Sam Ovens Uplevel Consulting Review – Scam or Legit?

Today we will be reviewing a program known as Sam Ovens Uplevel Consulting. Is it legit? Find out in this Sam Ovens Uplevel Consulting review.

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So, should you trust in this consulting program or not?

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What is Uplevel Consulting?

For entrepreneurs who have already launched their businesses and are eager to elevate their success, Uplevel Consulting presents an enticing opportunity.

This comprehensive 9-week online course is a treasure trove of cutting-edge tactics and strategies designed to propel your business to new heights. It offers a diverse array of resources, including video content, tangible workbooks, mp3 recordings, and transcripts of audio sessions, all easily accessible from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

However, Uplevel Consulting isn’t solely defined by its content; it’s the community aspect that truly sets it apart. Enrolling in this program grants you entry into a supportive network of like-minded entrepreneurs who can provide invaluable guidance and inspiration throughout your journey.

For those seeking personalized guidance, you can tap into Sam Ovens’ wealth of knowledge through live streams, interview series, and interactive Q&A sessions, ensuring your burning questions are addressed.

But the advantages extend further. Uplevel Consulting is an integral part of the larger ecosystem, granting you access to their consulting services year-round. With offices in both New York City and Dublin, Republic of Ireland, expert support is always within reach, no matter where you are in the world. It’s a holistic resource designed to empower entrepreneurs on their quest for success.

Who is Sam Ovens?

Hailing from New Zealand, he was nurtured in the bosom of a middle-class family, their hopes pinned on him securing a cushy corporate job. When he did land a position at Vodafone, it seemed he had achieved the dream – at least in his family’s eyes.

Yet, destiny had a different path for him. A pivotal moment arrived when he received an invitation to a secluded island owned by his girlfriend’s acquaintance – a friend with an entrepreneur’s Midas touch, boasting a staggering fortune of $500 million. It was on that sun-kissed island that Sam had an epiphany: wealth brought with it the remarkable gift of freedom and choice.

Inspired by this revelation, he took a bold leap, bidding adieu to his corporate job, and moving back in with his parents to set out on the treacherous yet exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship.

The road wasn’t without its bumps; his initial two entrepreneurial endeavors faced setbacks. However, these failures were not roadblocks but stepping stones. Armed with wisdom from his past stumbles, Sam embarked on a new venture – the creation of SnapInspect, a groundbreaking app revolutionizing property inspections.

Prior to diving headlong into software development, he wisely reached out to property managers, securing a ready customer base. To fund SnapInspect’s development, he ventured into website sales, a venture that not only proved lucrative but also underscored the demand for a blend of services and expert guidance among business owners.

This revelation sparked the birth of, the platform where Sam authored his inaugural online course, Coaching Accelerator. As the clamor for personalized consulting and group coaching swelled, Sam introduced the Uplevel Consulting Program.

His unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability earned him the coveted title of millionaire, and the distinction of being named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur.

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Uplevel Consulting Program Overview

Week One: Mapping Your MVC

The journey through the Uplevel Consulting course commences with a comprehensive overview in week one. Here, participants gain a deeper understanding of the program’s objectives, its guiding principles, and how it distinguishes itself from other consulting courses. Delving into the fundamentals of consulting, you’ll explore the hybrid model program and acquire essential insights into crafting your minimum viable course.

Throughout this week, Sam Ovens serves as your guide, providing actionable tasks and hosting two engaging live Q&A sessions to ensure you’re on the right track.

Week Two: Sell Before Build

In the second week, Sam unveils the potent “Sell Before Build” strategy. This transformative approach involves securing clients before creating your product or service. You’ll dive into the art of scientific selling, crafting persuasive scripts, and taking decisive actions.

This week’s live Q&A segments present an opportunity for participants to explore 14 actionable items, equipping them to navigate this groundbreaking strategy effectively.

Week Three: Building Version One

Week three focuses on refining your content creation skills and understanding the intricacies of constructing the perfect program. You’ll explore the inner workings of systems, portals, and communities, gaining valuable insights into their role in your consulting journey.

Sam’s active participation in live calls enhances the learning experience, and you’ll have 13 actionable items to tackle.

Week Four: 6 Rapid Promo Strategies

In week four, the spotlight is on six rapid promotional strategies that promise to elevate your consulting business. This immersive exploration covers both organic attraction and paid attraction methods. Sam provides invaluable insights into the art of war and cross-pollinating strategies, offering a multifaceted approach to promotion.

With eight actionable items and two engaging rounds of live Q&A, participants are armed with the tools to effectively implement these strategies.

Week Five: Three Proven Conversion Funnels

Week five delivers a deep dive into three proven conversion funnels, featuring modules on VSL, JIT, 2KA pages, and automation. Sam’s expertise shines through as he shares eight actionable items to bolster your conversion prowess.

Additionally, participants have the opportunity to engage in two illuminating live Q&A sessions.

Week Six: Facebook Ads Unleashed

The sixth week unleashes the power of Facebook advertising for your consulting business. Sam delves into essential aspects, including conversion tracking, the art of retargeting, and the benefits of going live on the platform. You’ll uncover the secrets of horizontal scaling and explore advanced techniques often referred to as “ninja shit.”

This week comes with 12 actionable items and lively Q&A sessions to ensure you’re well-versed in harnessing the potential of Facebook Ads.

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Week Seven: Developing Your 8-Figure Mindset

Week seven embarks on a transformative journey towards cultivating an 8-figure mindset. This pivotal phase emphasizes the importance of nurturing higher ambitions, refining your principles, clarifying your vision, and embracing your mission.

You’ll gain insights into life systematization and innovative thinking that transcends conventional boundaries.

Week Eight: Hiring Your All-Star Team

In the eighth week, Sam guides you through the process of replicating yourself, fostering team evolution, shaping workplace culture, and making strategic hires, including sales representatives and versatile generalists.

A highlight of this week is the availability of eight live Q&A calls, providing participants with personalized guidance and expert advice.

Week Nine: Building the Ultimate Course

The final week of the Uplevel Consulting journey is dedicated to fine-tuning your program design. Sam delves into practical aspects, offering insights into restructuring when necessary and crafting superior content. You’ll also explore user migration and delve into the fascinating realm of social science.

With ten actionable items and two live Q&A sessions, you’ll emerge equipped to create the ultimate course that resonates with your audience and delivers exceptional value.


The price tag for Uplevel Consulting hovers at approximately $6,000, a significant investment by any measure. And frankly, that’s a substantial sum.

Upon scrutinizing the course content, you might find yourself somewhat less than impressed. A substantial portion appears to be centered on theoretical concepts and mindset discussions, which may not align with the high expectations often associated with such a substantial financial commitment.

Is Uplevel Consulting Legit?

Many individuals have raised questions about the authenticity of Sam Ovens and whether his offerings are a scam. After conducting thorough research, I can confidently assert that Sam Ovens is not involved in any fraudulent activities.

In reality, Sam Ovens provides a treasure trove of invaluable insights that can greatly benefit aspiring entrepreneurs. However, there is one aspect where he might be overemphasizing: Facebook ads.

It’s an undeniable fact that Facebook advertising costs have surged over the years, experiencing a staggering 90% year-on-year increase. While Facebook ads can undoubtedly drive sales, it’s crucial to recognize that ad expenditures can account for a substantial chunk, potentially exceeding 30%, of your total sales revenue.

Moreover, the effectiveness of Facebook ads can dwindle as time passes, primarily due to audience fatigue. This can result in a diminishing conversion rate and escalating ad costs, ultimately culminating in a net loss for your business.

The Facebook ads landscape is also marked by a steep learning curve, and the algorithm’s unpredictability can lead to abrupt performance downturns. Navigating such challenges often necessitates rigorous testing, further eroding your net profit margin.

However, it’s essential to highlight that Sam Ovens does not solely rely on Facebook ads for his business success. If he were solely dependent on this advertising avenue for revenue generation, it’s unlikely he would offer a consulting course.

In essence, while Facebook ads are undeniably a valuable tool in the entrepreneurial toolkit, their potential drawbacks and volatility underscore the importance of diversifying one’s strategies, as demonstrated by Sam Ovens’ multifaceted approach to business growth.

Final Verdict – Sam Ovens Uplevel Consulting Review

First and foremost, Sam Ovens is a legitimate figure in the world of entrepreneurship, and his offerings are not scams. He has earned recognition for his contributions and achievements in the field.

However, when considering the Uplevel Consulting program, the price tag of around $6,000 raises eyebrows. It’s undeniably a significant investment, and upon closer examination of the course content, some may find themselves underwhelmed. A substantial portion of the curriculum seems to revolve around theoretical concepts and mindset discussions, which may not fully meet the high expectations often associated with such a financial commitment.

Moreover, the emphasis on Facebook advertising within the program has its drawbacks. Facebook advertising costs have been on a relentless rise, with a staggering 90% year-on-year increase. While Facebook ads can certainly drive sales, the cost can account for a substantial portion, potentially exceeding 30%, of your total sales revenue.

Additionally, the effectiveness of Facebook ads can diminish over time due to audience fatigue, resulting in declining conversion rates and escalating ad costs, potentially leading to net losses for your business. The steep learning curve and the unpredictability of the algorithm can further compound challenges, necessitating ongoing testing that erodes profit margins.

It’s worth noting that Sam Ovens doesn’t rely solely on Facebook ads for his business success. His multifaceted approach, encompassing various strategies and resources, including his consulting course, demonstrates the importance of diversification in entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, whether Uplevel Consulting is the right fit for you depends on your specific goals, budget, and willingness to navigate the challenges associated with Facebook advertising.

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