Sarah Mae Ives Review – Cost and Concerns

Today we will be reviewing a person named Sarah Mae Ives. Is she legit? Find out in this Sarah Mae Ives review.

One of the best ways to make money without needing to have a typical 9 to 5 job is by starting your own business.

Well, starting your own business can take a lot of work. Also, you should probably do a feasibility study first, to see if your business can really take off. After all, you should be aware of how much competition you have in the market. It helps to stand out.

This is why in order to get the name of your business out there, you should run ads. However, you need to make sure that the ads will actually reach paying customers, because they are pretty expensive.

Because of this, there are people out there whose job is to make effective, converting ads. One of them is Sarah Mae Ives.

Before you decide to pay for her services, you should read this Sarah Mae Ives review first. You should check if it is worth the time and money before you decide to commit to it.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Sarah Mae Ives in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Sarah Mae Ives Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Sarah Mae Ives
  • Website:
  • Socials: Facebook, Instagram
  • Type: Mentorship
  • Niche: Digital marketing
  • Recommendation: I do not recommend signing up for Sarah’s mentorship program, as I know that my top recommendation is still a lot better.

Sarah Mae Ives Overview

Sarah Mae Ives Review - Sarah

Sarah Mae Ives promises that she can teach you all about a systematic approach for ambitious women who know their worth and want to be paid accordingly. She also promises that you’ll learn all you need to know to launch a six-figure Facebook advertising firm in only 90 days with the aid of this mentoring.

Basically, Sarah promises that through her mentorship, you can attract actual paying customers to your business.

Her main platform of choice is Facebook ads. She says that it is the platform she recommends because there are millions of users in the site, meaning that a lot more people can potentially stumble upon your business in there.

Included in her mentorship are the following:

  • A-Z Easy-To-Learn Trainings and Tutorials
  • 4-5 Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Group Support & Feedback
  • Self-Paced with Lifetime Access to Training Materials
  • Direct Mentorship from a Top Industry Ads Manager

Sarah’s live training

It looks like Sarah is offering a free live training video, and all you need to do to get access to it is by signing up. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, and contact number. She promises that you will not be spammed, but I highly doubt that, since you will basically be signing up for her newsletter.

There isn’t really much information I could find regarding as to what this live training video is going to be, but I think it wouldn’t be of any use to you. It is just an introduction to Sarah’s mentorship, or technically, an overhyped sales video.

Regardless, if you really are that interested with Sarah’s services, then maybe you can check it out. It is available for free after all.

However, take note that I would never recommend you giving your personal information freely just like that.

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My Favorite Program

The No-Fluff Business Mentorship

So, through this mentorship, Sarah promises that she can teach you how to become an ad strategist.

According to her, the best business you can get into right now is by running social media ads for other businesses.

Well, it does seem like a pretty good business model. There are people who would pay others to make ads for them, because like I said earlier, ads are pretty expensive to run.

You need to make sure that your business is making money, not hemorrhaging it. And running non-converting ads could definitely empty your bank account in no time.

Sarah says that she only tales 15 Golden Ticket mentorships at the moment, meaning that she wants you to sign up as much as possible.

In order to be considered for this mentorship, you need to book a call with them first to be considered. There’s a form you need to fill up before the call can be scheduled, like a pre-assessment procedure.

In Sarah’s website, there is no pricing information for this mentorship program. I guess you will learn everything from the scheduled call.

Sarah’s ad management services

Sarah Mae Ives Review - Sarah 2

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are just some of the platforms that may be managed on your behalf by Sarah Mae Ives Social Media.

The packages begin at $5,000 per month, with a minimum monthly investment of $30,000 in devoted advertising, and for this service, she only works with online coaches and consultants.

I mean, like I already said, running ads is expensive. And hiring someone to take care of this essential part of your business to do most of the work definitely increases the price tag.

This is only advisable for people who have an established business already, not for those who are just starting out. I believe that you should make sure you are committed to your business before spending thousands of dollars a month for an ad package.

Sarah’s services resemble Shawn Joshi, Facebook Ad Blaster, and Phaners.

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My Favorite Program

Who is Sarah Mae Ives?

Sarah Mae Ives Review - Sarah 3

Sarah Mae Ives is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur who counsels present and prospective company owners on how to make the most of the financial benefits that can be gained from advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Sarah presents herself as a leader who exudes energy and passion in her work.

After spending a number of years (without success) seeking to establish herself as a health coach, she finally decided to give up her 9 to 5 job in 2017 in order to develop a company that specializes in advertising on Facebook.

She boosted her agency’s monthly ad spend by the tens of thousands of dollars within a short amount of time, and she began representing clients that were featured in magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Good Morning America, and many more.

Also, she claims that some of her clients have gotten a 48X return-on-investment with million-dollar launches with her help.

Because she is so dedicated to enabling mothers and women to launch successful careers in the digital advertising industry, she serves as the Chief Advertising Strategist for dozens of women all over the world. Her clients come from a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, and technology.

Fun Facts About Sarah

Sarah has listed a few fun facts about her on her website.

  • When she was a health coach, one of her specialties was creating excellent smoothies, and she was even featured on a national television program for my work in that area.
  • Following an unsuccessful effort at outsourcing one of her numerous business ideas, she came into the management of Facebook adverts by accident.
  • The chilly Canadian suburb in which she currently resides is considered to be “home” by both of my children, as well as by her spouse and their red Aussie-doodle.

Is Sarah Mae Ives Legit?

I think that Sarah is pretty legit. However, what I do not understand is why her website is a little useless, to say the least. It lacks the basic information like pricing details and all that, as well as the curriculum of Sarah’s training program.

I believe that she could’ve done more work on her site, but for some reason, she just jammed it with reviews and testimonials, as if she is hiding something.

This made me question her legitimacy a little bit, since it seems like what she wants to do is have people pay her first before she reveal pertinent information.

Other than that though, it doesn’t seem like Sarah is a scammer.

Final Verdict – Sarah Mae Ives Review

Working as an ad strategist can be a profitable endeavor. However, I do not think that Sarah’s mentorship can actually take you there, as she hasn’t proven herself yet, at least from my research.

Being an ad strategist is indeed pretty cool, as a lot of people will happily pay the big bucks to get their hands on good quality ads. However, it is not really an easy career to start, and you will definitely need guidance. By guidance, I meant you would probably need to spend thousands to get mentored.

This is why I believe that my top recommendation is still the best one for you, as it doesn’t require much. You can start it today, if you like. The complete details can be found in the next section.

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