Savage Affiliates Review(non-affiliate) – Franklin Hatchett Scam?

So,you are looking for savage affiliates review?You want to build a six figure affiliate marketing business?

And your income goal is $10k/month?

Savage affiliate is an affiliate marketing course by Franklin Hatchett.Franklin Hatchett is a big name in affiliate marketing industry.

He is also well known in dropshipping industry.He did dropshipping business too but no longer fan of it.

I saw his ads where he is saying that dropshipping is the worst business model to start in 2020.

For me this is not a normal statement by a person who has a course on dropshipping.His course name is Ecom Elites.

Before talking about savage affiliates Check Out my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing 300+ courses .And I prefer live mentorship over recorded videos(courses).

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Savage Affiliates Review

Savage affiliate is a great course for you and any newbie out there.This is because this course is very cheap.

I do not know why this course is less priced as compared to other affiliate marketing courses.

Other thing is that this course gives much value and great content as compared to other courses cost thousands of dollars like passive income lifestyle and commission hero.

For savage affiliates you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars.It is just for $197.It is just unbelievable for me.

It is ten times less than the price of the most affiliate marketing courses.

What I liked about is that it covers both methods.

Free and Organic one.

He will be covering in savage affiliates both methods.Free method will take time and lots of effort too.

I am not going to say that it is not hard work.Building an online business through affiliate marketing ask a lot of hard work.

This is because Seo takes time.But after you figure this game out than it is very easy for you.

While paid organic traffic is easy but requires a lot of money and risk.

Both are proven marketing strategies which worked for hundreds of people over and over again.

Franklin goes deep into the methods that made him full time affiliate marketer.

Other than this I really liked how much he dived deep into affiliate marketing.

I reviewed a lot of affiliate marketing methods which lacks all these strategies which is in savage affiliates.

The content in it is mind blowing.There are more than 150 videos on both free and paid organic methods.

Franklin Hatchett

No,he is not a scam and total legit.If you know the word digital nomad than Franklin Hatchett is the real one.He traveled world while doing affiliate marketing.

Now he teaches others to make money online.Franklin Hatchett is in the top ten youtuber in the world known in the affiliate marketing industry.

Franklin Hatchett is a six figure affiliate marketer.

I saw his latest video where he is showing how he make $70,000 a month.

Totally passive income.

Passive income means in which you work once on a project that gives you money month after month.

I think he is the only affiliate marketer who showed his earning on youtube.In these $70k he is promoting these products.

CLICKFUNNELS,BLUEHOST and other hosting softwares.He basically focused on software than amazon affiliate marketing.

So,let?s talk about the content you are going to watch inside savage affiliates.

The course is have nine modules which are!

1 – Introduction

2 – Niche selection and softwares?

3 – Building Skills

4 – Affiliate marketing through Clickbank

5 – Affiliate marketing through Amazon

6 – Basics of Seo

7 – Paid marketing methods

8 – Free marketing methods

9 – Email marketing training


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Inside Savage Affiliates

?Now,we are going to cover the content you are going to get inside Savage Affiliates.

I am going to cover each module in very detail.If you are not interested in it,it?s OK.

You can skip to the end to read the final verdict of savage affiliates.

First Module

Introduction to affiliate marketing.In first module you are going to watch how affiliate marketing works.

This is the basics of affiliate marketing.These videos are about how to use free traffic.

Franklin Hatchett will give you the blueprint of savage affiliates.What are you going to learn in the next 150 videos.

He will give you basics of how to get traffic using SEO.He than goes in deep and shows his websites that are generating money for him.Little bit mindset videos in it.

Mindset to get rich with affiliate marketing.

Second Module

In this module you are going to learn how to choose choose niche and products for affiliate marketing.

How to pick hot products from affiliate platform like clickbank to promote.

So,here is my concern about it.As I know that there are a lot of affiliate marketer that took this course.

The products he said to promote in savage affiliates may be saturated now.

Secondly I keep on saying that I do not like clickbank for making money online,affiliate marketing.

This is because they give less value to their affiliates as compared to customers.The buyers have refund policies.

This means that if you managed to get one sales.It is not confirmed because buyer can refund it without letting you know the reason behind it.This is why I left clickbank.

Anyway Franklin did very good to let you understand how to select niche.Which is also very important part of affiliate marketing.

I took this course and made two three hundred dollars using these strategies.

I want to clear that I used the paid traffic method.Facebook ads and clickbank products.

If you have not experience on how to make a website,he will each you in this.

In this he will go in deep of funnel building process.How to use sales funnel effectively etc.

Videos in this module are very simple and straight forward.Nothing complicated in it.

Third Module

Third module is on building your assets that will bring you sales in future too.

I think you know already about email marketing and listened that money is in the list.Franklin gives you directions on how to use email effectively to get sales.

How to build sales funnel inside emails.

Email marketing to me is the pillar of affiliate marketing.But building an email list takes time and marketing strategy.

Last portion of the videos are about facebook messenger chatbots.

As I said that it is one of the very few courses I reviewed that goes very in depth on how to use every possible marketing strategy online.

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Fourth Module

Fourth module is all about clickbank affiliate marketing.

Franklin will also tell you the alternative of clickbank because it is banned in some countries.

As I said that I do not do clickbank affiliate marketing anymore.There are few reasons for it.

One of the main reason is that the products have very tiny commissions.I do not promote any products if it has not commissions more than 300 bucks.

Look everybody wants to get success in affiliate marketing.Why not everybody wants to make huge commissions.

If you want to make $10k/month than stop looking for videos and take these three steps instead.

Pick one product,which I am going to suggests you in the end.Select one marketing platform.

If you are good at making videos than start making youtube videos.If you are good at content designing select instagram.

Good at writing,than start a blog right now.Pick one platform and one product.

The product which you believe from your heart will bring massive value to your audience.After doing these two step do this last one.

Start pumping out the content on the platform you selected.Start doing the hard work till you start getting sales every day,it is as simple as that.

Affiliate marketing is as simple as that.

If you do these three things I do not think that you are not going to make big dollars.After doing these steps select your mentor too.


Invest after you are already making money in affiliate marketing.I will tell you in detail why I do not like clickbank affiliate marketing in detail.

Fifth Module

These videos are about amazon affiliate marketing.How to select products and niches in amazon to promote.

Amazon affiliate marketing is the most common business online.

Amazon pays 30 million dollars every month in affiliate commissions.But now I do not want you to go in amazon and clickbank affiliate marketing.

This is because amazon affiliate marketing is so much saturated.

You are always fighting with hundreds of amazon affiliates for the top spots on google.And if your goal is to reach $10k/month mark with affiliate marketing than realistically it is impossible with amazon and clickbank.

With my personal experience I can tell you one thing that it is very hard to reach $1000 mark after years.

Yes I done that and it is not passive too.You are always fighting days in and out with others affiliate marketer.

Amazon affiliate marketing commissions are in pennies too.The game is all on google ranking factors.

If you are good at SEO and know more about it than your competitor.Than there is a great chance that you will make good sales with it.

For amazon affiliate marketing if you are interested than I would recommend you to go with free youtube videos.There is a lot of free content available on this subject online.

Sixth Module

These videos are on SEO strategies to promote affiliate products.

Franklin will talk about his strategies to promote affiliate products of clickbank and amazon.

There are two types of SEO.Black hat and white hat.Franklin will talk about both strategies.

You are going to learn in this module on how to build backlinks and legally.Legally means white hat seo.He will share his strategies on PBN and other SEO pillars.

This is just the basic stuff os SEO.Nothing more you can learn these strategies on youtube and other platforms for free too.

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Eight and Night Module of Savage Affiliates

Eight and ninth module is on free traffic training and email marketing strategy respectively.

There are a lot of content in these two topics.Franklin will show you his email list and how he retarget his audience to the product again and again.

When you have an email list and pump new content send email to your list and redirect them to your core affiliate product.Money is in the list.

So,there is a lot of value content in it.

I did not liked the free marketing training in it though.Franklin did not dived deep enough I think in SEO module.

Things are not pretty clear in it.But in the end what do you expect in return of $197 investment?

Final Verdict Of Savage Affiliates And Alternative

No,it is totally legit.

I think it is a very good course for a newbie in affiliate marketing.For understanding all the strategies in marketing world.

But if you have experience and looking for new goal and $10k/month than I would not recommend it to you.

Yes $197 is not a big deal to invest but let me make it clear.For reaching that goal you have to understand this.Look with clickbank and amazon it seems to me impossible.

This is the reason why it took me so long to achieve my income goals.

I want you to go with my recommendation.High ticket affiliate marketing is the way to go.

See in that way.With amazon and clickbank you are making hardly $1000 a month.But with high ticket products if you get just one sale a day.

This means that you are making $30,000 a month.Which is very excellent goal to achieve.You want to follow proven marketing strategies to reach that goal.

I am making $14k/month with super affiliate system by John Crestani and highly recommend you to go with it.

Yes,you can go with savage affiliates but it will take time.How much?GOD KNOWS..

Before leaving check out my #1 recommendation to make money online after reviewing 300+ courses.

Best Of Luck!CHEERS..

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