Sarah Long Marketing Review (Cost & Concerns)

Today, we are going to talk about Sarah Long, founder of Sarah Long Marketing Strategies and the Sales Volume Marketing Machine program. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

Marketing plays such a vital role in any kind of business. Anything that you do to make your business known to other people falls under marketing. Without it, how else would anybody know about your business?

There have been quite the number of different online training programs that teach you about marketing. A lot of them I have managed to review on this website. Most of the marketing-related training and mentorship programs that I have reviewed are usually focused on digital marketing. And it makes sense, a lot of people are on social media. So you kind of go where your target audience is.

Even with so many digital marketing-focused programs, there are also a number of more general marketing-focused training programs out there. I have reviewed one that is focused on local marketing. But most of the ones that I come across lean more towards digital marketing. A lot of these types of programs are more generalist. In the sense that anything that you learn from those programs can be applied to any kind of business. Most digital marketing programs pretty much teach you how to run ads or social media accounts. But approach may differ depending on how technical the information you made need.

So it’s not at all surprising that there are marketing-related training programs that are made specifically for a niche like real estate. Like any kind of business, real estate agents and realtors want to sell a lot more properties than they already are. So people like Sarah Long are there to help real estate agents do just that. But is her program actually any good? That’s what we’re about to find out.

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Sarah Long Marketing Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Sarah Long’s Sales Volume Marketing Machine
  • Founder: Sarah Long
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, YouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Real estate marketing, lead generation
  • Recommendation: There’s not a lot that you could learn from the free 45-minute webinar that Sarah Long offers. Seemingly, the services that Sarah Long offers is legitimate. But there’s not really a lot of other testimonials outside of her website to look at. The information included in the webinar seem glaringly obvious for anybody working as a real estate agent.

Who Is Sarah Long?

A screenshot featuring Sarah Long marketing expert with a client she had previously worked with named Stephanie Cline

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information that you could find about Sarah Long online. It doesn’t seem that she has any kind of online presence outside of her website. This is not unusual when I write these kinds of reviews. Though it definitely does not help when I try to write this section of this review.

Now, you may be wondering. Does it really matter if these people don’t have a clear digital footprint? Well, yes and no. It matters that there’s at least some kind of information of who they are. It doesn’t really have to be chock full of details. But there should be at least some details that will help people relate to your experiences.

I have seen people pay money to put out press releases on a bunch of random websites. That adds, to some degree, towards their legitimacy. People might search for them and see those press releases—often disguised as an article—and think, “Oh, this person seems legitimate enough. They have seemingly gone from struggling to live by from paycheck to paycheck then suddenly earning millions of dollars in a month. Maybe I could do exactly what they did and earn the same amount of money as them.”

It doesn’t really seem that Sarah has a public LinkedIn profile. Most of the time, the people whose training programs I review, have a LinkedIn profile. And those profiles often show their experience in other jobs prior to them running their own companies. Based from what I could gather from the webinar that she offers on her website—more on that later—Sarah Long seems to have made some kind of name for herself as marketer in the real estate industry.

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What Is Sarah Long Marketing Strategies LLC?

It seems that Sarah Long has been working as a marketing consultant for real estate agents for about a decade now. Since there isn’t really information about her previous job experience, you just kind of have to take her for her word. It seems that within the decade that she has been a marketing consultant, she has managed to work with a number of different clients who have been featured in different outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and RealTrends, a website that ranks real estate agents and brokerage companies.

It’s sort of surprising that, while she mentions that specific accomplishment of hers, she doesn’t really mention who specifically those clients are. I mean, if those clients of her were successful, it would only make sense to namedrop some of them, right? She does have interviews with clients up on her website, so it’s not like she struggles with getting people on camera.

Btw this Sarah Long Marketing is not the first program I have reviewed which promises to help real estate agents,Infact I have reviewed hundreds of coaches and thousands of compannies promises to help real estate agents which are as following:

What Is Sales Volume Marketing Machine?

Sales Volume Marketing Machine is a consultation program that Sarah Long offers. The program is targeted towards real estate agents who want to scale up their business by finding the best leads to work with. Now, I have written a lot about lead generation. Leads play an important part in a business because they are the ones who you have to convert into actual customers. Marketing plays a big role in generating leads for your business.

Sarah offers a free 45-minute webinar that you can only access when you input your name and e-mail address. This is pretty much par for the course whenever you want to learn more about the program. Even though there is a timer on the page where you have to sign up, the webinar is actually available once the previously scheduled one is finished.T

There isn’t really much to the webinar when it comes to actual information. Sarah mentions the five key steps that you should be doing in order to earn increase their sales volume. As somebody who watched the webinar, there isn’t really anything to write home about what’s talked about the webinar.

If you were really curious, the five key steps that real estate agents should be doing are as follows:

  1. Operate with total integrity
  2. Always charge full commission
  3. Ideal client lead generation
  4. Create systems for scalability
  5. Invest in marketing

The fifth step is really the jumping off point to the actual service that Sarah Long is offering. Once the webinar is finished, you can sign up for a call with them in order to learn more about what they could do to help you market yourself better. That’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, they don’t mention any costs to the consultation upfront. You will need to schedule the call.

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Final Verdict: Sarah Long Marketing Review

It’s hard to recommend Sarah Long’s consultation services. There isn’t really a lot of other testimonials that you can find online that isn’t on her website or in the webinar. Considering how very little results about Sarah Long can be found, it does question her legitimacy a little bit. Surely, other people who have patronized her services can write their reviews someplace else, right? It’s great that there are success stories being featured on the Sarah Long Marketing Strategies website. But they don’t really paint a clear picture.

Nothing about the free webinar that she offers is insightful in any way. I guess the first two of the five key steps might not be something most real estate agents follow. But it makes sense that real estate agents should operate with total integrity to what they do and not offer discounted commissions just so that they could entice a lot more people. But considering that the third step is conceptualizing the ideal client that you want to get more of, the second step kind of feels moot.

Other than this, real estate market is getting SO much saturated day by day.New real estate agents find it hard to breakthrough and find success in this field.

They end up buying crappy leads and waste thousands and thousands of dollars in this business.Calling it a business may not be actually true.It’s a job where you can’t even earn passive income.I have a question for you…

Why jump in a pool which is already fool of people? Instead, there are many businesses which you can start and they are WAYYYYY better than being a real estate agent.

I have been making some serious money from local lead generation business,30k plus USD a month.I highly recommend you to get into this business before the pool gets filled by people.