Savvy System Review – Scam Or Legit?

Today, we are going to talk Savvy System. Is it legit? Find out more in this review.

I haven’t really written a lot about training programs that focus on virtual assistance. There have been a few of them pop up on this website before. But it’s not really as common as training programs for either online marketing or e-commerce. Those two categories are often the ones that have a lot of training programs for whatever reason.

But in recent years, virtual assistants have been one of the more sought after jobs in some of the online job listings I have seen. And I understand why people need virtual assistants. Or why people want to become virtual assistants.

That’s why there has been a few training programs popping up every so often about how to become a virtual assistance. On paper, the things you need to as a virtual assistant seems easy enough. But if you want to get hired, you have to know how to market yourself.

So when I heard about the Savvy System, I was initially confused by it. Why would a virtual assistance training program have that kind of name? There’s nothing about it that initially clues you to what it might be about.

But as soon as I dug a little bit deeper, I sort of understood why it would be named that. Still, there was a lot to find out about this particular program. Is it actually a good training program? Or are you just paying a lot of money for something that you could learned for cheap?

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Savvy System Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Savvy System
  • Founder: Abbey Ashley
  • Website:
  • Socials: InstagramYouTube
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Virtual assistance
  • Recommendation: While the course itself is well thought out, I don’t highly recommend the training program. It’s a lot more expensive compared to other similar training programs. They do offer a free training video in case you want to see what you might get out of the program without fully committing to it.

Who Is Abbey Ashley?

There is not really a lot of information that you can find out about Abbey Ashley. It has sort become a trend within these types of training programs where the founder has written a very elaborate story at how they started. But often, it doesn’t go into the specifics of their experiences prior. There have been specific kinds of people who paid money to a press release distribution platform to release content about them to certain reputable websites.

Luckily enough, Abbey Ashley is not one of those people. But there’s at least some context at why she started something like the Savvy System.

From what I could find, Abbey had just recently given birth to her eldest daughter Evie. Her husband was going back to work while Abbey stayed home to care for their daughter. Her husband had his a lower salary that he used to. So Abbey decided that she should try to find ways to earn money online. She did a few different things here and there. But none of them really worked as she had hoped.

Then one day, a friend of hers recommended that she should try to become a virtual assistant. It was still a fairly new thing at that point. So Abbey, as most people do, did a bit of research. When she found that being a VA was basically just doing administrative work, it was kind of surprising. She already had some administrative experience prior to this. Once she knew that, she applied to somebody who was looking for a VA.

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What Is The Virtual Savvy?

At some point, the workload for her job was getting to her. So Abbey decided to hire some of her friends to help her out. It’s not wrong to ask for help, especially if they were getting paid for it. Abbey was enjoying the flexibility that a virtual assistance job offered. We’ve gone through an entire pandemic where we worked from home. We didn’t really have to worry all that much about commuting to and from work.

A lot of the people she knew was asking her how she exactly did it. They probably had heard good things from some of the friends that Abbey hired previously. That sort of lead to the creation of The Virtual Savvy. It was the name of the training program that she created. She started that in 2016. As with a lot of these training programs, it just grew to a point where this becoming a huge part of Abbey’s income stream.

At some point, The Virtual Savvy became a hub for the brand that came out of this entire thing.  There are a lot of free resources on this website where you can get a taste of what you might get out of the training program, which is now called the Savvy System. The Virtual Savvy website mostly contains a blog and a merch store where you can buy shirts and mugs. They also offer a free training video. But like other training programs, you have to input your e-mail address to access it.

The blog is actually a pretty decent resource, all things considered. It basically follows the sales funnel technique. It’s a way for people to become interested in a product or service that a place like The Virtual Savvy offers. Most businesses use this technique in some form or another.

What Is The Savvy System?

The Savvy System is the training program that Abbey Ashley and The Virtual Savvy brand offers. Unfortunately, it seems that this particular training program is only available in cycles. There’s an enrollment period where you can sign up for the program. If you’re already signed up for the e-mail list, you’ll already know when they open up the enrollment again.

There are three tiers to the membership for The Savvy System. And because there’s a tier system, there’s also different price points for each of those tiers. The cheapest of the three is the Lite tier, which costs $997 upfront or a 12-month installment that costs $97. You get access to the Savvy System modules. Aside from that, you also get a shirt and a mug, templates for a portfolio and a contract. There’s also access to the VA Template Vault, which is basically just a script for answers to your client’s questions.

The second tier is the Pro tier, which costs $1,497 upfront or a 12-month installment that costs $147. It has the same inclusions as the Lite tier. But you also get access to courses called “Proposals That Win,” “Savvy Your Site,” and “Marketing for Introverts.” There’s a course about taxes. You also get access to a private VA “community.”

The most expensive tier is the Ultimate tier, which costs $2,997 upfront or a 12-month installment that costs $297. It has the inclusions from the Pro tier. But you also get access to the Savvy Vault. You also get unlimited tech support. And there’s a new course added every month. Obviously, they included so much stuff so that you’d be tempted to buy that membership.

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Final Verdict – Savvy System Review

The main reason why I can’t recommend to you the Savvy System program is the price. Sure, the program can be pay by installment. But it’s still a considerable amount of money. You could probably finish reading all of the modules with a month or two. But it’s still a lot of money, considering. The program itself seems well though out. But a thousand dollars just to learn how to market your skills as a virtual assistant seems like a lot.

If you’re really interested in seeing what the Savvy System could be, just read any of the blog posts or watch the free training video that they have. Abbey Ashley also has a YouTube channel. You can watch those videos instead. If that still makes you want to purchase access to the program, go ahead. It’s your money. You could probably earn back the money when you start working a job as a VA. But there are free resources out there if you really want to learn how to start your journey as a virtual assistant.

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