Sabri Suby Sell Like Crazy Review: Worth Trying?

Today we will be reviewing a book known as Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby. Is this book the real deal? Find out in this Sell Like Crazy review.

Many people are looking for strategies and techniques to boost their chances of earning money now that they have the option to work from home. When the costs of essential things begin to rise, it may be tough to keep track of your finances.

Making money with a side business is a great idea. Also, passively making money while working full-time is a great way to save money a lot faster when working full-time.

It’s usually a good idea to have a little extra cash on hand since you never know when something unexpected may occur. You should be ready for everything, according to recent occurrences.

We’re all just trying to get by in the middle of the constant threat to world peace right now. Time, on the other hand, passes without pausing on anybody.

Finding good books that teach new ways to generate money online might be tough. Many financial gurus, after all, have had specific training in deception and manipulation.

Before you decide to purchase this book, you should read this Sell Like Crazy review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with the book or Sabri in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is Sell Like Crazy?

Sell Like Crazy Review: Book cover

According to reports, Sabri Suby’s technique helped him and his clients get hundreds of meetings.

In his book Sell Like Crazy, he reveals his specific revenue-scaling method, including how he conducts sales. You’ll also learn the most typical blunders that keep firms stuck in the feast or famine cycle.

Sabri Suby promises that by reading this book, you will obtain a new viewpoint as well as a fast road to marketing and sales.

Who is Sabri Suby?

Sell Like Crazy Review: Sabri Suby

King Kong, an Australia-based digital marketing firm with a global customer base, was founded by Sabri Suby.

Sabri Suby was born to a single mother. He grew up with a mother who worked three jobs to raise for his siblings. His mother’s perseverance had a significant impact on him.

When he was eight years old, Sabri Suby attempted a variety of unconventional techniques to help support his family.

He initially applied for a sales career when he was 16 years old. For the post, he and two other candidates won in the competition. Despite this, he came in last place among his 13 sales team members.

His supervisor threatened to fire him in seven days if he did not improve his performance. As a consequence of this predicament, he had no option but to alter his plan immediately.

Suby started fighting back against his callers, challenging them to buy instead of giving up due to their arguments. His sales stats soared when he broke the team’s sales record.

Sabri Suby claims to have swiftly risen through the ranks of sales representatives as a youngster, earning about $2,000 per week. He said that this accomplishment served as a catapult for him to launch his own company.

After working as a salesman for many years, he created King Kong, a digital marketing firm. His firm grew to employ dozens of individuals over the following few years. As a result, it seems that his marketing firm is a huge success for him.

However, I’m not sure whether Sabri Suby is a true web marketing pro. If that’s the case, why doesn’t he keep his secrets to himself? After all, no one will pay for his advisory services if other people know the secrets.

Anyway, in the next part, we’ll look at what Sell Like Crazy is all about.

Sell Like Crazy Overview

For this portion of the Sell Like Crazy review, I will be giving you a quick summary of what you will be learning in the book.

Think Like Billionaires

Sabri’s attitude is discussed in the first chapter. In this chapter, he discusses the development of an entrepreneurial mentality to follow the proper route is a key factor in entrepreneurship success.

When explaining his point of view, Sabri Suby avoids using philosophical jargon. He does this by removing the irrelevant information and focusing on his main message.

Other major names like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ lifestyles are not described by Sabri Suby. Billionaires, he continued, invest in assets that will generate a strong return in order to achieve their objectives.

Sabri Suby investigates how these folks snipe at every second of the day after generalizing about their investments. Outsourcing low-level operations like reading emails, maintaining social media accounts, and streaming live video to Facebook to outsourcers is acceptable for billionaires.

Then he concentrates on “highly leveraged activities,” as he describes them. This is where your time and money should be put.

These 20% account for 80% of your return, according to the Pareto principle. Sabri Suby, on the other hand, isn’t content to just play about with the concept.

He leads his own ship in a completely different path in a book that elucidates common efficiency ideas. According to a research by Sabri Suby, 4% of the company’s operations create 64% of income on average, rather than the typical 20% number.

It is true that just two-thirds of a company’s effort provides a return. As a result of the new approach, you will need to reduce the length of your work list as a company owner.

You may have to cut off 3/4 of the tasks on your 20% list to find a silver lining.

According to Sabri Suby, the greatest profits would be achieved by paying close attention to all highly leveraged company operations. He discusses what duties he is working on in the company in more detail as each chapter develops.

Furthermore, by going through your list, he assists you in determining which things are pertinent to your scenario.

Sabri Suby believes that staying focused is tough when there are so many distractions around you and all of your attention is diverted by minor activities and voices clamoring for attention.

The Way to Sell Like Crazy

Suby argues in this chapter that it sales is mostly your responsibility as a company owner.

He considers selling to be distinct from working.  As he explains, he provides some instances of how a typical baker thinks while selling baked products.

Suby wants you to experience the following mentality change from the viewpoint of a company founder. Focus on selling the items and services you offer rather than developing your trade.

The 500,000 Learning Curve

To understand where Suby obtained its title, you must first appreciate where it originated.

It’s from his own $500,000 in Sales Education fees. Some of you may believe that paying $150,000 for education is the same as paying off a credit card.

Despite this, Sabri Suby claims to spend three times as much on books, seminars, and courses.

When we consider all of the ways that our college years influenced our life, we are inclined to conclude that they were enjoyable and memorable. However, they did not provide us with the core skills and attitude that we would need to achieve in the future.

According to Sabri Suby, the majority of his money was wasted on gimmicks advocated by so-called “gurus” and “specialists” that were ineffective and worthless.

After that, he decided to genuinely get started learning. He sought out individuals who had an influence on thousands, if not millions, of people using sales and marketing abilities, learning about their life, communicating with other people, and copywriting.

He is still focused on the actions of people that resulted in domino-like impacts.

Suby explains in his book that he chose to devote his whole life to studying the success of well-known individuals.

He also gives a discussion about a few college dropouts who went on to have excellent careers.

Make the Wisest Investments

To assess the ROI of conventional investments, Sabri Suby employs sponsored advertisements on Facebook and Google, along with a compelling proposition.

Building a strong offer and then running well-targeted and concentrated advertising around it, as Suby says, is the greatest way to make the most money.

Let’s take a look at each of the eight Sell Like Crazy phases.

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What is the 8-Phase Selling System?

Sell Like Crazy Review: Book details

In this section of the Sell Like Crazy review, you will learn about the 8-phases discussed in the book.

Phase 1: Catching Your Dream Client

Suby contrasts the promises of many marketing experts that they can sell hacks efficiently with the history of copywriting’s tried and proven methods.

King Kong’s expansion was aided by long-term plans. He does the greatest step by nourishing your view of frigid internet users.

You may start improving your sales by developing your understanding of the needs of your ideal clientele. He also believes that just a small percentage of the population is attempting to purchase time in any specific business.

On the other hand, a large proportion of individuals are aware of their problems but do not actively seek answers. Many people want to understand more about their various demands if schooling proves to be useful to them.

The vast majority of marketing firms now focus on the little percentage of customers who are actively looking to purchase.

According to Sabri Suby, these organizations are myopic since they do not educate and develop businesses, making them easy targets if given useful information and updates.

The Halo Engage Operation, according to Sabri Suby, should be learned. He utilizes Halo, a first-person shooter (FPS) game, to attract customers. If you want to win, you must have a thorough understanding of your opponent.

To drive their consumers to paradise, the finest marketing organizations post incentives that appeal to the heartstrings.

Suby’s extensive instructions on how to burrow into the thoughts of your ideal clientele include the protein for this step. As a result, you may learn more than they do.

He claims that in order to make your message stand out and gain clients, you must go far deeper. It would be beneficial to figure out what your consumers really desire.

Phase 2: Making the Perfect Date

Sabri Suby discusses fishing, specifically how he creates lures for a variety of high-end clients.

He explains all of the advantages of HVCO by using a comparison that most firms employ (High-Value Content Offers).

Suby has compiled a list of qualities that an HVCO must have in order to help you:

  • Use a catchy title.
  • Make certain that each point addresses a hot topic.
  • The secret to success is simplicity.
  • The title is vital in content marketing.

That’s why Suby spends the most of this section discussing the finest headlines from the last 70 years.

Suby displays a variety of items, including their prominent branding, looks/tips, backdrops, and a wide range of options for altering one’s appearance.

Here’s a rundown of the most important points to remember:

  • Numbers have the capacity to capture readers’ attention and almost drive them to continue reading.
  • Create a compelling sense of suspense.
  • Demonstrate the value of what you’re offering.
  • Suby also provides a list of other HVCO kinds that you might gather to spark your imagination.

Phase 3: Capturing Leads

If you’ve considered studying digital marketing, you’ve probably wondered how you’ll reach your target consumer.

Suby starts with the following analogy: You have customers in the same way that you have a spouse; you had to do some wining and dining before proposing. This phase exemplifies Suby’s way of entertaining customers.

The procedure begins with a landing page that allows you to opt-in, so you won’t feel weird when it comes time to inquire about the first date.

A high-converting landing page today has numerous components. Suby will cover the following five topics in this phase:

  • A compelling title will pique readers’ interest.
  • Subheadline outlining the contents of your offer.
  • Convincing bullet points
  • Visual brochures or infographics that demonstrate what they will get.
  • Names and email addresses.

Sabri Suby shares some basic rules for producing the most successful headlines, having mastered the art of advertising archaeology.

Phase 4: Godfather Strategy

From the famous Godfather film, Sabri Suby explains, “Having an appealing proposition is the game plan.”

According to Sabri Suby, employing this offer may melt a prospect’s concerns and eliminate sales friction.

You’ve seduced them with an email schedule in return for an HVCO. They want to grow their collaboration and sales with you now that they’ve given you their information.

Sabri Suby demonstrates how to make a compelling offer in this section. “Sell what people desire,” he says in his first point.

Many individuals devote time and effort to creating items that no one wants. There isn’t much of a market for it. People prefer to perform the easiest thing rather than do market research.

This is what I refer to as “doing your homework.” To put it another way, it’s where we’ll run numerous sponsored advertisements to evaluate our market.

On page 57, Suby talks about his “doing your homework” worksheet. He advises that you use two columns.

The first column should be labeled “Features,” and it should include a list of all of your product’s qualities. The other column should include the word “Benefits,” where you may translate each characteristic into its matching benefit.

Meanwhile, in order to save time, make sure that enough people desire to buy your goods. The way this product separates itself from the hundreds of other items on the market is what sets it apart.

Phase 5: Boosting Traffic

Since you’re increasing your advertising, Sabri Suby uses a variety of acronyms to monitor your company’s profitability.

Then he demonstrates how to set up Google and Facebook pay-per-click advertisements that convert well. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the most crucial acronym to remember.

You must spend a specific amount of money in order to get a new client.

What percentage of your advertising budget do you spend on paid advertisements? Suby gives you advice depending on how much your customer pays you. Then you figure out how much it will cost to get that customer.

He also recounts a corporation that invested in a platform to update its ad algorithm, causing income to vanish quicker than a water reservoir in the arid Sahara desert.

Instead of concentrating on one platform, entrepreneurs are advised to divide their time across three. Reaching out to a larger number of individuals will help to diversify risks and increase the number of possible clients.

Phase 6: Magic Lantern Technique

Even if your website has great traffic, just 3% of visitors purchase your product right away.

The use of the Magic Lantern is suggested by Sabri Suby. As an example, consider a blue light that attracts insects. As a result, your prospects are consistently drawn to you.

It’s just a collection of emails promoting video training, which is ideal for prospects that opt into your landing page without purchasing anything.

Suby describes some of the chores as he shares the magic lantern’s experience with the series. According to him, the video sequence may convert a significant fraction of the 97 percent indifferent into enthusiastic and actual purchasers.

Suby uses various examples to showcase the state’s transition for prospective clients as an example of how he puts one together for his customer.

Every step that develops trust reduces skepticism. Suby uses this strategy to refer to your prospect as a road map to the intended result. As a result, you supply a wide range of values as well as unrivaled goodwill.

Phase 7: The Sales Process

Sabri Suby states that after you’ve started building trust using the Magic Lantern Technique, you’ll be able to schedule additional meetings with individuals you’ve met.

He analyzes what 90 percent of salespeople do in order to show how an average salesman messes up the deal.

Subystates of the Sabri In the sales process, 90% of salespeople go down the incorrect route. They merely yell out all of the advantages and characteristics of their goods and services throughout the presentation, in the hopes of convincing their prospects to buy them.

Phase 8: Automations

In the last stages, I’d want to explain Suby’s suggestions on how to automate and hire.

Sabri Suby claims to be in charge of a large number of customers and staff.

He gives a method to automate the process of marketing and sales, such as filling out an email, producing a sales page, filming a video, and recording webinars, so that you may benefit from it on a consistent basis.

Is Sabri Suby Legit?

Sell Like Crazy Review: Sabri Suby 2

I can’t claim that Sabri Suby is a con artist. He is a seasoned internet marketer. He is highly competent in web marketing, as shown by the fact that he started King Kong.

However, I believe he, like other gurus, makes too many strong promises in his sales presentation to get people into his sales funnel.

Also, I believe that the free plus shipping sales model is unethical since he claims that the book is free, but it is not. In a strict sense, this may be considered a con.

Yeah, I am not so sure if he can be trusted just because he wrote one book. The book is not even that comprehensive, if you ask me.

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Why Sell Like Crazy is Not for You

In this section of this Sell Like Crazy review, you will learn why I do not recommend the methods Suby shows.

1. The teachings are not doable.

If you are a beginner, Sabri Suby’s techniques may seem interesting. But saying it is easier than doing it.

In order to put what Sabri Suby stated into action, you had to have a lot of technical and commercial abilities. And mastering these abilities in a short amount of time is not conceivable. Practicing takes a long time.

You might lose a lot of money if you aren’t skilled at running advertisements or completing sales. So, particularly for those who are new to internet marketing, just studying the approach is meaningless.

2. The methods rely on paid ads.

The cost of sponsored advertisements has risen dramatically in recent years as more and more large corporations have begun to use them. You cannot compete with large corporations as a small company owner.

The price of paid adverts is determined by an auction. When a result, as more individuals run sponsored advertisements, the cost will rise.

According to Forbes, the cost of Facebook ads has climbed by 90% year over year. The overall expense of paid advertising will account for at least 30% of your sales income.

Your net profit margin will be quite tiny after deducting the product cost and other transaction fees.

Furthermore, although you will see an increase in sales as the Facebook pixel collects more data, the hot audience will quickly exhaust itself. As a consequence, you’ll observe a lower conversion rate and a higher Facebook ad cost.

You’ll gradually start to lose money again. As a result, using sponsored advertisements as a traffic source is no longer a viable option. In this regard, Sabri Suby is a little out of date.

Worse still, paid advertising has a high learning curve. Facebook and other ad networks are notorious for changing their algorithms without warning. As a result, even the most successful commercials might lose money at any point.

You must then repeat the testing process in order to get back on track. You’ll have to spend a lot of money in the process, which will cut into your net profit even more.

As a result, many company owners are unable to pay their paid advertising expenditures and are unable to make a dime while working so much.

3. The teachings are not that comprehensive.

Sell Like Crazy is a short book that does not go into depth on how to run a business. Instead of teaching you how to execute in reality, I believe it is more about changing your perspective.

If you really want to understand how to promote your product or service, reading Sell Like Crazy is not going to assist you.

To understand the step-by-step approach, you’ll need to enroll in a full marketing class.

4. It isn’t free, unlike what is advertised.

Despite Sabri Suby’s assertion that Sell Like Crazy is free, this is a complete fraud.

The book was purchased by you, and the so-called “shipping charge” is included in your payment. Online marketers often use the “free plus delivery” approach.

Consider why Sabri Suby does not provide you with a digital copy and instead requires you to purchase a physical copy. The reason for this is because the “shipping” amount comprises both the shipment fee and the cost of the book.

Suby may not earn any money, but he needs your support to pay the expense of his advertising. From the upsells, he then generates a net profit. The whole sales funnel operates in this manner.

5. Free traffic methods are not discussed.

Sabri Suby is a huge supporter of sponsored advertising. He began his firm at a time when sponsored advertisements were very inexpensive, resulting in a significant profit margin.

The world, on the other hand, changes dramatically throughout time. Paid advertisements are becoming increasingly costly. So I’m guessing Sabri Suby is having a hard time making a net profit with sponsored advertisements these days.

Sabri Suby does not teach you how to acquire free traffic in his book. As a result, if you don’t have the funds to spend in advertising, the book will be of little help to you.

Actually, I believe that even if Sabri Suby understands how to generate free traffic, he would not provide the secrets to you since they will be quite valuable. You can’t expect him to reveal his true secrets in a short, low-cost book.

In the last piece of our Sell Like Crazy review, I’ll tell you where you may learn about free traffic tactics.

6. It’s all about upsells.

So you may be wondering why Sabri Suby is putting up advertising to promote his low-cost book. After all, he’s unlikely to profit from the sale of this book.

Actually, Sabri Suby is only using Sell Like Crazy as a lead magnet for his consultancy firm, King Kong. He wants people to pay for his high-ticket consulting service.

That is why he devotes so much time and energy to advertising his book as a front-end offer. This kind of sales funnel is increasingly popular today, when gurus offer a “free” book in order to attract high-ticket consumers.

Final Verdict – Sell Like Crazy Review

Before I end this Sell Like Crazy review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

True, the book may teach you some sales methods, but don’t expect to become an experienced marketer after reading it. While Sabri Suby’s advertisements make many big promises, you shouldn’t believe all he says.

You can’t expect him to give you the secrets for free since he’s a salesman.

This book is not a bible for company entrepreneurs, therefore you may skip it if you don’t have time. Actually, I’ll recommend that you skip it. It is not worth your time, and is all about taking your money with all the upsells.

If you don’t already have a side business and want to start one, I’ll show you how to do it. I know of a great opportunity you can take advantage of.

If you are interested with hearing more about that, then I suggest you proceed to the next section.

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