Scott Bauer Review — Are His Courses Worth Joining?

Today we will be reviewing a trading guru named Scott Bauer. Is he legit? Find out in this Scott Bauer review.

If you are interested in trading binary options and stocks, then you have most likely been familiar with Scott Bauer.

With more than three decades of experience in the trading industry, Scott has amassed a massive following thanks to the success of his advice and training sessions.

But what makes this guy stand out from the other trading gurus?

In this review, we are going to investigate Scott Bauer’s background as a trader in order to determine whether or not the opportunities presented by his courses are genuine.

If you are planning to get into something because an internet guru or an influencer told you to do so, then I suggest looking further into the opportunity.

Before you decide to sign up for any of his courses, you should read this Scott Bauer review first.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fully independent review. I’m not affiliated with Scott Bauer in any shape or form whatsoever.

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Scott Bauer Review: Quick Details

  • Name: Scott Bauer
  • Website:
  • Socials: LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Type: Training program
  • Niche: Stock market investing
  • Recommended?: Investing in the stock market requires you to have a lot of prior knowledge to it. I recommend a much simpler opportunity that does not need you to be an expert at something.

Who is Scott Bauer?

Scott Bauer Review - Scott

Trading industry insiders consider Scott Bauer to be among the most knowledgeable and respected experts in the field.

He began his career in the stock market by working as a clerk at the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

He had no idea that the work he was doing would eventually lead to him becoming one of the most successful traders in the world in terms of compensation.

Scott looked for ways to boost his earnings and decided to try following trade blueprints that are produced by money managers. However, these trade blueprints were not successful for Scott and he eventually stopped using them.

As a direct consequence of this, he made the decision to make some minor adjustments to them and to adopt some new techniques that concentrate on the trading of options.

He adheres to a set of guidelines that provide him with an advantage over other traders, and as a result, he is able to achieve steady gains ranging from two to three digits each and every month. On both the exchange and the OTCBB markets, he engages in trading options on e-mini S&P 500 futures as well as equities.

He has been a guest on Fox Business, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV, where he has shared his expertise on trading tactics that are not only simple to grasp but also highly effective in generating profits on a daily basis.

What Does Scott Teach, Specifically?

The equities of tiny companies that are trading at a discount to their fundamental value are the primary area of attention for Scott Bauer.

Using the concept of Benjamin Graham’s net current asset value as a foundation, he developed an investment strategy that is simple to grasp but calls for the investor to have a great deal of patience and in-depth industry expertise.

In the course that Scott teaches at the Prosper Trading Academy, you will learn all of the fundamentals of options trading. You will also learn how a novice trader can make enormous gains by investing in equities that have a cheap price but have the potential for a high return on investment.

If your selections are accurate, you will also have the possibility to earn five times the amount of money you initially invested in this course.

Since 2013, Scott Bauer has been successfully utilizing this approach to earn up to $3,000 per month in his own trading account. He has also been teaching it to other people through his many online courses.

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What is Prosper Trading Academy?

The purpose behind the founding of Prosper Trading Academy was to fulfill a need for authentic education with a focus on individual attention.

Its website claims that their expert trading coaches have more than 75 years of combined expertise helping traders expand their trading skill sets.

Whether you have never traded before or consider yourself an expert, their programs are carefully designed to help you expand your skill set in your preferred asset class. This, while also assisting you in branching out into new asset classes.

This is true regardless of whether you have ever traded before or not.

What’s Inside Prosper Trading Academy?

Options Volatility ($499.99)

Study both the fundamentals and more advanced concepts of options theory, and maybe even make some preparations for the volatility of the market.

You are free to apply this information to any trading strategy you choose, whether it is the time for geopolitical risk, trade news, or quarterly earnings releases.

Short-Term Options ($4,995.00 for 3 months)

Do you want to utilize short-term options to take a calculated risk that might allow traders to earn in both rising and falling markets?

You’ll learn how to trade options in a shorter amount of time with the help of PTA’s program, and you’ll be able to initiate and exit transactions on the same trading day, on average.

Penny Stocks ($4,995.00 for 3 months)

Because penny stocks may provide unparalleled profits with very few selections, many seasoned traders keep coming back to the market for them.

In this program on penny stocks, you will study risk-mitigation tactics at both the fundamental and the advanced levels.

Their so-called “penny stock gurus” focus mostly on short-term strategies utilizing over-the-counter (OTC) equities.

Cryptovault Newsletter ($699 Per Year)

Over the course of the past ten years, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have provided some of the most lucrative prospects for investment.

Learn about the different tokens and the use cases they serve, how to identify the “best in class” enterprises from each token category, the fundamentals that drive price reaction, and how to combine this knowledge with technical analysis to profit on market volatility.

The program focuses on providing you with tools that will aid you in navigating this more recent asset class and making well-informed investment selections.

Is Scott Bauer a Scam?

Stock trading

So, should you avoid Scott Bauer at all costs? Not in the slightest. It is possible to make money with the course, but it is not as as simple as he makes it sound like it is.

Again, there is a great deal of risk involved whenever you deal with any sort of financial instrument, but trading in particular.

There’s always a chance that you’ll make it big, but in all likelihood, you’ll need to have the stomach for taking a lot of financial hits before you get there.

And there is also possibility that any success will ever take place.

The majority of individuals do not possess the mental toughness required to endure three months in a row of losing bets in the event that they have a chance of winning a substantial amount of money.

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Final Verdict – Scott Bauer Review

Before I end this Scott Bauer review, I would like to share a few more insights that could help you.

Permit me to emphasize this point once again. If the notion of using stock trading as a side hustle to generate money online has piqued your interest, then becoming signing up for Scott Bauer’s course is something you should really consider doing.

However, you should be aware of the numerous risks that are connected with day trading as well as the stock market in general.

Even if a certain course informs you that you can make a lot of money from stock trading by following their guidance, it is still not a guarantee that you can generate substantial and consistent gains with it.

To get some experience in the stock market, it is my recommendation that you first educate yourself on the subject for a little while and then begin with a very little investment.

If you want to make a lot of money, you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in the stock market — instead, you should merely pick a few stocks to invest in and, if at all possible, keep those stocks for an extended period of time (until the situation calls for it to be sold).

If you want my recommendation, I will tell you that there is still a more effective technique to generate money online somewhere out there.

And the majority of the time, all that is required is a modest amount of financial resources and a minimal amount of education.

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