it is not for beginners wanting to start in the SaaS industry. They require B2B SaaS founders to have over $10K MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) to have a scheduled “Free” growth session with them.

This growth session will assess whether you’re a good fit for the company or not. And only after that where you can finally join one of their programs available. Prices also are not included anywhere on their website. Maybe you’ll know the specifics after the free growth session.

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