SaleHoo Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a company known as SaleHoo. Is SaleHoo legit? Find out in this SaleHoo review.

You’re probably searching for a way to augment your income as expenses continue to increase. I don’t think you’re at fault. We are all feeling the economic consequences of the pandemic.

Even if you work full-time, your wage may not be enough. This is why some people start their own businesses or look for side jobs to boost their income.

You’ve most likely thought about your options and realized that starting a business, even a tiny one, may be expensive. You can’t afford to invest in something that isn’t going to pay off.

You’ve come to this site mostly because you stumbled across this company that promises to be able to help you achieve financial success. As someone looking for work, you naturally assumed that this position would be a good fit.

It’s fortunate that you found this review today because I’m about to tell you all there is to know about SaleHoo. Is this program really capable of helping you make additional money?

Before you decide to commit to this company, you should read this SaleHoo review first. You should check if it is worth your time before you pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with SaleHoo in any shape or form whatsoever.

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What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo Review - SaleHoo intro

SaleHoo is a company founded by Simon Slade in 2005. It is based in New Zealand. The company has 2.5 million products, with around 8,000 valid suppliers. These products are listed in a so-called “wholesale directory”.

Also, SaleHoo is not really the one selling the products. It is also not a supplier, but a service. Basically, dropshippers and online retailers can find suppliers by using the service. Along with that, SaleHoo also offers some training and product research tools.

The tools can be used for product searches, as well as product comparisons.

The company may be based in New Zealand, but most suppliers come from China, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Here is a video that can tell you more about SaleHoo.

How Does SaleHoo Work?

This part of the SaleHoo review will tell you about how the service works.

After creating your account, you actually get to search for products that you may be interested in immediately.

In order to place an order, all you need to do is to find the product you are interested in selling, as well as the supplier you would like to work with. Important information such as minimum orders and shipping times are stated in the pages of the suppliers.

You also have the option to dropship products directly, or purchase products in bulk and take care of the logistics yourself.

Let me tell you how both options work.


Basically, you list the products on your site and wait for orders to come in. Once you are satisfied with the order quantity, you order the items from your supplier. What happens next is that the items are shipped directly to your customers from the supplier. You wouldn’t be able to handle the products yourself.


What you do here is that you pay for the products upfront from the supplier you choose to work with. Your supplier then ships the items to your residence of to your warehouse, if you own one. You also will be handling the logistics yourself.

It is a lot more work on your end, but honestly, it does yield more profit.

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SaleHoo Overview

By availing of the service, you will get access to different tools and products. Let me walk you through what you get in SaleHoo.

SaleHoo Product and Supplier Directory

SaleHoo’s main purpose is to find a supplier and to source products. It is a service for wholesale buying and selling, after all. SaleHoo actually offers more than a million products as of today.

Searching for a supplier is made simple, as you can search them by type: dropshippers, wholesalers, liquidators, and manufacturers.

You can also search by the following: location, minimum order, worldwide shipping, tax ID requirement, and categories.

Contacting your desired supplier is also pretty easy, as all you have to do is sent them a message by using the inbuilt messaging system. You just have to click their profile and find it there.

SaleHoo Labs – Product Research

Product research is done so that you can find which products fit your chosen niche. You can filter this by the following: product type, sale rate, average price, and competition.

Of course, selling the products you get from suppliers can be sold either in eBay, Amazon, or in your  very own eCommerce store.

SaleHoo Training Guides

You gain access to 9 training guides, as well as a bonus section. SaleHoo aims to be the one service you can turn to if you are aiming to build a dropshipping business, after all.

The training guides will teach you tax laws, the process of registering your bonus, importing products, and a lot more related concepts.

You get guides as well as eBooks which teaches you how you can successfully sell various products, from apparel products, electronics, and many more.

SaleHoo Community

If you are looking for answers to some inquiries you may have, then you can do that it SaleHoo’s very own forum. Actually, your questions are probably answered there already.

The community is actually quite active, as there are thousands of posts and threads in there already. You can make use of this forum to network with other people, or simply to promote your business.

SaleHoo Dropship

This is a dropshipping automation tool designed to be used by Shopify sellers.

The tool has the following features:

  • Get direct access to great dropship sellers
  • Import high-demand dropshipping products
  • Fairly priced products shipped straight to your customers or to you

Basically, it cuts out the work for you. You do not need have to manually reach out to suppliers anymore and browse through their catalog with thousands of products. All you need to do is to pick which products have the highest profit potential.


SaleHoo offers two plans for you to choose from:

  • $67 for one-year access (renews annually)
  • $127 lifetime access fee (more popular)

Both plans have no difference regardless of what is being offered. Only the price varies. They both give you access to the tools, the directory, the community, and the support channels.

Refunds are also welcome. If you are not satisfied with SaleHoo, you can request to get a full refund within 60 days upon payment.

Dropshipping Explained


In this part of the SaleHoo review, I will be explaining how the dropshipping works in a more in-depth manner.

You could think this is the best type of business for you to get into because it is easier to get started than starting from scratch. You’ll just need to find suppliers who have finished products because you’ll be dropshipping anyway.

Making your own items is quite expensive due to the costs of both production and storage space. If you don’t have enough capital to afford both of these, you won’t be able to satisfy those obligations.

Although dropshipping is a concept that is pretty easy to grasp, it entails a number of time-consuming stages.

Basically, you do product research, negotiate with possible suppliers, publish the items on your eCommerce site, advertise the listings and your brand using social media ads and influencers, and process client orders.

Also, 22-33% of online sellers actually make use of the dropshipping business model. That is a pretty big number.

You probably can anticipate clients to flock to your business if you know how to create compelling advertising that includes hard-to-resist incentives and advantages like discounts and bundles.

You don’t need inventory or a warehouse if you’re dropshipping. Your supplier will be responsible for the fulfillment and dispatch of your orders.

Does SaleHoo Work?

Well, the truth is, it still depends on you. What you need to do is to keep working in order to build your brand, make sure that people are aware of you through the use of advertisements, and sell high-demand products.

Remember that these days, more and more people do their shopping online. You can use that to your benefit, if you know how to keep customers coming to your eCommerce store.

However, you should take note that the market has become way too saturated with numerous sellers who sell similar products. There is just way too much competition now. A lot of big, well-known brands have also adapted to online selling, so small businesses like yours are more obscure.

These businesses can also afford to do advertising whenever they want. You have to keep up with that if you want people to buy from you, and trust me, it is not easy to break into the mainstream.

Using SaleHoo’s tools can greatly cut out your work, as well as provide you with training regarding eCommerce. I think it depends on your work now, since the tools and training are merely there to guide you to the right path.

You also should not expect your profit margins to be good when you just started. Take note that other people also use the service, so those people are also your competition. There is no way to predict how much profit you can make, but yes, it all depends on your efforts.

Is SaleHoo a Scam?

This is probably your main question, and I will be answering it in this section of the SaleHoo review.

SaleHoo is definitely not a scam. The service has been around for more than ten years now, and has been featured on popular platforms such as Forbes and CNBC.

For me, the definition of a scam is something that runs away with your money without providing you with either the product or service you were promised.

My research on this company proved that they are actually providing the service they advertise, and their service is being used by a lot of people.

It is important to note though that SaleHoo is merely a product sourcing tool. You merely browse the site for the products and the suppliers, but SaleHoo does not do any of the selling themselves.

SaleHoo’s main goal is to help you setup a dropshipping business, but it still depends on your efforts whether or not it can succeed.

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Why I Don’t Recommend Dropshipping

Quality Control Issues

Regardless of whether you plan to outsource your items, you won’t be able to assess them to ensure that they meet your quality standards. Is there a chance that anything may go wrong? Is this a long-term product? Will the quality of the product justify the price you’ve set for it?

It is quite known that mass-produced commodities, especially those made in China, are of poor quality. Keep in mind that low-cost items are sometimes made in a hurry, making quality control difficult.

Furthermore, if your supplier provides you items that are broken or defective, customers will almost definitely demand a refund and leave a poor review on your website. That isn’t a good thing for your business.

High Financial Risk

You’d have to pay for a variety of things before you could even start. Even if your business is entirely online, you’ll need to set aside funds for operational costs.

Even if you don’t need to pay for inventory outright, you’ll still need to pay for domain hosting, software subscriptions, website widgets, and themes. You must be aware of these fees before even contemplating starting an eCommerce business.

If you want your brand to be recognized, you’ll need to spend a lot of money on advertising. You may even pay influencers to promote your company. The cost of promoting your business will vary depending on who you pick to do marketing for you.

Ads are Expensive

If you want people to buy from you, they need to be exposed to your brand via advertising. Social media is the perfect place to accomplish this because millions of people use it every day. This equates to potentially millions of clients.

The higher the amount you’re ready to spend, the more eyes your advertisement will attract. You’ll need to run more advertising than they do if you want to keep people coming back.

You’re basically up against some behemoths. Those who cannot afford to keep up inevitably fall behind. When you’re selling in-demand goods, it’s also more difficult to remain ahead of the pack.

Advertising expenses rise year after year as a result of increased demand, posing a challenge for small businesses.

What I Like in SaleHoo

SaleHoo does not only offer tools to help you setup your dropshipping business, but also training guides to help you learn how to make your business work.

By looking for suppliers in SaleHoo, you can be assured that all of them are legitimate. SaleHoo makes sure to research them individually before they are allowed in the site.

Along with that, there are no hidden fees that you need to worry about. Purchasing the lifetime access plan gives you lifetime access, really. There are no other fees except for the subscription fee.

SaleHoo also makes their service pretty easy to use, as it is easy to find high-demand products without having to resort to manual methods. Searching for products and suppliers and made easier with the use of filters.

What’s more, there is a 60-day refund policy that you can make use of if you are not satisfied with the service. You also have 24/7 access to the customer support team in case you have any concerns.

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Why I Don’t Recommend SaleHoo

In this section of the SaleHoo review, I will tell you why I don’t recommend the service.

When it comes to building your very own eCommerce brand, it is definitely not easy. Dropshipping is not easy too. You need to know what you are doing, as even if you do not have to spend money to manufacture products from scratch.

Even if the products you decide to sell are of high-demand, there is no guarantee that you can make money by dropshipping. The business is definitely not as easy as it seems.

Before you can even get customers, you need to build your brand. And trust me, it is not easy at all. you need capital, as you have operational costs you need to constantly pay for.

SaleHoo is a good service for people who already have an established brand. After all, it is a service meant for product research.

And who needs products to sell? Sellers, of course. And why do they need them? Because they already have a customer base.

The service itself is pretty decent, so the reason why I do not recommend it is not because of the quality of their service, but because they are not for newbies who are trying to get into the business.

It is better to learn the basics first before paying for services like this one. My main suggestion is to look for free resources first.

Final Verdict – SaleHoo

Before I end this SaleHoo review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I’m sure you learnt something new about the business concept after reading this SaleHoo review.

While it may appear that starting a dropshipping business is easier than making your own things from scratch, it is actually rather complex. It’s full with different risks that you must confront head on if you want to succeed.

Keep in mind that you will have no influence over the product quality your customers receive. All you can hope for is that they are pleased with their purchase and that they do not post bad reviews on your shop.

You’ll need to pay for domain hosting, advertising, and VA wages even if you don’t make any sales (assuming you want to hire some individuals for your team).

I don’t recommend dropshipping as a side hustle. It’ll take up a lot of your time, undermining the idea of calling it a side hustle.

On the other hand, what I can give you is something you can get started on right now. It’s simple to understand and doesn’t require a large investment to get started. You’ll discover more details about this fantastic opportunity in the next section.

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