Prosper Trading Academy Review: Is Scott Bauer’s Program A Scam?

Today, we’re going to talk about Scott Bauer’s Prosper Trading Academy. Is this legitimate? Find out in this Prosper Trading Academy review.

A common misconception among people is that investing and trading in various securities like stocks, forex, and even cryptocurrency, is only reserved for the rich. But this is entirely false.

In fact, there are several ways now to help even regular Joes like you and I start an investment portfolio.

Through fractional shares, you can begin your stock portfolio even when you can only spare a single dollar. And while it may not look like it to most people, playing NFT games in order to earn some cryptocurrency can be seen as a form of investing in crypto.

The one thing that anyone needs to keep in mind when starting an investment portfolio, is proper financial education. Since many of these investments have varying levels of volatility, one poor investment choice can result in a huge loss.

And this is why online courses like Prosper Trading Academy are made. It claims that, if you ever needed some investment guidance and education, then you should join Prosper Trading Academy.

But before you sign up for this, you should read this Prosper Trading Academy review first. So that you can make an educated decision on whether you should invest in this online course, or not.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent Prosper Trading Academy review. I’m not affiliated with Prosper Trading Academy, or Scott Bauer, in any form whatsoever.

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What Is Prosper Trading Academy?

About Prosper Trading Academy

Prosper Trading Academy is a company that offers several online courses related to investments trading. Whether one wants to get into stocks trading or just want to improve their trading knowledge, there’s a course suitable for them.

It contains several programs and courses that focus and teach a certain aspect of investments trading. Included here are various courses about penny stocks, short and long-term options, and even cryptocurrency.

The company claims that its professional trading instructors boast 75+ years’ worth of trading experience. And all of its courses are suitable for either trading beginners, or experts.

Despite all this, I’m still quite skeptical of the Prosper Trading Academy and the quality of its courses. Because doing some digging into the company, the feedback about this program is extremely mixed.

But we’ll cover more on those things as we go along.

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My Favorite Program

The Man Behind Prosper Trading Academy

The person behind Prosper Trading Academy is Scott Bauer, who is also the current CEO of the company.

Prosper Trading Academy - Scott Bauer

With over 25 years of professional trading experience, Scott’s career spans every aspect of the trading world including trading a variety of equity and index options. These options come from well-established brand names, including Bank America, U.S. Robotics, Coca-Cola, and even

He has also made numerous media appearances on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC, and other major financial networks. He’s also a frequently featured coach on TD Ameritrade.

Prosper Trading Academy - Scott Bauer Fox Business

Prosper Trading Academy Programs

The Prosper Trading Academy consists of several online courses that deal with a specific area of securities investment.

Each course is headlined by a different coach which specializes in that subject, and they usually include an e-book, a video course, a live video tutorial about real-world trading, and alert or newsletter subscriptions.

Options Volatility

Here, you can learn the basic and advanced options theory and potentially prepare yourself for uncertainty in the market.

Whether it’s time for quarterly earnings reports, trading headlines, or geopolitical risk, you can apply this knowledge to any trading strategy.

Coach: Scott Bauer


  • The Ultimate Guide to Trading Options – This 42-page book will give you incredible insight into options trading.
  • Options Volatility Video Crash Course – A general online video course about options trading.
  • Live Options Signal Room – In this Live Options Signal Room, you can work real-time with Scott Bauer, and pick up real-world experience that you can’t pick up on your own.
  • Bauer’s Power Picks Webinar Registration – A options trading webinar that lets you watch Scott Baurer himself, live, as he does his options trading.
  • The 6 Figure Method – Discover the secrets to six-figure income trading from home without using a financial advisor by learning to trade a “secret” options strategy.
  • Alpha Alerts
  • Bauer’s Power Picks Options Trade Alert Service

Penny Stocks

Many skilled traders keep coming back to penny stocks because of their potential to deliver unparalleled returns with just a few picks.

Here, you can learn both basic and advanced systems to minimize risk in our penny stock program. Their penny stock experts deal mostly in short-term strategies with OTC (over-the-counter) stocks.

Coach: Charles Moon


  • Secrets To Finding Winning Penny Stocks
  • 14 Part Penny Stocks Mastery Program
  • Live Penny Stock Trading Room
  • Moon’s Rocket Trades
  • Moon’s Money Trades Hypothetical Trade Signal

Short-Term Options

Would you like to use short-term options to take a calculated risk that potentially allows traders to make money in both up and down markets?

This program will teach you strategies for trading options in a shorter time span, often entering and exiting trades within the same trading day.

Coach: Mike Shorr


  • The Future Of Options Trading
  • Short Term Options Trading Course – Gives you access to a video course that will teach you everything we believe you need to know about short-term options.
  • Slingshot Trades
  • Short Term Options Live Signal Room

Momentum Stocks

Learn the “nuts and bolts” of trading stock. Get an introduction to stocks, learn about short selling, dividends, and see how they affect the price of the stock.

Plus, learn what type of orders you can use to enter and exit the markets, discover automated trading methodologies, and even pick up the fundamentals of trading psychology.

Coach: Charles Moon


  • Introduction To Swing Trading – Swing trading is a medium-term strategy that traders use to capitalize on the price “swings” of stocks. This tends to work for individuals, versus institutional traders, because the latter are making very large bets on the price of the stock that may take days to complete, and are meant to be held for very long periods of time.
  • Introduction To Trend Trading – Learn what trend trading is and how it is different from day trading and long term investing.
  • Momentum Stocks Signal Trading Room


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have provided some of the best investment opportunities over the last 10 years.

Learn about the different tokens and their use cases, how to determine “best in class” projects from each category of tokens and the fundamentals that drive price reaction, and how to couple that with technical analysis to take advantage of the market volatility.

This program focuses on tools to help you navigate this newer asset class and make sound investment decisions.

Coach: Howard Greenberg

Note that this course has only one inclusion, the Crypto Vault Newsletter.

Options Income & Long-Term Trading

Learn about everything it takes to trade and manage options like a hedge fund manager.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just getting started, receive first-hand knowledge about finding options trades, execution, determining profit targets, and position/risk management.

This program will coach you to avoid common mistakes option traders make so you can potentially profit over the long term.

Coach: Phil Silverman

Foundation Room

The Foundation Room is a course wherein you’ll be taken back to some of the basic pointers of securities investment and trading. Its primary goal is to help beginners build a solid foundation in trading, hence the name.

While intended for beginners, this course can be taken by veteran traders as well. So they can learn new things that they may have overlooked the first time.

Prosper Trading Academy: Pricing

The cost of joining the Prosper Trading Academy isn’t clearly revealed at the start. Since it depends on what course you’re going to apply for.

But I saw somewhere, that if you tried to avail of all the courses contained in the Prosper Trading Academy, the amount would total to $20,000 on a yearly basis.

While obviously, you won’t attempt to enroll in all of them, it’s still apparent that this is an expensive program.

The usual defense for that pricing is that you’re going to get what you pay for, anyway. And the gains that you’ll be earning while using this system may more than compensate for the money you will spend here.

But that’s the thing. There are a couple of reasons why taking up any of the courses here isn’t worth it.

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My Favorite Program

Why I Wouldn’t Recommend Joining Prosper Trading Academy?

Given the fancy layout of its website and the fact that many of its coaches are featured on different news media, it’s a clear indication that their reputation is a good one. And thus, it may seem that they’re not a scam.

However, after doing some digging around the internet, there are indications that some people may think otherwise.

Stock Market Scam

First of all, most feedback being given on Reddit claim that this program simply can’t be trusted. They’re all saying that the only ones that are going to be rich through this training program are the coaches themselves.

Prosper Trading Academy

Personally, I do agree with this comment. While taking online courses is a very good idea to help you learn the stock market, you shouldn’t be paying too much for it.

For the basics, there are already plenty of in-depth tutorials available around the internet. And even better, most of them are freely accessible.

Furthermore, aside from the testimonials that are presented on their website, I haven’t really watched, or even seen, any success stories from people who enrolled in this program.

The Trustpilot ratings for this program may paint a different story, however. Since there is a lot of positive feedback about Prosper Trading Academy.

However, some of them come from unreliable sources. So they can be easily discounted.

In fact, aside from having no reliable success stories being put up publicly, there are reports of people losing even more money in the stock market, when they tried to apply what they learned here.

Which is to be expected if you’re not really careful, since there’s really no foolproof way to “game” the stock market. What you can only do, however, is to minimize the loss.

Prosper Trading Academy Review: Final Thoughts

Before I close off this Prosper Trading Academy Review, I would like to share a few insights related to this program.

Personally, there’s no system out there that can give you a surefire way to get rich in securities trading, like the stock market and cryptocurrency.

If courses like this claim otherwise, then you should try and stay clear of it. Because it’s obvious that they’re half-lies.

Even if you use a predictor software like VantagePoint is, there’s still no guarantee of success.

Don’t get me wrong, however. I also strongly suggest that you learn about investing in the stock market, and even cryptocurrency, because right now, they are a few of the most reliable investments there is.

However, it’s actually much better to just invest in the stock market and hold it for a very long time. This is so you potentially reduce a lot of your risks when investing. Don’t forget also to consult your trusted financial advisor to determine the best action for your investments.

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