Savvi Review: Is This Fashion MLM Worth Your Time?

Today we will be reviewing a company called Savvi. Is Savvi a scam? Find out in this Savvi Review.

Before you got in contact with the hunbot who told you about Savvi, I am sure that you have no idea that the company even exists. That is pretty valid, considering that all MLMs are pretty obscure. It is their marketing tactic to remain obscure.

I am sure that you have heard about Avon and Tupperware before. Those two companies are both MLMs, and even though they are MLMs, they have gained quite the notoriety because they are two of the most successful ones. The rest are pretty much copies of them.

The problem with MLMs is that they are pretty hard to classify. They run a legitimate business, but at the same time, they rely on a recruiting aspect that is found on pyramid schemes. It is quite confusing to try and understand them, but actually, there is no law that states that MLMs are illegal. At least none yet.

As we progress further in this Savvi review, you will learn about the company and its products. There is a section dedicated to tell you more about MLMs too, for a complete experience.

Before we go further in this Savvi review, I will define two terms first: MLM and pyramid scheme.

MLM members make money by selling products and recruiting new members. In pyramid schemes, members could only make money by recruiting people. Pyramid schemes are illegal and banned by the FTC.

As a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with Savvi in any way.

Hopefully this Savvi review can help you decide whether you want to sign up for the company or not.

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What is Savvi?

Savvi Review - Savvi intro

Savvi is a multi-level marketing company that sells women’s apparel. The company was founded by Rachel Domingo in 2019. The current CEO of Savvi is Ken Porter.

Savvi’s vision is to make clothing that celebrates the diversity of all women. With inclusive and luxurious designs, the company wants to empower women not only through fashion, but through making a living for themselves by selling the products. That sounds like what all MLMs say.

Savvi Product Line

Savvi Review - Savvi products

Savvi has currently three product lines. These are Fit, Everyday, and Luxe. Fit is dedicated to gym wear and athletic wear. Everyday is for clothes that are comfortable to wear for everyday activities. Luxe is the luxury line for fashionable women.

How Do MLMs Work?

I feel like I would be leaving you in the dark if I do not include this section in the review. After all, this could be the first time that you ever encountered an MLM. It would be unfair not to tell you the basics of how an MLM functions. Textbook definitions that I have given above are simply not enough.

I suggest that you read this section entirely if you have not heard about MLMs before. This section is basically a crash course on MLMs, so you can definitely use this knowledge as you proceed with reading this section. You can also share your newfound language to people who need it, which makes for good conversation material.

MLMs are pretty much aware that they are obscure. That is actually a marketing strategy that they utilize. What they do is that they get people to sign up, give them benefits, which are usually a permanent discount of products, and let them do the work.

They entice them by planting an idea in their minds that these products they will be selling are revolutionary, and that people will be willing to buy from them. This puts them in false sense of security that they will be able to make product sales easily.

I would not put blame on people who trusted MLMs because gullibility is not a crime. At some point in our lives, we believed in something which turned out to be false. It was actually a learning experience.

What we should put attention to are these companies who are endangering the financial situation of people. They seem to only care about themselves. As long as these people give them money, they will continue this cycle of deception.

Spread the word. MLMs are not worth it.

Is Savvi a Pyramid Scheme?

Since Savvi members earn money both by selling services and recruiting new members, then it is safe to say that Savvi is not a pyramid scheme.

However, since Savvi is still an MLM, do not expect to make money if you have no plans on recruiting people. Recruiting will earn you significantly more money than actual product selling, and is more encouraged.

This just makes Savvi look like a pyramid scheme in disguise, doesn’t it?

Pyramid scheme vs Multi-level marketing

Like Kirby, NuLife Ventures, and Fifth Avenue Collection, Savvi is not an MLM.

Is Savvi a Scam?

No, Savvi is not a scam.

However, if you think this is enough for you to jump in Savvi’s so-called opportunity straight away, then I suggest that you hold your horses. This is just the most basic thing, so don’t go signing up for this company right away.

Before making your decision, I suggest that you do a thorough research on the MLM first. You can consult some of the sources I listed below. Take note that you can definitely consult any source you want to, but the sources I listed below are the best kinds to consult, for various reasons listed.

What Sources Should You Look For?

There are three kinds of sources that you can consult when it comes to researching MLMs. There are other kinds of sources, but I believe that these two sources will be of the most help to you.

This Savvi review that you are reading right now is actually the best source available online. This is because this is an example of a third-party review. Third-party reviews, just like what their name says, are not affiliated with any MLM companies. This means that they are independent from their influence.

These reviews are effectively compiling information in one post. Think of an MLM knowledge one-stop shop. Third-party reviews contain information about the MLM company’s origins, talk about their products, and give you the data about the income you can possibly get by joining. Basically, these reviews already did the research for you.

Third-party reviews may be great, but they are still not perfect. For one, they do not really address specific concerns; they only contain the general information you need. If you have any concerns, then I suggest that you consult online forums instead.

Forums are still being widely used today, and from what I have observed, forums that talk about MLMs have a pretty large and active community. They help out each other, and the forums are also being moderated so they can stay credible and organized.

Forum members would be more than willing to help out, especially if you show that you are willing to learn. Some of them have first-hand experience of being an MLM member before. You can ask around and they will definitely engage in a discussion with you.

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How to Make Money from Savvi

Since Savvi is an MLM, there are only two ways to make money with the company. and these are:

  1. Selling products
  2. Recruiting members

This MLM is not really different from the other MLMs on the market. They utilize only two methods when it comes to the payout: the selling aspect and the recruiting aspect.

The selling aspect is self-explanatory, and is probably what made you interested in the company. You get to avail discounts as a member, and then you can sell the products for whatever retail price Savvi tells you to. The catch on this though is finding customers.

The recruiting aspect is a whole different thing though. This involves reaching out to people who might want to sign up for the company. MLMs encourage this a lot more than product sales because this gives you a higher income potential. You get commissions from sales made by your downline (people who directly signed up under you).

Remember that the MLM business model is not sustainable, so as time goes by, you will run out of people to recruit.

MLMs do not really care about how many products you sell. What they care about is how many you buy and how many people you can bring in.

How Much Can You Make?

Your income potential in Savvi is pretty pathetic, really. How I wish I am not exaggerating when I said that, but it is absolutely true. I have the data here that came straight for them to back that statement.Savvi Review - Savvi income disclosure

Just look at how little you can make in Savvi. You will start at the very bottom rank which is referred to as Rep in this document. Your average monthly income is $46. Imagine having to work so hard for that month and only earning $46… Does this seem worth it to you?

The next rank, which is called Advanced Rep, isn’t any better too. I mean, $111 is significantly better than $46, but that is still way too low. I am pretty sure that selling products and recruiting people are way harder than Savvi makes it seem, because the fashion market is pretty competitive.

If you plan to quit your job to be able to fully commit to Savvi, do you think that you can survive on those earnings monthly? Not to mention that you have quite of things to factor in. Your bills, transportation costs, and shipping costs are not shouldered by the company.

The partnership is already quit unfair from the start.

Things I Like in Savvi

Savvi is pretty new, so I don’t think I trust them yet. They are a pretty typical MLM company anyway, so I cannot seem to think of anything I like about them just yet. Maybe they will do something to stand out in the future, but right now, they are quite overshadowed by a lot of fashion companies.

Things I Dislike in Savvi

Expensive Membership Fee

Savvi’s membership fee is not at all cheap, to say the least. Their cheapest membership package costs $100, which does not include any samples of the clothes. This is quite difficult because you need samples to show to your potential customers. In order to get a package that includes clothes, you have to pay the company $500.

Judging from the data they provided us regarding the earnings you can make in a year, it’s way too challenging to even get back your initial $500 investment. Not to mention that other costs come into play before you even sell something.

Saturated Market

To be honest, the world is already drowning in textile waste. Yearly, we throw away millions of tons of clothes that are then taken into landfills. Despite that wastefulness, it seems like people will continue to buy new clothes anyway.

That aside, a lot of clothing companies are getting into the trend known as fast fashion. The trend was inspired by people who buy clothes only to wear them once and upload the pictures into social media. If you can notice, there is no shortage of clothing stores, from major brands and even small businesses.

No wonder that even MLMs have gotten into the craze as well. However, as you can already observe, competition in the fashion market is already quite difficult. Savvi does nothing unique to stand out, meaning that signing up for it will be more of a challenging than a rewarding experience.

It is an MLM

This is an MLM, so it means that a lot of people definitely failed in this venture. In fact, 99% of people who join MLMs fail to make money, and they do not even earn back their initial investment.

Savvi Compensation Plan

You can access and read Savvi’s compensation plan through this link.

The ways to make money in Savvi are as follows:

  • Retail Commissions. Depending on your rank, you receive a 25% to 50% commission based on your sales. The percentage is determined by the quantity of clothes you sell.
  • Residual Commissions. You also get to earn commissions on the sales made by those who signed up under you.
  • Climbing Ranks. Being able to rise up in the ranks will give you benefits, which helps you earn more money. There are 13 ranks to climb, which are:
    • Rep
    • Advanced Rep
    • Senior Rep
    • Leader
    • Advanced Leader
    • Senior Leader
    • Executive
    • Advanced Executive
    • Senior Executive
    • Director
    • Advanced Director
    • Senior Director
    • Diamond Director

The video below can help explain these methods further.

10 Shocking MLM Statistics That You Need To Know!

MLM stats
  • Almost 99% participants of all multi-level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC.
  • There are 38% more chances of you profiting from your own any kind of small business than joining these MLMs.
  • Success rate of an online business, which will give you financial and time freedom, is 20% more than joining MLMs for making money.
  • The odds of you winning a lottery worth $10k among 10,000 people is 300 times higher than actually making money from MLMs.
  • According to the AARP foundation, 47% distributors of all MLMs lose their money. Apart from this, 27% do not make a single penny.
  • In the remaining 26% that actually make money, 53% of them make less than $5000/year.
  • 39% of those 53%, who are making $5000/year quit because recruiting and selling crappy products to friends and family members jeopardized their relationships.
  • Forget about building a long term business with MLMs, because 50% of all MLMs participants quit within one year.
  • 75% people that joined MLMs say that they will never again join any kind of MLM.
  • A poll was conducted in 2018 among 1050 MLM distributors and it was concluded that most of them made 70 cents an hour and 20% of them did not make a sale. 60% of them made less than $500 in sales over the past 5 years and 32% of them acquired credit card debt to finance their MLM involvements.


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Final Verdict – Savvi

Before I end this Savvi review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

I am sure that after reading this Savvi review, you already know that joining an MLM is not worth it. For one, it is a lot tougher to work in an MLM than in an actual job. At least in an actual job, you are guaranteed a fixed salary even though there are days when it isn’t busy at all.

In an MLM, however, you need to be working hard all the time. Sales are not guaranteed, which means that your earnings are not guaranteed, either. It is a pretty harsh reality. Some MLMs tell their members to quit their day jobs, which is just scummy because they do not even compensate them properly.

I hope that this Savvi review was able to convince you not to join this MLM. The section below has a better opportunity waiting for you.

That’s it for my Savvi review. Hopefully this Savvi review helps with your decision.

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